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Self Delusion: Terror of the Abyss and comitting to reality.

Sheeple, we know them, we work with them, we hang out among them, maybe we were once them. I can't hate sheeple, I get annoyed by them and even trampled by them at times. But to hate them would be like hating a four year old who's in the midst of a tantrum. The nature of sheeple psychology is quite simple, its ignorance. Plain and simple ignorance of reality, and while we can do our best to educate and inform there will be some sheeple who upon drawing near the edge of that dark, cold abyss will reel back in terror and pretend its not there.
    Some of these sheeple will then do all they can to pretend to be ignorant, they'll claim that everything is fine. I myself used to be a sheeple, I was raised by sheeple, taught that my government loved me and was looking out for me personally. I was taught that I owed my society and my government my life and that I should be completely honest with every bureacrat, cop, etc that crossed my path.
    Ultimately I soon realized that this behavior was getting me hurt by these so called protectors of the public good. At first I considered that it was all in my head, and I started doing research. I started listening to Alex Jones and at first couldn't believe the things he was saying, but then I started researching everything I could and discovered it was all true.
    Believe me, I'd like nothing more than for none of it to be true. I'd like to wake up  one day and find that everyone has been playing some massive role playing game, like one of those civil war re-enactments. I'd like to find that there really were no imperialistic wars, no mercury in vaccines, no genitcally engineered foods, no globalist banking cartel, no poverty, no slave labor, no prison camps, no joblessness, no political parties, no fiat currency, get the picture? But I can't pretend that its not real, as much as I want to I cannot force my mind to unsee what I've seen, I cannot wish away reality. I can't stick my fingers in my ears and pretend.
    Instead I have to fight, fight tooth and claw against the ravening wolves that long to use this world as their own personal buffet. There's a old sacred text that speaks of ones journey to the abyss, how many who face it will turn back in terror and shall pass away like dust in the wind, but there are others who have the heart, soul, and mind to face the abyss and pass through it and come out stronger than before.
    I encourage all of you to not concern yourself with the frightened cries of sheep, or those who make the choice to not awaken. Rather , find those who have never hear and open their eyes, walk with them to the edge of the abyss so that they may see you pass into it and from that have the courage to one day pass through it themselves.

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If you look at your last two articles, one got comments and the other didn't (until now).  So, one might ask himself,  why? 

One of the things that finalized my decision to join the freedom movement was something Ernie said at an End the Fed rally.  He said that it is always better to be FOR something instead of being AGAINST the opposite of whatever it is you ultimately want to happen.  These words struck me deeply, and the idea attracted me to the movement in much the same way that drinking a beer or visiting the red light district in some far-away city does.....because it FEELS good. 

It feels infinitely better to be for something, to be positive, to be the better person.  If someone focuses on the negative, they invariably end up becoming that which they loathe as a result of having exerted so much negative energy towards the object of their hatred.  Positivity is just as malignant and infectious as negativity, without all of the soul-sucking side effects.

In short, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, and more importantly, you can't fight hate with more hate.  Life just doesn't work that way.