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After 30 years as a member of the Sierra Club, formed by my favorite and the first environmentalist—John Muir—I stopped giving them $35.00 a year because I learned they wasted my money while doing nothing to protect the environment.

Carl Pope, long time head of Sierra Club, finagled and fandangled millions of hapless Sierra Club members into filling his coffers while he pretended to ‘save’ the environment.  At no point would he address overpopulation or massive immigration into the United States as a ‘driving destructive force’ to all his ‘saving’ of the environment. 

No matter how much hocus-pocus he performed with slick magazines and campaigns to make America a ‘better’ environment, he stood by while 100 million people added themselves to the United States via immigration.  He didn’t breathe a word of protest; not so much as a peep.

Why? Money, lots of money, green money, ‘keep quiet’ money!  As long as money flowed into his coffers, he could pretend, hoodwink and deceive with aplomb, style, composure and assurance to his minions.  Surely, Pope followed in the hallowed footsteps of John Muir!

What a crock! What a racket! What a trickery!

Pope followed the advice of P.T. Barnum, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

I wrote him saying, “Carl, good buddy, you cannot succeed in saving the environment if you don’t stand up for population stability.”

He wrote back a letter filled with more horse feathers than a barnyard.  I quit!  I know that John Muir would slap Carl Pope upside the head for being SO deceptive.

Up in Canada, another environmentalist.  Tim Murray of  www.immigrationwatchCanada.org , lays it on the line.

“I left the environmental movement after 27 years because I finally faced up to the fact that they were only going to focus on "symptoms" rather than root causes,” Murray said. “In fact, I toyed with the idea of setting up a rival group to the local Sierra Club called "Root Cause". Since then, however, I have discovered that there are sincere people who believe one "symptom" is the root cause, and regard my "root cause"--human overpopulation---as a mere symptom.

“Then there are Malthusians like you who of course agree that human overpopulation is a root cause, but regard among other things, "migration", a  symptom or as you term it, a "lesser" problem. That is where we differ. I have tried many times to make the point that migration is intimately bound up with global overpopulation. But I consistently fail to make you (and others) understand that. Time and time again I fail to demonstrate that:

1. Open borders, by offering an escape hatch or safety valve for developing nations , allows them to avoid to facing up to their unsustainable and growing population.

2. Open borders is a proven stimulant to fertility in countries of emigration (eg. Central America and the West Indies). The more children had, the greater the chances that one will land in the promised land and forward remittances or anchor and sponsor more family émigrés.

3. Open borders magnifies the ecological impact of migrants from poor to rich countries, making their numbers more significant

4. Open borders, by boosting the population level of countries like the US, Canada, Australia and Britain, makes it difficult for them to achieve sustainability, and until they do so, they have no credibility when they tell developing countries to stabilize and reduce their populations. A "do as I say" rather than "do as I do" policy simply will not work. We have to clean up our own act here before we go preaching to the Africa or Afghanistan or the Philippines about constraining population growth.

5. North American environmental  NGOs are critical  roadblocks to making the people, the grassroots that you focus on, aware of the above. They are the Pied Pipers who lead the innocent astray. The people cannot hear our voice because the green orgs have the microphone. Therefore, discrediting them becomes a prerequisite for public education. Taking them down is not a "lesser" task.

“To be effective we must form a fist and not contest our opponents with an open hand of five discordant fingers,” said Murray. “But we must first get it right, and unify around the correct analysis. That was Lenin's point. He led a tiny, relatively inconsequential movement and successfully toppled a regime that controlled the Russian empire for many centuries. Why? Because he insisted on the correct line, and eschewed coalitions. To him, revolution was about punching a fist through a rotten door. The door may be rotten, but you still need to strike with a clenched fist. We are all streams moving in the same direction, but we have not formed a confluence. I agree that global overpopulation is paramount, but like Hardin, I also believe that growth, like potholes, is a local issue too.”

Murray expresses a frustration ‘felt’ all over Canada in that her leaders continue to deceive and trick Canadians as to the immigration invasion—as if  it benefits everyone—when in fact, it’s tearing Canada into ecological shreds as well as destroying Canadian culture and language.  But the leaders of Canada continue just like Carl Pope of the Sierra Club.  “Let’s pretend that it’s all wonderful!” they cheer.   They avoid facts, accelerating consequences and they ignore the ‘symptoms’ that explode across Canada and the United States.

That ‘pretending environmentalism’ cannot last much longer as reality pops up faster on multiple levels, i.e., water shortages, climate change, species extinction, acidified oceans, acid rain and loss of quality of life—for starters.


To take action:  First and foremost, join www.numbersusa.com and become one of nearly a million Americans making impact with pre-written faxes and phone calls to change immigration policies toward a stable future. Bi-partisan and highly effective!


