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Border? What Border?

Every nation has an explicit right to protect its borders and ultimately its citizens.  If we are to believe the official version of 9/11, we can clearly see what can happen to a nation when it does not control their borders. However, committing human rights abuses against people already in the country does not nothing to protect our borders.
Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070, is a bad bill, a very bad bill as it commands police to target “Mexican looking people, for possibly not being American citizens.  For every Hispanic driver, or any other driver who may appear to be Hispanic, being pulled over for violating the speed limit will no doubt elicit feelings of fear and paranoia as they hurriedly search for their driver’s license, car registration, proof of insurance with the hope that they can convince the arresting officer that they are, indeed, an American citizen. Woe to the Latino driver, who was in a hurry one morning and accidentally, left their wallet on the kitchen table.
Interim Governor, Jan Brewer has proven that she is little more than Ev Mecham in a skirt! Although Arizona does not recognize daylight savings time, Governor Brewer has managed to reset Arizona civil rights clock back to 1990.  
Does anyone remember when,in 1990, Arizona was given the chance to observe the MLK holiday? Under the leadership of then Arizona Governor, Ev Mecham, Arizona failed to do so and subsequently lost the Super Bowl to Pasadena, Ca.    
In this Back to the Future scenario, one has to wonder what is next for this Latino version of “Jim Crow” legislation? Will Arizona witness the re-implementation of the malevolent 1942 Japanese relocation Presidential mandate? Will the already unconstitutional DUI roadblocks morph into a “papers please” nightmare for Hispanic Americans? Are we really proud of the fact that we have placed every Hispanic into a second class citizen status? However, this is Arizona and whether the issue is trampling property rights, providing required educational and mental health services, and protecting the integrity of Arizona elections, Arizona’s political leaders routinely trample on the Constitution. Nobody should be surprised that SB 1070 is now the law. 

What are the boundaries for this latest Arizona legislative foray into political insanity? Are we really going to deport Mexican adults who have parented children who are legal American citizens? If memory serves me correctly, didn’t America once separate the families of slaves in the pre-Civil War South? And now we want to repeat some of the most shameful acts ever committed in our nation’s history? 

Before one mistakes me for a bleeding heart liberal who thinks we should have totally open borders as we race headlong toward a one world government, let me clearly state that the our border should have been controlled decades ago. I am the son of an immigrant which entered this country through legal channels. Therefore, it should not be surprising that I believe that nobody, and I mean nobody should have ever been admitted to this country without going through our well-established naturalization process.  However, to promote a law which, if truly enforced, could lead to a “Trail of Tears” mass deportation, with all the evil associated with such a practice. This bill begs to be decried for the racist practice that it represents. Who are we?   

Who’s to blame for this travesty? The immigration issue did not just surface. Corporate America, for decades, has coveted these hard working and seemingly endless supply of undocumented cheap laborers. The multitude of political prostitutes which serve in Arizona’s key leadership positions have sold their votes to these same corporate interests and have routinely and consciously prevented and even encouraged the mass importation of undocumented immigrants. Let’s not forget about NAFTA which bankrupted 3 million Mexican farmers and left them with little choice than to seek employment north of the border.
The poster child for the great political bordello that we call Congress and their subsequent abrogation of their duty to control our borders would be none other than John McCain. For years, John McCain has been treating both Arizona and our country in the same manner that he treated his first wife. He has sponsored the various free trade agreements, both CAFTA and the FTAA legislation, which will eventually bring over 100 million new immigrants to our country. Has anyone asked where we will get the money to build the needed schools, hospitals, highways and to water these people? McCain, no doubt, catered to corporate America by helping them obtain a permanent supply of cheap labor in the hope of securing massive corporate funding from grateful businessmen who would gratefully fund his presidential campaign. In March of 2010, McCain told the Arizona Republic that he agreed with Homeland Director, Janet Napolitano, in suspending the funding for the virtual border fence. Shortly after McCain’s public support of suspending of funding for the border fence, Southern Arizona rancher, Rob Krentz was murdered by an illegal alien. One month later, McCain is telling the media that “border security is our top priority.”  Of course this is an election year and like any good street walker, McCain is looking for support wherever he can find it and he is betting on the public’s ignorance in overlooking his most recent flip flop. 
You bet there is plenty of blame to go around. There can be little doubt that Jan Brewer walks the same sleazy streets as does John McCain. Brewer is banking on the 70% of Arizonans who want their border controlled by signing the unconstitutional SB 1070. She’s trading votes at the expense of allowing political and racist persecution to rule the day. Someone should have told Madame Jan that there is a difference between controlling the border and putting a target on the backs of Hispanics. (Don’t automatically assume this is an endorsement for Terry Goddard. I’ll have a lot more on his leadership in the weeks to come.).
The presence in our country of 20 to 30 million undocumented people clearly illustrate the principle that possession is 90% of the law. In other words, what is done is done, they are here and are firmly entrenched. We are not going to deport a half million illegal aliens unless we aspire to the same historical designation that we afford to such despots as Hitler and Mao. If Brewer was truly sincere about controlling the border, she would recall our National Guard troops from our two wars of occupation, and station them three feet apart on the border. 

