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Russell Pearce caught Lying a THIRD time!

Russell Pearce wants to "pass the bill to see what's in the bill".  Just like what Obama and Pelosi said last week about the national healthcare bill, Pearce doesn't even know what's in his own bill!  Here's another email from him, easily refuted, of course, by just READING THE BILL!
See the edits and responses below in red.
Senator Pearce sent this original email out last night.


Date: 3-21-10


Let us all support our Home Town Heroes in the protection of our neighborhoods and the enforcement of our laws.  Let's get the handcuffs off from them now!!!  Friends we must act now,

HB2632/SB1070 immigration; law enforcement; safe neighborhoods "SUPPORT OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT AND SAFE NEIGHBORHOOD ACT" will be Third Read on Tuesday 1:30PM in the House. Both bills are being heard at the same time. This process is very unique process. HB2632/SB1070 are exactly the same bill. Every word, every sentence, and every punctuation is exactly the same. SB1070 was passed out of the senate and sent to the house. The house version HB2632 is going to be heard in COW (Committee of the Whole) on Tuesday at 1:30PM when HB2632 is passed out of  COW the house will not third read it, but instead will third read SB1070. This is a procedure that is used to help get legislation to the governor's desk quickly. Please sign in at Life Liberty Freedom and let the House members know you support both HB2632/SB1070.

For more information on the impact of illegal immigration and endorsements for this bill click here
This is the most comprehensive enforcement legislation in the nation and is supported by many national illegal immigration enforcement groups and over 10,000 Arizona law enforcement officers, and 9 of 15 Arizona sheriffs enthusiastically endorse this bill, none of the sheriffs oppose it, as well as the Arizona Republican Party unanimously endorsed this legislation.

With all due respect, recent statements have been made about this bill, that are simply not true!!!!

Let me clear up issues about HB2632/SB1070:  First I have met with law enforcement, Sheriffs, Constitutional attorney's and National experts as I prepare to get this passed as I know we will have to defend this in court from the far left open border proponents who will sue.  Miss-information is exactly what the ACLU and MALDEF and like organizations promote to stop affective enforcement of laws and policies.  
1)  The purpose of the ID language is to allow the feds (Homeland Security and Immigration and Naturalization to share info with law enforcement on "non" citizens.  Federal ID is required under law for non citizens who reside or are visiting the U.S.   This legislation does NOT expand law enforcement's authority or expand ANY ID requirements.  This legislation just allows property exchange of information to get alien information from the feds for purposes of making appropriate determination of one's legal status. 
Read the bill!  11-1051 Section F. 1, 2 and 3 requires all law abiding Arizonans to get pre-cleared by the US Department of Homeland Security BEFORE getting a drivers license!  Additionally, the state must provide the US Department of Homeland Security with your domicile minimally and ANY OTHER INFORMATION they want - according to how the bill is ACTUALLY WRITTEN.
That's national id!

2)  The detention piece is necessary language for detaining those in this country illegally as allowed under federal law. There are several federal documents required to be on the alien even if they are in this country legally.   Remember we have Habeas Corpus for all citizens and other state and federal laws about detention and required hearings and bail requirements.
The detention piece can be applied to law abiding Americans and Arizonans who cannot be identified through US Department of Homeland Security databases by police at a stop.
That's national id!   Again, just READ the bill!
3)  As you know under federal law it is a felony to harbor, transport, hire or refer for hire anyone you "know" is an illegal alien.  My bill adds some safe guards to those transporting to church or the like. You must first "know" they are an illegal alien, 2nd) you must be committing an additional criminal offense, in addition to transporting them or the such.  So no one will be caught under this state law being a or for emergencies or just giving someone a ride, etc.
The bill allows of instantaneous, on the spot confiscation of your vehicle WHETHER OR NOT you are aware that someone in the vehicle is illegal.

4) This section of law does contain some protection for law enforcement for enforcing this section of law as the open border/far left has been very successful in using the courts to intimidate the Sheriffs and Police Departments with frivolous law suits to prevent them from enforcement of immigration violations.  Under Arizona Constitution we cannot and should not protect anyone from proper law suits if they violate the law or violate someone's civil rights.  This section does not do that, simply gives them qualified immunity if they enforce this section properly.  Actually it protects the public as they are the ones harmed by these frivolous law suits and it is the taxpayers who pay the cost.    This does not protect law enforcement if they violate the law or abuse anyone's civil rights. 
If law enforcement detains a LAW ABIDING ARIZONAN and AMERICAN wrongly or falsely, they can hold them indefinitely, deny access to the courts, deny access to a lawyer, deny access to the outside world and be COMPLETELY INDEMINFIED from their actions!
This is the very same law that East German police had.  Zero accountability to the people.  It is unacceptable.
Police work for the people.  Not the other way around like in the eastern bloc.

5)  In the bill there is a civil rights provision to make sure racial profiling is not allowed and other civil rights continue to be protected. 

6)  The trespass piece is permissive to give law enforcement the ability to hold an illegal alien while being investigated on other serious crimes as requested by border Sheriffs as often happens the illegal alien is deported before he/she can be charged with serious criminal violations and they have asked for a state law to hold them on so they can complete their investigation. If they are deported they cannot get them back to stand trial often for violent or serious crimes.

7)  There is a part in this bill about harboring, aiding, abetting, transporting, hiring, referring for hire, that is intended to apply to illegal hiring of illegal aliens.   It is taken from federal law where it is a felony currently under federal law; however under this law you must be committing another crime for this to apply so it does not apply to someone innocently taking someone to church or the like; plus, one is required to have "knowledge" that they are an illegal alien and it is only a misdemeanor under Arizona law.  So no bus driver, taxi cab, or someone taking them to church or anything close is in jeopardy under the HB2632/SB1070.

8)  Law enforcement must have "lawful" contact and reasonable suspicion to even inquire and only upon Probable Cause, as required in any other crime and only then may they arrest.  Sometimes all it takes is a phone call to ICE and many cities do allow them to make that phone call to get alien information that the feds are required to keep on all aliens. 
False.  That's not what the bill says.
3)  As you know under federal law it is a felony to harbor, transport, hire or refer for hire anyone you "know" is an illegal alien.  My bill adds some safe guards to those transporting to church or the like. You must first "know" they are an illegal alien, 2nd) you must be committing an additional criminal offense, in addition to transporting them or the such.  So no one will be caught under this state law being a or for emergencies or just giving someone a ride, etc.


UPDATE June 10th 2010 council/SB1070-HB2162.PDF

We've been saying that it's section E, E1 and E2 under 11-1051 on page 1 which contains the exchange of law abiding citizens data with homeland security.
The "final" version of the bill has it in section F, F1 and F2.  Everyone I'm bccing have put E, E1 and E2 in their analysis.  Please change that to F, F1 and F2 and link using the link above which is the most up to date version.
I fully expect that once cogent criticisms of the above version circulate in the news, that Pearce will "find" the "real" final version of the bill and we'll get another version switching sections around again.  Just be prepared.  But right now, the provision handing over law abiding citizens data to homeland security, thereby turning Arizona licenses into national ids, is in 11-1051 F, F1 and F2.  Please update any analyses you have posted.

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