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Ernest Hancock commands my highest affection, honor and sense of civility. He proves himself a man of letters, noble thought and integrity. He honors the most powerful and basic tenant of this Constitutional Republic: our 1st Amendment rights. 
Thomas Paine wrote with great courage 240 years ago--to bring this nation into being.   His work remains today: some of the most important ideas for this fledgling nation.  Let's face it, a mere 234 years defines our existence. Every year, we continue working the kinks out as we struggle to keep our nation and this civilization afloat.
As many of you know, I write extensively on immigration.  Yes, as a world traveler, I give great sympathy and appreciation for the plight of Mexicans and their poverty--as well as all people of the world.  I respect every race, creed and color of people on the planet because they all paddle their boats as best they can.
At the same time, at some point, every country and its people must become responsible for their own destiny.  They must choose livable conditions, education and how many children they birth.  They must ultimately live within the carrying capacity of their countries and fight for their freedoms, cultures and ways of life.  
However, for too long now, Mexico, Central and South America, and Asia and Africa have overpopulated and destroyed their civilizations by pure birthright population recklessness.   Thus, they flee to Western countries that have maintained balanced populations.  That policy of fleeing their chosen plights cannot continue.

The fact grows by the day that mass immigration cannot be tolerated or sustained on multiple levels.  Having seen its final fruition of death, chaos, misery and civil breakdown--yes, I am here to change the course of history--and NOT to allow it to manifest in America.
Thank Ernie Hancock for allowing me an avenue to educate, inspire, provoke thought and to take action in Arizona and beyond.  My work will become self-evident within 20 years as we add, if we allow ourselves to add, another 100 million people--all driven by immigration.
The population equation will prove a disaster on multiple levels.  We either stop it, or Mother Nature will do it for us.  We really do hang on the edge as to water, energy and climate destabilization.  We're wrecking the biosphere, the lithosphere, our oceans and much more.
We must come to terms or terms will come to us.  Therefore, thank you Ernest Hancock, whether you accept what I write or not, for giving me a platform.  Take a bow for your integrity, humanity and as a man of letters.   Your friend and fellow writer and thinker, Frosty Wooldridge