Sometimes, what the Arizona Republic (AKA the Arizona Pravda) doesn’t report is more newsworthy than what do they report. What is unreported, in Mexico, is the noteworthy news that the drug cartels are forcing the local police to resign in droves because of the threats against their families. This has left most large Mexican cities in a virtual standoff between the Mexican Army and the deadly cartels under a cloud of martial law. Phoenix already leads the country in meth trafficking and kidnapping. At the end of the day, we will likely have to choose between an endless supply cheap labor and preserving domestic tranquility and containing the cartels and their illicit activities at the border.

Governor Brewer, should put troops on the border and she should do it now! The memory of Rob Krentz demands no less. However, SB 1070 will not bring Krentz back to life. To my fellow citizens, of Hispanic heritage, I apologize to you for the biased, ignorant actions of my home state’s political leaders. Today, I am ashamed to tell people that I am from Arizona thanks to our politicians. This is just one more example of why all Americans need to vote out all incoumbents in the next election.
Please join me in voting out all politicians who have milked us for far too long. Turn out the incumbents in 2010!
Dave Hodges is the host of The Common Sense Show which airs every Sunday night from 9-11pm central on the RBN (www.republicbroadcasting.org)

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Comment by Freed Radical
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My point about socialism in America is simply that I don't really care if I'm being ripped off by illegal aliens sending their children to government schools on my dime versus my American citizen gringo neighbor sending his kids to government schools on my dime. Theft is theft, and to say that redistribution of wealth via government programs is OK for citizens but not for aliens is absurd. Without socialism, everyone would pay his own way, and there would be no reason to fear immigrants traveling freely to work, visit, or whatever.

And Tom W. is certainly right that the end result of this bill will be amnesty to save the Messkins from scary white people in Arizona. However, the real goal of the bill is the data-sharing provision between AZ government entities and Napolireno's Fatherland Security Department. This will eventually lead to a national ID card so that people can "prove" their citizenship by the side of the road. That is the endgame here.

  Freedom's the answer--What's the question!

Comment by Roger Miller
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 What part of  ILLEGAL don't you understand? This bill corrects the stupid rules put on the Phoenix police by the socialist mayor preventing them from questioning citizenship. 

 The Police hate having their hands tied and secretly support this bill which will once again alloy them to enforce the LAW!



Comment by Oyate
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 This has been a great conversation no one seems like they really want the illegals here and no one seems like they want them shipped back.

Fuck, you people are stupid

Well im off to look at child porn with ernest hancock and powell gamill now

Comment by Anonymous
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 We need to send all those mexicans back where they came from and then we can work on sending the blacks back to africa oh and the indians dont get reservations anymore they will now be considered mexicans and are eligible for deportation.

Those dirty w*****ks n****rs and rez n****rs

Comment by Found Zero
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Best converstation we've had around here in a long time.

I'm with both Tom W. I'm seeing politics. McCain wins with his base either way: as the victor or as the man who tried to valiently defend them. The emboldened Obama might just try to press another great victory ahead and do anmesty.

