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My proposal regarding illegal immigration in AZ. ATTN: GOV. JAN BREWER.

As Jefferbro said so long ago, those that sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.

Here we are in Arizona trying everything we can NOT to talk about profiling or denying it would be used with our new law. And I didn't take any longer than Judge Napolitano to see this law as being contrary to the letter, spirit and intent of our founding docs. And I see it as an endless well of legal challenges we'll probably be paying for for years to come. And I see it as getting us deeper into this national biometric ID thing clearly as though we're being herded. But all of this is noise to me. A bunch of noise.
Why are we willing to compromise any part of liberty when we still don't have a real border wall? See, this is the Federal mandate. This is their job. For them to ask us to make any sacrifice whatsoever when these concessions are nothing less than a rank admission of failure on the Fed's part, is astounding. But it's an admission nonetheless.
They failed us boys and gals. They can't fix it. They screw up everything they put their paws on. Know who can fix it? We can. Two ways. The first might seem trivial or tongue in cheek, it's not intended to be, I'm serious about this. The next way should prove this.
First, we have contractors, we produce concrete right here in state, let's build our own wall and bill the Feds.
Next, and here is an honest plea to our governor Jan, ACTIVATE THE UNORGANIZED CITIZEN'S MILITIA. This force is sanctioned by our state constitution. By law (updated as recently as 1989 IIRC), defines our state militia as including all persons 18-45 years of age. Although this was amended by law to let anyone opt out of the militia for any reason. No oaths, no sign-up sheets, we are already militia by law (unless we opt out), Period.
By our state constitution, the state militia serves at the will of our governor. That's YOU Jan Brewer. They can nationalize our National Guard and ship them where they please but NOBODY HAS LEGAL AUTHORITY TO DO ANYTHING WITH THE STATE MILITIA BUT OUR GOVERNOR. 
Unless, of course, our governor in her office decides our militias are to be organized under an appropriate state agency like...hmmmmmm...let's see...whom would you guys pick? Maybe our SHERIFFS? Our ELECTED SHERIFFS? Who BTW have the legal authority to (and several of them do) raise POSSES? Gee so that means our sheriffs already have civilian training and integration methods in place. Well, they ARE civilians, sheriffs aren't the military but you get the idea.
If this sounds radical, well, if this stuff is really getting worse, which it seems to be, and we're seeing military style assaults and weaponry deployed against our ranchers and people, which we're learning is happening, well the fact is we can mass more rifles on our border faster than any entity on planet Earth. It's just a simple fact. You know, given as our National Guard is off fighting people killing other people someplace else. If this kind of activity and killing keeps up, we're better off handling it ourselves. Our security is too important to trust to the Feds at this point.
If our governor activates the militia, we can do it organized, legally and instead of infringing on the rights and personal sense of security of our own citizens, we can defend our people, white, black, red and brown. It's not a job that's beyond us in any way. We'll all do whatever posse training our sheriffs have cooked up and just start from there. We can do this for the cost of practically nothing to start.
Circulate this idea around.

Reference: Arizona Constitution Article 16. Section 1. The militia of the state of Arizona shall consist of all capable citizens of the state between the ages of eighteen and forty-five years, and of those between said ages who shall have declared their intention to become citizens of the United States, residing therein, subject to such exemptions as now exist, or as may hereafter be created, by the laws of the United States or of this state.

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Comment by Found Zero
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I am the face of your ancestors smiling upon you and we are  smiling from ear to ear.

One time we cried for sadness and now I cry for joy. Young one, you make us so very proud. You make me proud. I hope one day to meet you in person. But until then know that we support you and encourage you and your friends and family. You are so impotant little one, you are our future. The Wasi, the wampiskatunkt think the yellow metal or silver and gold is wealth. They are mistaken. You are our silver and gold.

I am your uncle Oyate and I can feel the love. Now you take your shit and you kick ass. Let nothing stand in your way. And I ressure you in knowing, you already know you have a place with me in my trailor. And your voice is important, you have a role to play here. And I pray that you grow strong like the trees and graceful like the leaves that just fall away in their time. May it be that your heart grows strong and let your eyes see. Let the hardness fall away from inside you so that your ears are open. Let thoughts of goodness govern your actions and your feet to walk in The Way. Let it be that you gain knowledge and grow strong.

