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Obamacare and real hope, real change for handymen, medical profession, mechanics.

Obamacare. What a joke. Before the fires from the burning of our domestic big industry have even cooled, now Obamacare comes to torch SMBs, small and medium sized businesses. I mean, who cares what they do now? Go ahead and pile on more regulation while you are at it and new costs, screw it.
There's gonna be no businesses forced to buy into Obamacare because there won't be any businesses. And whatever you pay for services in your community, HOO NELLIE, forget about what's going to happen now. You think the plumber was expensive before? How about your "licensed electrician"?
Hey I got one for ya, you miss free checking already? Yeah, yer gonna miss they days when you bought a tire and the guy mounted and balanced it on your car for free. Good-bye those days. They are gonna start charging you just to enter the parking lot now or it's goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.
Hello black market services! Welcome to the PADE, the Post American Dream Economy. There's a place for everyone with a service that people need.
Yup, as we get hungry, we're gonna find solutions. Boys and gals, never sell your tools, gear up to work on your own in the new "PADE". Every single trade. All agriculture and horticulture. Field engineers, this is your day. Mechanics, you are going to be asked to keep the cars you see today on the road for the next 15 years to get that home shop together in the garage.
Anybody in hands-on medicine, if you can actually do treatment and care, nobody is gonna get Obamacare or any other kind of care unless you give it to them. Live-in care, assisted living people? You might be the only people with a place to live. Oh and it might be time to stock up on some things while you can because black market medical equipment is going to be hot, hot, hot! We actually need to you for a whole black market medical care system. We need everybody but the administrators.

And the food-service industry is about to revolutionize. The fast-food industry is going to disapear.They won't be able to affoard cost of operation and nobody will have enough money to buy from them. But humans have this natural aversion to starvation. They get really motivated. Now dig this. Since there won't be any tax base, none of the regulatory agencies will have staffing to stop a gazillion local kitchens and cafes. Street vendors don't sell those carts. They are a wave of the future.
 And if you got a car or truck, you just became a taxi service. Forget about the taxi license, at one point I'm not sure you'll need a license or insurance. Who's gonna be there to enforce anything?
For once the lawyers are gonna be begging us for mercy. If you are a roofer and you owe a lawyer money, string him out as long as you can. The day his roof starts leaking is the day he'll come to the table. Like your kitchen table. That's not gonna get old anytime soon I can tell ya.
Pretty soon we're gonna be paying court fines for fixing the judge's window screen. "Tell you what Your Honour, I'll go easy on you..."

None of this is good news. But it should make us all feel just an eency bit better that at least the peons who operate the court systems are gonna be paying out for this and more of their dollars are gonna start coming back to us. And we got no choice, for us it's gonna be a matter of survival so ya one way or another, we're gotta get PADE.

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Comment by Lnsu Ross
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 Stupid tears and mistakes, I used know and meant now and a couple other mistakes, I guess that’s why you blog on word then post sigh, do forgive….


Comment by Lnsu Ross
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 I am so upset I don't know ifn I wanna cry or get out the (proverbial) pitch fork. My kid has no future xcpt ditching world "peace keepers" and black market jobs. AND So many people are going on to work, vacations, movies, and doing whatever else tickles their ears. I got one friend who happens to be black that insisted on voting 4 O and know is all shocked and saying I don't want that healthcare still not feeling any responsibility to what SHE did to her own grandkids. (No don't be smart I got more than 1 black freind the rest of them didn't need to be told why not to vote for O they knew).

On the floor of the house  Sunday evening a gentle congressman said that 25 - 30 years for know will bring the middle wage income tax to 68- 83%! That figure came from the CBO. ANd then you can consider the RFID chips, Real ID's, Amnesty, and so on and so on.

NONE of us can survive this entrapment the worst part is too many people are too ignorant of the facts and this article will be the reality then those sheeple will look up and wonder what happened.

Oh Lord show US Mercy and give us Grace to survive.

No wonder All I feel is like crying