I'd have to disagree with Eric New to the extent that the problem with Mexico isn't socialism in America, the problem with Mexico is Mexico. The way to fix it is for Mexicans to fix Mexico. Nobody can do it for them. We can't fix Mexico any more than you can fix my marital problems. Because I'd be sneaking over your garden wall right now if I thought you could.

Lucky for you I gots perspective. But that's part of the reason why I can't see us giving up liberty for the issue. Frankly nobody can propose nothing to me on the subject until we at least TRY a real border wall and security.

And much as I'd like Arizonans to get to plan it and manage it, this really is the Fed's responsibility. Border security is one of the few things they are actually supposed to do.

Can't we just redeploy the IRS to do the job?

Comment by Tom Westbrook
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Russell Pearce loves amnesty!  That's right I said it. That's where this bill leads us, blanket amnesty. After all, they (Washington) have to protect latinos from the evil bigots in Arizona.

Comment by Freed Radical
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Incorporate Mexico as 10 new states!!!! Are you insane?!!!! The American Empire is crumbling economically, and we will soon devolve like the former Soviet Empire into individual states and smaller regional governments. When the dollar is finally toast, the Empire will expire, and this is probably a good thing if it happens as peacefully as the end of the Soviet Empire. The insane Drug War can end, which will help end the violence in Mexico. If we eliminate socialism here, it will be much easier to get along with Mexicans or anybody else who wants to live here and pay their own way.

  Note to Oyote--I've not been fooled by McPain or any other Republicrat/Demoplican types. I don't support their statist crap, have never voted for them, and I believe this new law is just a scam to get us all on Nappy's DHS database farm, with the next step being, "Your Papers, Please!"


Comment by Price Shearn
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 I'm amazed at the idiocy shown toward profiling" as it pertains to Illegal Immigration. Profiling is used "every day" in law enforcement to help focus on a suspect base when trying to solve a crime or offense. If there's been a rape or robbery we first look at those offenders who've "already" committed the same kind of crime. So if we're looking for who might be an "illegal alien" in Arizona, then how about LOOKING AT WHO WE'VE ALREADY CAUGHT.  If 99.999 percent happen to be from Mexico and Central America then wouldn't it stand to reason THAT'S WHO YOU MIGHT BE LOOKING FOR. This whole "political correctness" b.s. costs us dearly in the allocation of limited resources, of which we have less and less. It's time to stop pretending we don't see the "800 pound gorilla in the room"....

Comment by TL Winslow
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The U.S. like any country can't long exist if it can't control its borders to keep out people who can't or don't want to assimilate, particularly from overseas countries. But when it comes to our next-door neighbors in Mexico, the whole situation is different. Instead of wasting time on another Reagan-style amnesty that leaves the root causes of poverty, injustice, corruption and crime in Mexico untouched, if Congress really wants to get control of our borders it has to expand them to the seas by incorporating Mexico as 10+ new states in a phased approach. Study my 7-step nonpartisan Megamerge Dissolution Solution that shows how it can be done, and tell your reps to also: http://go.to/megamerge 

Comment by Found Zero
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Problem solved?

Problem solved?

Fuck dude, I pretty much agree with everything you just said and specifically to Hodges. The only thing I liked about the guy so far is he's published here. His rantings about the lack of funding for public education, wells if my tribal children weren't under custody issues I'd yank them out of that craphole in a duece but I'd have to spend umpti-gazillions in court to do so.

The one thing I can say is I can find worse fault with a man with a heart for the children. And I have.

And this is why it's not "problem solved" brother, our problems are just beginning. You got played. This law will be struck down and we'll still have the same problems.

Dudes you all got played by McCainamnesty. This is the same guy that was trying to pass amnesty 2 years ago.

McCain was the same guy, the same McCain that told a bunch of amazed workers that we, US AMERICAN PEOPLE, US ARIZONANS COULDN'T AND WOULDN'T PICK LETTUCE FOR $50 AN HOUR.

$50 an hour to pick lettuce. I know what it means for 8 hours a day. So do you. Most of us can do it for $20 an hour and be pretty happy. Some of us would just be grateful to do it for $12. Some of us are in fact doing it for $8 to $10.