In resisting foolish passtimes and dissipation, let it be that you grow strong, young one.

If you ever meet me I will shake the deer-rattle for you but you must accept this has already happened. I have given you my blessing. I want you to be happy. The warrior path is not easy, it's not the path most people want to walk. But I want to tell you that WE love you either way.


And I think you should promote BlueCorn and spam and have a great time but also be aware of your person, yourslef. Take care of your online persona as you do IRL. You are NOT just some throw-away person, you are NOT disposable, you are 7th Generation and we have been waiting and watching for over 100 years.

You are f*cking awsome. You kick ass. You are a kickass kid. And as you told it how it is on the res, kiddo that takes real strength and power. You are a warrior kiddo. And me and Ed and John Stuart, we are your brothers. I have to trust that if you ever need my help, you will find my contact info from the brothers I just mentioned.


And if you wonder how I can say "I love you", this is what we are about. You already know. We love each other because. That is why. Because that's who we are. That's why.


See you on the boards Oyasin. Hang in there. You can do it.

Comment by Concerned Patriot
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 Kind of late on the answer but its

She dont use jelly by Flaming lips

Comment by Found Zero
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I know a girl who reminds me of Cher

She's always changing the color of her hair

But she don't use nothing that you buy at the store

She like her hair to be real orange

She uses tangerines.







Comment by Found Zero
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I know a gal who thinks of ghosts

she'll make you breakfast, she'll make you toast

but she don't use butter and she don't use cheese

she don't use jelly or any of these

she uses vasseline





Comment by Found Zero
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hey we did have that awesome contemporaty song. What are they called? This female turned me onto it and I think I can remember the words;

"because I'm lonesome and I'm homeless and I don't feel right and I ain't strong enough.

The worst is over now, and I can breathe again, I want to hold you high and steal your pain away."

Comment by Found Zero
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Hey concerned, answer this question, it's a trivia question, name this band:


I know a girl who goes to shows

when she's at home and she blows her nose

she don't use tissues or her sleeve

she don't use napkins or any of these

she uses magazines.






(bless you oyasin)

Comment by Found Zero
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Maddawg Mike I accept your fidelity. I only hope I can return it on pure terms. I do not know you so you will have to accept my deeds from this day forth. Because of the nature of my office, I must be called to help. I just can't rush off with my canteen and rifle rattling. I must be under the supervision of elders and if we don't have that, we must keep an eye on each other.

You should know that there is no way to get in touch with me through this webiste. You and our little Odham brother are gonna have to make contact in the real world. But I am hoping our little Odham brother is the next best incredible app. I hope we can appreciate what a risk this young person is taking and how they showed us a link to their comic books.

Ladies and gentlemen, this comic book, Blue Corn is a way of a people, your sons and daughters reaching out to you. In Arizona, this is not our past, this is our present. These are our people, this is the food we eat, we all pray for rain, this is Arizona. This is one of our children.

Hey kid, keep it up. Show the love if you can instead of putting it in their faces (which is fun I admit) but you are one of us. Or I am one of you. Take your pick. I am very proud of you young one. I am very proud of you for finding your voice.

Now just remember. A lot of the people we are talking to here on FreedomsPhoenix are very old and very wise. If you hear and listen, you will realize that Earnie and Powell are good friends. And Jet. And Ed. And Renee and Andrea and many others. These are also your brothers and sisters. And the only, the only, the one and only reason why "we" don't help Odham more is because WE DON'T KNOW HOW.

Your job is to tell us how. Know why? Because in all these generations, not nobody has stepped up to our patriot forum and said "Heya, I'm Odham he yo and here's how it looks from our perspective".

This is how it works young person. Don't stop now. We need to know. They need to know. You be brave. You do not need to hide behind Cracked Magazine. You can express yourself here. But now is the time when we express our true selves, our values, our heritage. I support you with all my heart.

Comment by Found Zero
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Maddawg Mike! Well met brother.


Dunno if this helps but my order just commands me to try. Not to succeed but to try. And try. And try again.

It's all we can do bra. Just try with all we have.

