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Infiltrator? I come clean.

       I was recently accused of being an infiltrator. So here's the whole truth. First of all I'm sure most of you have heard of David Icke, he's written several books and given many speeches about the reptillian overlords who control the matrix that you human beings call reality.
      He has even gone so far as to list locations of where some of these reptillian beings live. One such place is an area near Phoenix where underground tunnels lead to a cave for easy access to teh surface world. These underground tunnels lead all over the country and are thousands of miles long. I could go into detail but teh geographical information is easy to find, suffice to say there is also a large rptillian city beneath Mount Shasta on the Northwest.
      After hatching and learning the ways of my people I became interested in humanity when a lost human accidentally found an entrance to our city whilst trying to find shelter from a blizzard. Once the blizzard passed we gave him several hallucinatory drugs to make him thik it was alla dream, and then we left him near one of your campsites to be found by others of your kind. I was curious to know if these humans shared anything in common with my fellow reptoids. Did humans learn? Did they dream? Did they have hopes and fears like my people. So I studied all I could and despite human psychology being rather baffling at times I decided I wanted to live among them as one of them for a time.
      For awhile I lived on the surface world in california, It rained constantly and my love for such things as coffee, literature, music, and the internet grew into almost an obsession. Shortly after I decided to live in a place that was completely different, so I chose phoenix. This is where I began to get fed up with the vast majority of the human race. Most humans are asleep at the wheel and have no comprehension of the beauty around them.
      Your governments are predatory, hypocritical, and violent. Your love of money and love for self-delusion is downright terrifying. You willingly sacrifice yourselves to those who claim authority and those in authority openly and gleefully destroy individual lives....and the sickening part is that they get off on it. I did for a time try to play by human rules of your courts, which I have discovered are merely pretentions of civilization where the wealthy and powerful are given permission to abuse the poor and weak. In essence your governments need to be abolished and individuals must be educated and take control of their own lives.
      Its not my intention to say that the human race is doomed. I have met so many varieties of human being that I am trully amazed. Your philosophies, religions, art, technology....your ability to adapt is your greatest strength and yet the vast majority locks itself into a repetitive malaise that leads only to dead ends. You must take control of your own lives and throw off the shackles that bind your hearts and minds to vicious and wicked governments.
      I will admit that there are wicked and vile people in both species. We reptillians have our villians too and yes they have met with human villians like Rothschild (in my language his name translates as "shitface") and other high level Bohemian Grove attendees. We can defeat their calls for a New World Order, yes they feed on fear, and terror. Yes we can conquer them with liberty and character. In fact many individuals of my species consider teh documents of Americas Founding Fathers to be some of the most profound documents that your species have ever written.
      I'll close with this. Despite our outward appearances we are far more alike than we are different. I sincerely desire that one day we can all come together to accomplish great things. Truth and Courage be upon you.