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1.6 Million Dollars of Tax Payer Money Being Spent to POISON CHILDREN!

It does not matter if Congress passes the Healthcare bill or not, the CDC with the help of doctor Dum dum will administer 5 vaccinations at the same time to these children.  When are the American people going to wake up?  Need I remind you… Here in this country we have a Public School Special Needs Crises, we have an epidemic of Autism, ADD, ADHD and Cancer, along with 19,000 reports of Gardisal vaccine injuries and hundreds of miscarriages after the administrating of the H1N1 vaccination.  These school clinics are administering 5 vaccines at the same time and only one of them is required for school.  The H1N1 and the seasonal flu vaccination combined have 50 mcg of mercury in them, even though the EPA only allows 0.6 mcg as a daily permissible dose. A child would have to weight over one thousands pounds to be within the EPA limits. 


The video within the Denver Post article:
http://videocenter. denverpost. com/services/ player/bcpid9340 52406?bctid= 63938886001  
Text of the Denver Post articale 
All of this is being done with 1.6 million in grant money from the CDC.  You will notice at the end of the video the physician being interviewed says, 'If it works, it will used throughout the country".  This is a glimpse of what the model will be in all school base health clinics across the nation. This is Insane. You can get additional information at: |www.vactruth.com