I am guilty of underestimating the situation because I wanted everything to be the way it is in NAZ. Everybody is kind and courteous and nice. Black people are so rare here they have to fight off double-reverse racism because everybody wants to be friends with the black person. Because it's just such a novelty. I shit you not. Or maybe it was the 3VOL. I'm not giving up hope. I believe in a good border wall because it's good for the USA. I feel deeply for our brothers and sisters in Mexico but their problems are in Mexico. That's where I stand firm against La Raza. If Mexico gets ahold of Arizona without freedom, all they will have is twice the mess on twice as much real estate.

Mexicans have to fix Mexico.


Dijo, Mexicanos necessitan reparar Mexico primero. No pudemos ayuradlos. Solamente pudemos encourajarlos. E solamente pudemos ver a unos cosas para ayudarlos. Por hoy, la practicalmente. Por la manana, la paz. E por Oyate quien no los tengamos las familias e la cuidad. Por la familia e los abuestros e lo sangre, whatever that means these days por lo sangre no es lo mismo como los Incas e los Aztecas e los Mayanos. Perdoname, por me sciento mucho de mi Espanol. Pero para los gringos, me dice;




Let dogs bark at night.

Comment by Maddawg Mcclowski
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 Oyate..You  sir are a commodity thats In short supply, there are not enough of us like minded patriots to go around. When I was In the service I new what the ground rules were the ROE as It were, the idea of the average joe cruising the border with his 300 win mag scares me to no end,  ( I live In AZ )self proclaimed mercs are not the answer but people here are so fustrated and almost at the end of there rope they feel they have no more options available to them. As you ,I will defend ,and In order, my family, my friends, my state, my country.

I hope also that It doesn't come the day that we will have to worry about filling the 3 shift roster but as you stated, I am prepared to do so If called upon at a minutes notice bugout bags are ready as we speak. I don't think you give your self enough credit when you called yourself a dumb warrior, Its not the dog In the fight Its the fight In the dog. From what you have shown me I would stand beside you anyday, anywhere, anytime.......Mike

Comment by Found Zero
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Concerned Patriot!

You have found your voice! I'm very glad. Thank you for telling us a bit about how it is for Tohono.....Tohono Oodham? OK I will just say T.O. to you, but thank you for telling us a bit about how it is for T.O. and I feel badly for your elderlies. I see now that the war has not stopped, it still continues. The war of genocide. Because new powers are fighting over your land and the Odham are still caught in the middle.

I hope that Arizonans will see your people as unique and that national security interests can somehow understand how your people are on both sides of an artificial line.

I also hope that my proposal will attract all peoples so that our understandings can come together. I really think that nobody can solve this problem but Arionans at this point. This is what I see.

And I encourage you to keep posting news from the nations so that Arizonans can consider all points of view, and so we can make mature and wise decisions. And I really don't think we can do that without your voice. These are things we need to hear.

And maybe if the governor of Arizona puts out a call, maybe there can be another call. It is the right of every human being and indeed, all of the orders of beings, to call and ask for help.

It is also the right of every order of being to give help. To give of ourselves and our wealth. Because it is ours, we can give it away to whom we please. I guess this is the native way of saying "I own my body". Historically we think more in terms of "it's my life and I'll waste it on whom I want to".

Hey, I like the way you write. I encourage you to keep writing from your own perspective.

Think and talk to your people about the things I have said, how there can be a call and other calls. We need to understand how to help. We need to hear what help means for you now. With this situation. Which I know is not comfortable for you to talk about all the time. Because of what's going on. The elderlies afraid to leave their houses at night.

You are in my prayers.

Comment by Found Zero
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Maddawg, you do not appear to have misjudged me on my end. You have never appeared to me atall ;)  But hesitate not to judge me my friend. I am indeed something close to a pacifist. But there is a time and a place for everything. There is a time for peace and there is a time for war.

I am greatly reluctant to do war. I will look at any ripple of doubt I have. It is easier to take back love than death. But this situation, innocents being attacked with military weapons for no good reason in our book, this is a HIGHLY MORALLY UN-AMBIGUOUS SITUATION in my mind. No complicated politics, no ideology: people need protecting.