Second, join www.thesocialcontract.com for up to date information via the Social Contract Quarterly. Exceptional publication to keep you informed.


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America on the Brink: The Next Added 100 Million Americans by Frosty Wooldridge. This book covers all the ramifications of adding 100 million people to the USA in the next 26 years by 2035. 

Growth Busters with Dave Gardner:   Terrific 30 minute film.   Visit:  WEBSITE & TRAILER: www.growthbusters.com ; PREVIEW & DISCUSSION WITH FILMMAKER: http://vimeo.com/6648857 ; FACEBOOK FAN PAGE: http://www.facebook.com/Growthbusters ;  


Visit this site for a rendition of Colorado Governor Lamm’s speech: “How to Destroy America”




Must see DVD:  “Blind Spot”   http://www.snagfilms.com/films/title/blind_spot/

This movie illustrates America’s future without oil, water and other resources to keep this civilization functioning. It’s a brilliant educational movie!  www.blindspotdoc.com



In Canada: Tim Murray,

Director Immigration Watch Canada www.immigrationwatch.org

Vice President Biodiversity First http://biodiversityfirst.googlepages.com/index.htm

Blog http://sinkinglifeboat.blogspot.com  

Please visit Annie Leonard at www.storyofstuff.com for a compelling and highly interesting 20 minute video concerning our high consumption, highly wasteful and unsustainable society.  She educates and provides avenues for you to make a difference.


Visit this web site by Chris Martenson: http://www.chrismartenson.com/environmental_data 


In Colorado: visit www.soprisfoundation.org for information how you can network with like-minded folks to create a more sustainable future for Colorado and other states. 


View CNN’s “Planet in Peril” with Anderson Cooper and Lisa Ling:



Ghost of Thomas Paine—compelling video of common sense




BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA:  D.C.:  (202)224-2854 comment@whitehouse.gov

Books to read:  “The Long Emergency” by James Howard Kunstler

                         “Peak Everything” by Richard Heinberg

                         “Too Many People” by Lindsey Grant

Become a member of “Frosty’s Press Agent Corps” whereby you volunteer a few hours to send out emails to top TV and radio hosts to offer top speakers on America’s overpopulation crisis driven by unending immigration.  Email
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Roy Beck's "IMMIGRATION BY THE NUMBERS" is the single best educational appreciation of America's future if we allow ourselves to add another 100 million people. Just click on this site for the most sobering experience of your children's future.




Roy Beck gives a graphic presentation of our fate if we continue to allow legal and illegal immigration to swamp this country. If you have children, you will be particular unnerved at their fate. I know Roy Beck personally and his integrity and knowledge stand at the top. Pass this web site 14 minute video far and wide across America to educate everyone you know. We either stop this human tsunami or the future of this country will be much like Rome's. We must, as a nation and a civilization, move to secure our country from this massive, unrelenting population overload from a line that never ends. This will be the most compelling 14 minute video of your life.


Once you see it, go to my web site for action items www.frostywooldridge.com and join www.numbersusa.com to become a weekly faxer of pre written letters and join the phone calling teams.


 Bob Woodruff of ABC asked input from all citizens concerning the future of our planet.  Go to www.earth2100.tv for a sobering reality check as to what we face and to what I have been writing about for the past 20 years.  Our ‘window’ to change to a balanced population and non-polluting energy diminishes every day we listen to irresponsible media and thus ignore the blatant symptoms manifesting all over America and the planet.


From: Frosty Wooldridge 


This three minute interview with Adam Schrager on “Your Show” May 4, 2008, NBC Channel 9 News, addresses the ramifications of adding 120 million people to USA in 35 years and six million people to Colorado as to water shortages, air pollution, loss of farmland, energy costs and degradation of quality of life.  In the interview, Frosty Wooldridge explains the ramifications of adding 120 million people to the USA in 35 years. He advances new concepts such as a “Colorado Carrying Capacity Policy”; “Colorado Environmental Impact Policy”; “Colorado Water Usage Policy”; “Colorado Sustainable Population Policy”.  Nationally, the USA needs a "National Sustainable Population Policy" to determine the carrying capacity of this nation for the short and long term.  Wooldridge is available for interviews on radio and TV having interviewed on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and FOX.


Go to:  www.frostywooldridge.com  and click on “Audio/Video” tab

Frosty Wooldridge has bicycled across six continents – from the Arctic to the South Pole – as well as six times across the USA, coast to coast and border to border.  In 2005, he bicycled from the Arctic Circle, Norway to Athens, Greece.  He presents “The Coming Population Crisis in America: and what you can do about it” to civic clubs, church groups, high schools and colleges.  He works to bring about sensible world population balance at www.frostywooldridge.com  He is the author of:  America on the Brink: The Next Added 100 Million Americans.  Copies available:  1 888 280 7715