Senator John McCain thinks, and he said so in public, we not only don't want to but WE CAN'T. That's what he said. We can't pick lettuce for $50/hour. Hells I got a son that can't find a job he likes because the stupid laws in Arizona what with the insurance and tax liability makes it stupid for any employer to hire a kid. He wants to work with animals. So does my daughter.

Hells boys. You are voting for people that don't even believe in you. They make laws that serve them. And that's the problem here. You guys got suckered again. And the racial showdown in Phoenix, this guys are getting played too, you are getting played off each other.

But if you don't want to hear that, I revert:


Comment by Freed Radical
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Hodges is definitely NOT A LIBERTARIAN!!! He is a lefty government school teacher who supports big government in many areas. I do happen to agree with him that SB 1070 is a freedom shredding piece of shit, but his lefty babbling about paid MLK holidays for government slackers, a so-called "right" to various government services, etc. reveals Hodges' statist leanings. How about ending the Drug War as a solution to all the illegal immigration and violence? How about abolishing government schools and other socialist scams? Without our socialist system, we could welcome any immigrants that wanted to work, and both Americans and immigrants could support themselves instead of mooching off others. Problem solved!


Comment by Found Zero
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Oh great I scared off all the racists. Dammit I always push it too far up front. Hey guys, never take it too personally on these boards. Never take me too personally.

Thing is this: gloat or be defensive about this law all you want now but it's going down. There's a right way and a wrong way to do things and this is just the wrong way. There's good things about it but it's still the wrong way.

It's already been show to be usurpative of American values TO AT LEAST ONE AMERICAN CITIZEN. And if that dude wants to go through the course, on that event alone, this law is going down. Brothers I tell you it cannot stand for the same reasons we hold dear: the Constitution protects us all.

So we'll have to find another way. For now this whole thing, I'm telling you, this whole thing is just political grandstanding by the AZ GOP and John McCain who has an even greater credibilty problem with AZ R3VOLUTION than I do with some of you.

This law will not stand the test of the courts. Listen to Judge Napolitano. This is not good for Arizona or Arizonans of any color.

Comment by Found Zero
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Disturbingly, it has come to our attention that many patriots have those chili-pepper fiesta lights around your porches and patios.

Those who support the new legislation are urged to remove these, dig a hole someplace, bury them and pretend you never had them.

Those who refuse to comply risk imprisonment.

ALSO it has come to our attention that certain white patriots are hoarding secret stashes of tortilla chips and guacamole. You may redeem your tortilla chips for Frito Lays Corn Chips and your guacamole for cheeze whiz at participating retailers. Salsa may be redeemed for catsup. Not Heinx catsup obviously, that's liberal catsup. You can have nice, conservative DelMonte catsup. They go great with your pommes frites. I mean French fries. Dammit I mean Freedom Fries. BUT FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, after which posessing these filthy Mexican style products can get you  arrested on suspicion of not being white enough.


The following is a Mandarin Chinese translation of the preceeding so you can keep learning about the future while you fight your past. See, we always keep you one step ahead of the game here at FreedomsPhoenix!









Comment by Found Zero
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What are you knuckle draggers gonna do without Mexicans? 75% of your diet will be gone. Without tacos and breakfast burritos you will be left with hamburgers for every meal. You'll have to experiment with other high-cholesterol, low fibre foods.

But if racial and social purity is the way to go I got my next great business idea. Practically every house in the valley is influenced by this native/Mexican style, all this adobe, all these disgusting Earth tones. I'm gonna use my influence to change the building codes so every house has to have white clappboard on the outside and Kentucky blue grass on every lawn. From now on you get fined separately for every ornamental cactus and you get JAIL TIME for displaying a Kokopelli or hanging a blanket on your walls.


In white society, blankets belong on beds, not on walls. Christ, we're gonna have to teach you people everything. Same with your baskets, they come off the walls and onto the floors and those ridiculous decorative Kiva ladders? Just burn them.

Turquios jewelry is to be handed over to the police (make sure you have proper documentation of your citizenship). Turquios jewelry is bad enough on women. On men it looks downright.....Mexican/Native American.

