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The Co-Opting of the Anti-Illegal Immigration Reform Agenda by Pro-National-ID Population Reductioni

 There are REAL anti-illegal immigration activists and there are the FAKE ones who want national ids and population reduction.
If you look into the history of the anti-illegal immigration groups such as FAIR and Numbers USA you will find something interesting.  There is a strong globalist connection, even an OPEN BORDERS connection, underlying their anti-illegal immigration efforts.  Why?
Many of the original founders and directors of these organizations were, in fact, ex Democrats and ex Sierra Club members.  Some were or are globalist Rockefellar Republicans, the same who supported Bush Sr's population reduction efforts when he was part of the zero population growth movement at the UN as US ambassador to the UN in the 60s.
Their agenda has been now and ever since national ids.
Well, they've found a new vehicle.  They are using conservative politicians like Russell Pearce of Arizona to advance their globalist agenda.  He's convinced he's doing the right thing or at least he is attempting to convince others that he is convinced, but look here:
Lou Dobbs and Bill O'Reilly coming out in favor of national ids!
Why?    According to them to stop those nasty illegals!
They want to burden the American taxpayer and law abiding American citizens with a national id cradle-to-grave tracking system to stop illegals.
You know the famous quote from the founding fathers:
"Those who give up liberty in the name of security, will have neither liberty nor security."
When has a plastic card in your pocket or a data file in a mainframe at the US Department of Homeland Security stopped an illegal border crosser?
Not one single time!
It's time to stop and put and end to the shenanigans.
Bottom line:
National ID is the line that can never be crossed.  Once you implement it you cannot fix it.  It can never be reversed.
Who owns the national ID data?  The executive branch.
More to come.....