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Arizona Students Will Take Survey for Criminal Justice Commission


I arrived at my son’s school, Cactus Shadow High School by 7:20 last Thursday morning ready to discuss the posting of his chemistry grade.  But when the Vice Principle, Ms. Beasley agreed to see me things got very interesting. 


Ms. Beasley informed me the school would be performing a survey and she new how I felt about such things. (It is my policy NO SURVEYS OF ANY KIND). So she was giving me the opportunity to opt my son out. (Imagine that, now days you must sign a form to opt your children out of such trash.) After reading just a few lines of the Opt Out Form I knew this was trouble. It stated “The survey was an assessment study sponsored by the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission.”  The Opt Out Form also stated “Questions cover alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and family and community factors related to substance abuse” I requested to see a copy and read each question, all 142 of them, I found much, much more!!! 


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Each survey had a serial number and most of my son’s classes have assigned seats. This allows for positive tracking.  Our children are being intimidated behind closed doors and locked fences to answer personal questions, many of them about their family and friends. These children are being told to complete these questions on these surveys by the instructions themselves, and intimidated/coerced by the teachers and pear pressure, Could it be that taking this survey might very well be admitting to crimes not committed. Could it be that taking this survey might very well be admitting to crimes not fully understood, and without any legal representation? 


When I requested a copy of the survey, I was refused.  I then requested the refusal be put in writing. The school refused me again. So, I refused to leave Ms. Beasley office without a copy, two and a half hours later I was finally given the web site.


You can contact the Cave Creek Unified School District and give them your opinion of this survey 480- 575-2000 ask for the Superintendent Debbie Burdick

480-575-2400 Ms. Beasley  



Then you might want to check your own Government Schools and demand to know what is going on behind closed doors.



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