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A Salute to Freedom Fighters Everywhere

Today, I salute those bravest of souls who unfailingly rise up, even in the face of incredible adversity, to demand their individual, God-given liberties against those who would oppress them with a glad heart. Yet in order to do so with lucid determination, one must first come to understand the impetus one might employ to justify the enslavement and oppression of their fellow man.  No matter the reason given, it is always done in order to control and secure the fruits of someone else’s labor for themselves. 

That is the REAL definition of slavery.

However, as a result of the errors of our past history, we have come to accept a more romanticized and lachrymose view of slavery than what it actually is.  The hard-and-fast definition that it is a state of absolute bondage is proving to be a fatal mistake.  In reality, slavery is something that occurs in varying degrees; degrees that are often minuscule and incremental.

Now that we understand what slavery really is, we can understand that Arizona State Senator and Neo-Nazi Ruel Pearce's SB 1070 is slavery.  Unending war is slavery.  Taxation is slavery.  Socialized healthcare is slavery.  TARP is slavery.  In each and every instance, someone's property is being forcibly taken in order to distribute that property to someone else. 

The reasons given for doing so by those "in power" always end up at the same end result, regardless of how beneficial those reasons may sound outwardly.  A perfect example of this is Mr. Pearce’s sadly hilarious email in which he refers to Ernest Hancock's assertion that his bill is a “back-door” to the REAL ID Act as "just short of a...terrorist attack" while the rest of the correspondence is literally soused with self-congratulatory rhetoric about the Declaration of Independence, his defense of the Constitution, and other such blathering nonsense.  In response to this, I think Sinclair Lewis said it best:

“When fascism comes it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.”

At this point, what we need to save ourselves and generations to come from perpetual bondage is nothing short of a ; a Love-o-lution as Ernie puts it.  But understand, revolution is another term that has been ill-defined and misunderstood.  The best definition I have seen was written by John Adams, the 2nd President of the United States, in a letter to Thomas Jefferson dated August 24th, 1815:

“What do we mean by the Revolution? The war? That was no part of the revolution; it was only an effect and consequence of it. The revolution was in the minds of the people…fifteen years before a drop of blood was shed.”

The “war” part of any revolution occurs when those in power attempt to hold on to their control over We The People at all costs, despite the fact that the social contract between the government and the people has been egregiously breached, thus making the relationship irrevocably fractured.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” - John F. Kennedy
So, what's it going to be?  Liberty or Slavery?

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Comment by Hyrum Smith
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A little background on the Pearces in Mesa

Both Russell Pearce and his brother, ‘Justice of the Peace’ Lester Pearce have been stomping upon our Arizona civil liberties for quite some time.

To see just how bad this Pearce family is, go spend an hour in Lester Pearce’s courtroom over at 1837 S. Mesa Drive, Mesa. Watch how he refuses to follow the Constitution in his courtroom, denying jury trials, and dissing small-offense drivers and mothers to tears. I actually watched Lester Pearce cruelly lecture one mother to tears on her 16-year-old daughter’s getting caught and ticketed ‘smoking; due to his religious presuppositions. He berated her as an unfit mother. Justice Pearce is one of the worst in the state. He thinks he is God’s prosecutor busting the balls of all you ID-less sinners out there.

Yes, I don’t prefer smoking either, but this cruel condescending moralizing from the bench is sickening; just as are the Pearces and their fake love of the ‘constitution’. Their phony pretense to the Bill of Rights and Civil Rights is finally being exposed after 18 long years here today at New Times and FreedomsPhoenix.com.

Russell Pearce as MVD’s director, turned the MVD into an oppressor of lower income people, many who have their only car confiscated for small-unpaid traffic fines. Senator Russell & ‘Justice’ Lester Pearce together create mass joblessness due to a lack of transportation and thereby rapidly grow the welfare state that they supposedly detest so much. All over a stupid photo-radar-fine enhancing license plate spy-scheme.

Every time an officer pulls over and confiscates a car with ‘expired tags’, the Pearces terrorize a low-paid worker, or an immigrant, or one of our fellow Arizona citizens. The Pearces’ towing company buddies like Cactus Towing love all the confiscated cars for free, since their real owners are too poor to pay for Cactus Towing’s ‘impound’ fees.

The Pearces have been terrorists for 18 years, not Ernie. Yes Russell you are a Terrorist. You heard it here first. You will hear it a lot more often, now you and your brother are finally out of the closet.

Thanks to  Ernie Hancock, and John Green and Feathered Bastard and the readers for saving our state from further databases and confiscations! Perhaps the New Times and FreedomsPhoenix.com can cross-network a civil rights story or two between them now & then. Then the Pearce Terrorists will have something to worry about: EXPOSURE to their deceived Republican base about their tireless work for a ‘papers please’ Arizona!




Comment by Found Zero
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Wowza! Love that part at the end of the 4409 vid: the cops are unprofessional and therefore require protection of law from the citizens.