One of our first considerations (as dumb warriors such as I) is WHERE IS OUR COVERING? Warriors are best commanded, organized and often restrained. I'd echo the concerns of a previous poster, I don't want to see a bunch of yahoos with guns running around shooting each other and the cattle by mistake. With untrained and armed civilians in the field, that's exactly the kind of mistake we want to train against. And I don't and I won't countenance any abuse of prisoners.

And I also want to draw a distinction between an illegal that just wants to feed his family back home and this new threat of organized and militant violence on our people. The first gets food, water, medical attention and sympathy from me. The latter, well, if things come together you can imagine what they might bring on themselves.

The thing that makes me not-afraid and brings a peaceful state of mind to me is I know that if I am called to the border with my sleeping bag and canteen, I'm not going alone. I know some vets in wheel chairs that would start wheeling themselves down the highways today to answer this call. This is not some rash fantasy or blood lust. This is our people calling for help. We must try the best solutions first, legal solutions that work first with our authority, our governor and then if that fails, I guess we better let the sheriffs know and only then am I available for individual families to call for my personal protection. The cost is high. In between now and then I expect more to die. But this too is a burden of peace.

And I will not act independently. I rely on my brothers of every color to feed back and work with and monitor spiritual conditions in day-to-day life. How much more so would we be prone, as dumb warriors, to be distracted by ego or any number of vices like looking too long at the rancher's daughter.

I guess I'll try and move this idea forward. I don't think I've ever used these words verbally or in print because I know what they mean. I will not stand idly by while our people are put to the sword for no good reason. I will sit at the edge of my chair. My vows include that I MUST BE CALLED.

So I guess I'll try and tell people they can call me (us). I guess I'll start at the top with our governor and work my way down. I've organized tons of stuff before but I don't have that heart in my for this one. I'm not trying to start a political movement on this one. I don't want to be or need to be involved in the Chief's counsel on this one. This is not politics, this is war. This is for real. This is not a dress rehearsal I'm talking about, no picnic. And my heart is not about logistics or planning this time, not beyond what me and the bros have for one family at a time. My heart is simple in this matter. Protecting a household is quite simple to me. I need 2 or 3 bros to cover a house so we can work in shifts.

I will also publicly admit that I have been in a degree of denail about this whole thing because I wanted and thought we were getting damn close to a really tolerant and individualistic society here in AZ for a while and now, well, it seems like a salvage op. But I have hope that if we can do as I suggest and really take responsibility and be willing to work and fight together, we will be black, white, red, brown, maybe even some yellows in there, working together to protect our most valuable assets: our children and our land.

Hoo. I don't usually do this but that was me speaking from my heart, Wopi La Tonka,

-The Rest Of The People (Oyate)

Comment by Maddawg Mcclowski
Entered on:

 Comment by: Ernest Hancock (#29257)
   Entered on: 2010-05-03 13:00:36

 Maddawg ive read your comments your more racist than me!

WOW...... I don't know If you just Insulted me or If It was a compliment ? If I'm guilty of  anything Is, I have a low tolerance for spins and satire....

Comment by G Cone
Entered on:

I believe the quote about giving up essential liberty for temporary security is attributed to Franklin, not Jefferson. 

Comment by Anonymous
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 Maddawg ive read your comments your more racist than me!

Comment by Maddawg Mcclowski
Entered on:

 Oyate It would appear I have misjudged you ! Nice piece of work !! And this Is an option I didn't consider, I wonder If she will see this......

Comment by Concerned Patriot
Entered on:

 Its later ME ME ME

Libertarian AMErican Indian like Russel MEans. ME makes three ME's. Since noones talking here I think ill just say if Guy Fawkes

(The mask guy)

thank you

If guy Fawkes had succeded in the gunpowder plot then America would not exist as it does now. Think about that next time you put on that mask and express yourself freely.

(you blew their minds)

Are the parenthesis words supposed to be another person or a voice in my head?

Be the first to find out and get readdy for goatse spam


(and it seemed so important too ~_~

Maybe the high number of comments will get people to look at this thing.

