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A decade ago, I watched top scientists in Antarctica measure the temperature changes occurring at the South Pole.  At the same time, glaciers around the globe retreated dramatically as their rivers of ice prematurely melted.   At the time, most scientists didn’t know what to make of it. Others called it a ‘natural’ occurrence of the planet’s systems.


As we sped into the 21st century, more and more top minds discovered that something on this planet hastened the process of warming now occurring.    Anyone that can rub together enough brain cells to arrive at an IQ over 100 can then place two and two together to understand the human predicament on this planet.


Every day, humans burn 84 million barrels of oil, millions of tons of coal, millions of tons of natural gas and finally, uncounted amounts of wood.  The carbon footprint measures into astounding amounts of damage on this planet.  Some like to deny it while others love to ignore it—but in the end, it will not allow any of us to avoid its ramifications for all life on this planet.


Victoria, Canada: Dr. Gwynne Dyer’s Warning About Climate Change

This report arrived from Tim Murray, Canada, http://sinkinglifeboat.blogspot.com or http://biodiversityfirst.googlepages.com ;  www.immigrationwatchcanada.org


Dr. Dyer is a freelance journalist, columnist, and military historian.  He holds a number of degrees including a Ph.D. from the University of London and has held academic appointments at Sandhurst and Oxford.  He lives variously in the United Kingdom and Canada.   


Buster Welch reported on Dyer’s lecture, “I found that from my recent readings, his "big picture" musings were not new to me at all.  However, he did utilize a number of “gee whiz” facts and statements that certainly should have caught everyone's attention.”


Dyer started off that he had four conclusions around which he would build his talk:


Dyer's first conclusion was that in fact climate change is moving faster than is public awareness/discussion.  


--At present rate we will reach two to six degrees Celsius increase in average global temperature by the year 2100. 

--There is panic among the world’s climate scientists because things are moving faster than their models predict.  In one way or another all the world scientists work for governments, so by the time for policy review by governments they are looking at old data.  

--Could be as much as two to six years past the point of departure. 

--Also the increase of emissions is faster than they ever imagined.  Predicted 240 to 250 ppm,  CO2 but has already arrived.

--Dyer says scientists are very scared.

--The feedback from loss of ice results in warming oceans rather than reflected radiation. 

--"Life Boat Britain" given average world temp increases of two degrees Celsius and more, the southern and large interior lands will be hit much harder than lands (islands) surrounded by water.  Britain will be a target for immigration (legal or not).  U.K. military preparing now.  Same thoughts about other more northerly island countries.  Currently on track for four degree Celsius increase by 2060.


Dyer's second conclusion is the world's basic food supply is declining rapidly: 


--Every one degree increase in average world temp, world loses 10 percent of food production.  So food is declining at a time of continuing world population increase.  (Reminder that since 1945 world pop increased from three billion to a current 6.8 billion and further that 40 percent of world's food is produced from 10 percent of land.)

--The "Green Revolution" starting in about 1945 was able to maintain world food supply  in the face of increasing world population by increasing use of fertilizers 11 fold and irrigation by three fold.  We all know the resulting environmental impacts.

--This is the "secret" of how the world has been able to maintain food supply for the last 60 years.  Now world food production is a flat line. At present the world has 57 days surplus of grain.  It has never been so low and continues to decline.  A comfortable world supply of grain is 280 days.

--With every one degree Celsius increase in world temp China's food production declines 37 percent.  This is main reason China is buying up agricultural lands around the world -- especially in Africa.

--Refugee problems are increasing with food/agricultural problems.  For example the US and Mexican border.  The US is looking to close the border.  Similar worries elsewhere -- Britain, Australia.

--Australia has been one of the strongest climate change deniers.  Their current grain production is zero -- formerly large exporter.  Their reason has always been drought, but Dyer said it is not drought but climate change.

--The tropic and sub-tropic countries will feel impact first and most strongly.

--The results will soon be 20 failed states in Africa.

--No surprise that Dyer notes the resulting huge water issues -- especially with shared water sources.  The upstream countries have the advantage.  All the Asian countries are fed by rivers starting in Tibet and heading in glaciers which are melting at 10 percent per year.

