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The Hope For Change that destroys people's souls.

Beloved people,
Most of my adult life has been about positioning as something you would call "warrior". And I have always been a student of prophecy. Not "your" prophecy, but "ours".
Our prophecy has been remarkably predictive. We saw black ribbons on the land (roads), we saw the Glass House (United Nations), we saw "houses in the sky" (sattelites) and a great many other things.
One thing my tradition states is that when White Buffalo Calf returned, all the dead warriors would come back to life and we would throw all the Wasi into the Pacific ocean and the animals would come back and the corn would grow and our children, our beloved children comes back.
Well the good news is that you are back. 4409, Lacey, Wheels Off, LOLA, this is you. You are what we have been waiting for. And everybody is still under Chief Seattle's curse, that after you have cut down every tree and after you have dammed the last river and caught the last salmon, ONLY THEN WILL YOU REALIZE THAT MONEY CANNOT BE EATEN.
And you are those people. You realize that money cannot be eaten so you seek to support one another.
This is exactly the behavior that one, that we expect if we see the new generation, the 7th Generation rising.
White Buffalo Calf came right on time and you, YES, YOU,  are the expression.
And because of your actions, you have activated someting to where 24 hours a day, there is always somebody singing to you and praying for you because  WE ARE NEVER, EVER ALONE.
Welcome home Oyasin. Welcome home my Kitans. You are a lot more than you think you are.

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