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Referendum to Fight Food Tax Restarted

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It\'s not clear yet whether it was the wording of the referendum itself as printed on the original petitions or some other technicality that was overlooked by the committee. 
However, apparently, the committee has had to discard its old petitions and print new ones.  The signature gathering starts anew.
If you are a volunteer signature gatherer, it\'s always good to first ensure that the language has been carefully vetted before spending alot of your time on a signature gathering effort "with a government number".
Two such efforts whose initiative language has been carefully vetted are:
both of which are supported by the Arizona Campaign for Liberty.

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Comment by Found Zero
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What I really like is this impacts people getting food stamps so once again the government takes to give to take to give and take again.

Now all we need is about 10,000 new government employees to oversee each stage of the confiscation, reconfication, re-reconfiscation and the reconfiscation of the reconfiscated funds.


Comment by Powell Gammill
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I do not know anything about this, but I would be rather surprised if they could get the 15,000 necessary signatures to cover the almost 10,000 sig. requirement before the 30 days was up.  However the timeline is 30 days after the council passes the oridinance.  So they cannot refile another.  Time is up.

However, they can file an initiative.  That would require around 22,000 signatures.  There is a two year time time from date of filing -- but signatures can only be six months old. If passed it would prevent forever the council from enacting a food tax depending upon how well the language was crafted.

Their initial attempt was vetted by two separate attorneys who hopefully have done this before.  The referendum language is spelled out in ARS 19-101 and was not followed---but it was unclear to me if their variant was flawed.

I did think at the time their critical error was in not raising funds to hire professional circulators to get the bulk of the signatures.  And also in not encouraging the hanging of signs in activism around town.  They got the initial publicity, but did not try to maintain it.  They certainly do not want to start collecting now because people will be leaving town in the next seven weeks.  They will have to wait until next October.

Also as I noted they had 30 days--in reality they had around 27 days of which ten were uncharacteristically rainy days all day long.  That means they had around 17 days to gather 15,000 sigs...do the math.