--You can name all the developing world conflicts over water.  A huge one is India - Pakistan over the Indus River -- and both countries have nuclear capability.

--Dyer says before the world reaches two Celsius increase will see struggles --- chaos, starvation and war.  Note we are presently at .8 Celsius increase in world average temperature.

--Dyer emphasized conditions internationally are the best they will ever be again for agreements.  While 8/10 of a degree increase so far, but 50 percent of warming will be in next 10 years and rest in 25 years.


Dyer's third  conclusion is that we are at the point of no return.  Already at 2 1/2 C increase.


--Natural sources of greenhouse gases have been under estimated.

--Permafrost already source of greenhouse gases. If permafrost melts it will double the greenhouse gases in atmosphere.

--Arctic melt ponds can see methane and CO2 bubbling up.  Will increase.

--Warming oceans not hold dissolved gases.  A feedback is CO2 and warming oceans is acidification.

--We lose control after an increase of 2 Celsius.

--No room for developing countries to industrialize as the west did using carbon fuels.  Western countries will have to pay for the development of third world using non-greenhouse technology.

--Dyer does not think we will make it, i.e. stay below two degrees Celsius increase.

--While every country agrees with a limit on CO2 , developing countries must be financed by the west.


Dyer's final conclusion is that it is too late but we can cheat using geo-technology.


--Control solar radiation to avoid feedback by mimicking volcanic activity-- intercept radiation.

--Use refueling jet aircraft to spray sulfur dioxide at 30,000 feet.

--It would require nine jet refueling a/c and three flights/day  (Not sure of total frequency of flights)














If any of us, no matter what our race, creed or color might be, refuse to engage our U.S. Congress as we have not for 30 years as to the population/immigration equation—our children will find themselves living in a terribly degraded America where the American Dream will be described by the history books as a ‘fleeting fantasy’ from the era of 1950 to 2010.  These are several of the top organizations where you can take collective action to change the course of American history as well as in Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. Take collective action at www.numbersusa.com ; www.fairus.org ; www.capsweb.org ; www.thesocialcontract.com ; www.populationmedia.org ; www.worldpopulationbalance.org ; www.populationconnection.org ; www.quinacrine.com ; www.familyplanning.org/ , www.skil.org ; www.growthbusters.com  ; www.populationpress.org ; www.thinkpopulation.org ; www.carryingcapacity.org ; www.balance.org ; www.controlgrowth.org ;  in Canada www.immigrationwatchcanada.org ; in Australia www.population.org.au and PublicPopForum@yahoogroups.com ; in Great Britain www.optimumpopulation.org ; and dozens of other sites accessed at www.frostywooldridge.com.


Must see DVD:  “Blind Spot”   http://www.snagfilms.com/films/title/blind_spot/  , This movie illustrates America’s future without oil, water and other resources to keep this civilization functioning. It’s a brilliant educational movie!  www.blindspotdoc.com


Must see: Rapid Population Decline, seven minute video by Dr. Jack Alpert-



Must see and funny:  www.growthbusters.org ; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXSTrW_dARc
Dave Gardner’s Polar Bear in Bedroom: http://growthbusters.org/2010/03/save-the-polar-bear-in-your-bedroom ;
Dave Gardner, President, Citizen-Powered Media ; Producing the Documentary, GROWTH BUSTERS; presents Hooked on Growth: Our Misguided Quest for Prosperity, Join the cause at www .growthbusters.org ;760 Wycliffe Drive, Colorado Springs, CO  80906  USA; +1 719-576-5565



Frosty Wooldridge has bicycled across six continents – from the Arctic to the South Pole – as well as six times across the USA, coast to coast and border to border.  In 2005, he bicycled from the Arctic Circle, Norway to Athens, Greece.  He presents “The Coming Population Crisis in America: and what you can do about it” to civic clubs, church groups, high schools and colleges.  He works to bring about sensible world population balance at www.frostywooldridge.com  He is the author of:  America on the Brink: The Next Added 100 Million Americans.  Copies available:  1 888 280 7715



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