One we get done with that, we're making new maps and road signs. Way too many native and Mexican place names around here. Rio this and rio that, it stops now. We're renaming everything Springfield this and that. Either that or "Pickwick Commons" or "Pemberwick Downs". Or Pepperidge Farms. And forget about jeans and sneakers from now on boys we all get to wear seersucker suits, button down shirts and straw hats.

And we might as well all learn how to talk like New Yorkers because the whole Southwestern accent has native inflections like pronouncing it "halapeno" when we really need to Anlicize it and say "jalapeno" like "jaloppy" or "jealous", you know, the hard J. Or maybe we don't have to worry about it, they are indigenous so we won't be eating them anymore or even discussing them around the dinner table.

Advancing into the public school curriculum, it's a good thing our kids won't be learning Spanish anymore because that will free them up to learn Mandarin Chinese.

And don't worry, we're gonna have somebody clean up some troubling references in popular movies. Like where Terminators says "hasta la vista baby" we're gonna put it "再见 baby" which is Mandarin. Hey no sense translating to English then going back and having to do it all again in Simplified Chinese.

You are gonna LOVE being owned by the Chinese, they are very like you. They prize cultural purity and submission to the prevailing order maybe as much as you do. They are so willing to give up liberty for security they will kill their own people.

No sweat. You are getting the hang of it. Baby steps.

Comment by Land Mines On the Border!
Entered on:

 Dave Hodges has a mexican mestiza wife!

Thats why he is against deporting ALL the illegal mexicans in our midst!

Hey Dave, looks like it too bad for you! This is a states rights issue and Arizonans are fed up with your ILLEGAL in-laws!

Stop calling mexican mestizos 'Hispanic' too. True Hispanics are white people from Spain - not filthy mestizo mexicants running away from their toilet country!



Comment by Found Zero
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I think some folks are missing the point. This legislation will NOT stand the test of the courts, it's blatantly unconstitutional.

Now that I see McCain using it as ammo to regain his tattered conservative credentials (and our state congress critters lining up for the same), all we have is a bit of political theatre. It costs them nothing. It potentially costs you and me our freedom to travel unmolested. And it will costs Arizona millions in court costs.

Comment by Sam Weathersby
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After reading the column I am asking 'WWDD? What would Dave do? I agree! Secure the borders. But what about all the millions that are here already. What do we do about them?

 AZ HAS to DO something! After Nappy's departure to DC, we got the fresh air of  Jan Brewer. So, what should she do or have done in the light of the serious illegal immigration issue we face here?  Do you think O would let the troops be recalled by Jan to guard the border with out a long protracted fight? What would we do in the interim?If O's actions are any indication he would use the recall as a spring board to taking over the Nat. Guard of all the states. Who ordered them over seas in the 1st place? Was it not a Prez?

May the bill is bad, maybe not. What I think matters that + or -., the bill got a lot of national attention to the overwhelming problems that illegal immigration has brought to the USA via people seneaking into our country.

If the feds were doing their job instead of trying to enlarge the Dem prog voting base, we would not be having this conversation. At least you realize that the feds are asleep at the wheel.

 We need solutions to validate your criticism. I think you mean well, but you left out an important part of the discussion. Thanks & respect,


Comment by Found Zero
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Would this be a good time for me to ask if anyone has a sombrero and some mariachi tapes they can loan me? I'll be doing some driving this week and that gives me a chance to practice my new character El Oyate DeloMacho.

Comment by James Arft
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Dear Dave,  

I seems that anytime anyone attempts to control our borders and arrest and return illegals we have to hear from libertarians like you who use the racist tag  and a bunch of bull to keep the problem of illegal immigration going.  The whole idea of the free flow of materials, goods, service and people across legal state borders just does not jive with libertarian thought-- and hence the problem.  The idea that legal residents within a border should not be able to control their border and thus their lives is reprehensible.  The governor is doing what the mainstream media, mainstream D and R's have failed to do.  And, they have failed to do it due the the agenda of internationalism/globalism put forth by by the bankers/traders/financiers/politicians who are conducting a well funded and thoughtful campaign to end the soverienty and self  rule of people within nation states.