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Superbowl? Who cares!

 The sheeple are having a holiday today, the Superbowl. Of course this event like most sporting events are facsimiles of old tribal battles that occured back when the human species was young.
Even now sheeple cover themselves in "warpaint" and scream like animals going in for the kill. Of course the vast majority of the sheeple watching the violence occuring on the field are more often than not overweight, sickly, braindead, drooling mockeries of who they could be as individuals.
What about the violence on the field? Most football games, especially on a national level, contain more standing around and posturing time than actual play. Of course these "players" these pigskin "warriors" are paid millions for what they do whilst the sheeple who so adore them are paid peanuts and that's if the adoring sheep in question has a job in this economic climate. From a psychological standpoint the way a leader distracts a starving populace is through war.
Football games are poor excuses for a battle of anykind yet it primes the sheeple for bigger battles such as the war Obama will start with Iran for the sake of channeling all that rage somewhere other than the criminal American governmemnt. What trully disturbs me about the situation is how feverishly obsessed and passionate people get over a sport and yet when it comes to what the government is doing to strip away freedoms and tightening the noose of slavery through taxes and unconstitutional laws they could not care less.
I could be cynical and say that those who choose not to be concerned deserve the bondage they will be forced into, but I'm not wired that way. I care about the sheeple, yes when I speak to the sheeple about politics and government I sometimes get trampled by the sheep I'm trying to warn away from the slaughterhouse.
I know I'd be more popular and wealthy if I was into the meaningless obsessions of the sheeple, but then I wouldn't be becoming the warrior against the New World Order that I am becoming. I wouldn't be developing the inner toughness that will allow me to stand strong against the evils of a facist state when the shit hits the fan and all those sheeple (including the football players) will be falling to their knees in submissive obedience.
I could not care less about the game called superbowl, and others would do well to care more about the reality that is global government bearing down on them like ravenous wolves.

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Comment by Avenueoflight truth AGAINST tradit
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 Absolutely correct... But who has heard our voice?


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Comment by Joel Turner
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I never understood why people want to go watch freeks of nature play a game.