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Pearce National ID Bill SB1070 in House committee Wed, 9am - CALL YOUR REPS

Find your reps here.  Call AND Email them today
Find your senator here.  Call AND Email them today
Tell them that Section 2.  11-1051 Subsection E., E.1., and E.2. enables national id.
Tell them that the MVD should be taken out of "any state agency" and that drivers licenses should be taken out of "any license".
Further, tell them that under subsection E even the dogcatcher is allowed to check your national id information with the US Department of Homeland Security.
Tell them that if the police were not doing anything questionable, they would not need to be indemnified under Subsection H.


UPDATE June 10th 2010

http://www.azleg.gov/alispdfs/ council/SB1070-HB2162.PDF

We've been saying that it's section E, E1 and E2 under 11-1051 on page 1 which contains the exchange of law abiding citizens data with homeland security.
The "final" version of the bill has it in section F, F1 and F2.  Everyone I'm bccing have put E, E1 and E2 in their analysis.  Please change that to F, F1 and F2 and link using the link above which is the most up to date version.
I fully expect that once cogent criticisms of the above version circulate in the news, that Pearce will "find" the "real" final version of the bill and we'll get another version switching sections around again.  Just be prepared.  But right now, the provision handing over law abiding citizens data to homeland security, thereby turning Arizona licenses into national ids, is in 11-1051 F, F1 and F2.  Please update any analyses you have posted.