Comment by Concerned Patriot
Entered on:

You can tell im indian if you look carefully at my posts on this website 

What indian doesnt love food? Especially Frybread it can be a snack, full meal, and dessert thats three different uses for one food (actually thats messed up everyone loves frybread if you dont you obviously havent had it or are racist) 

Ward Churchill is white and a radical indian all at once (or maybe just a radical liberal new ager)

Keyword is "we" and i used the oyate avatar because its a mascot of sorts dont like it? tough its there now.

I will talk about ME for no reason and take up space later.

(attention whore)

Shut up

(What does your being indian have to do with anything here?)

I want attention for my articles


Comment by Concerned Patriot
Entered on:

 Hey thats a clickable link i didnt know you could do that here

Comment by Concerned Patriot
Entered on:

From the archives (which archives where?)


(Seriously what archives you googled it I saw you)

Comment by Concerned Patriot
Entered on:

 Well Oyate heres the thing I dont live on or near the main T.O. reservation keyword is main. I do however live near a smaller one and there are some friends of the famly who know this stuff.

Unfortunately while i know a few stories and such from there I am more connected with the Pima part of myself registered with them and such.

Anyway,I assume you did not hear about the Magdalena pilgramage in 2008. When the cartels threatend to bomb the church in Magdalena during the annual San Francisco Xavier Festival. The O'odham have to walk 60 miles through the desert to reach the church and that journey was made dangerous with the cartels and illegal immigrants the situation was so bad that the T.O. Nation sent vans to pick people up and bring them back if they wanted to.Not only that but there are elders who are afraid to leave their houses at night because of the illegal immigrants. Now i'm not caught up with the entire story but things dont look good so far huh?

Comment by Concerned Patriot
Entered on:

 It is spelled O'odham NOT "O Odham". It's all one word meaning people hence Akimel O'odham(river people or Pima") and Tohono O'odham(desert people)

Also TROLL ALERT! That "American Man" is hopefully a troll and not a real as*hole, but then FP does attract these kinds of people.

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

Concerned Patriot: I think it would be pretty instructive to hear what border issues look like from a Tohono perspective. If a border wall was to come across, where do you think you folks would like it located? Would you want one atall? Is drug violence effecting your nation? Do drugs bring economic activity that's in any way positive? What do your elders have to say about the whole thing?

I think that would be good for people to know.

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

Concerned Patriot; that's one reason why I think letting Arizonans build the wall would be better than the Feds. I'd think we'd be more sensisitve to ranchers, land owners and of course the Tohono O Odham res. It's one of those things that makes Arizona unique and different. I'd think the best solution would be found in consultation with your elders.

 TL Winslow, I don't think you were reading carefully if all you read was "grab the guns boys we're going hunting". If we're talking about a legally consituted body under the direction of our governor that's trained and knows it's scope of work, do you really think we're talking about a blood bath? Use your eyeballs for reading instead of your mouth ;)

Comment by American Man
Entered on:

 Screw those injuns well build a wall straight through the "res" and claim it all as AMERICA because its in AMERICA

Comment by TL Winslow
Entered on:

Sorry, but the 2K-mi. U.S.-Mexico border is unsealable. True, whether the Arizona “papers please” law proves constitutional or not, it will only lock Mexicans up in order to release them and watch them return later in an expensive merry-go-round because of it. Instead of wasting time on all the little mice, or living in the fantasy that the current border is sealable against them, it’s time both parties woke up and noticed the elephant, the ever-corrupt Mexican govt. that created the conditions causing them to cross the border in the first place despite all obstacles, and work to dissolve it, expanding the coverage of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights to the oceans, where the border can finally be effectively controlled. Learn about the Megamerge Dissolution Solution at 

Comment by Concerned Patriot
Entered on:

 Let's see..

"Evrbody git' yer guns and go to the border

shoot them mescans

Bild us a big ol' wall"

sounds good man but what about the Tohono O'odham reservation?

For years upon years they have had family living in Mexico who could just cross the border through the reservation and visit family, not only that but there is also the pilgrimage to Mexico to the church at Magdalena Sonora which is important to the T.O. Nation. What I'm asking is what are we gonna do about the reservation? The T.O. reservation is up against the border for 75 miles and it is a sovereign nation so what can be done there? I suppose getting the T.O.'s to guard their own border would be an option since illegal immigrants have done their part to destroy the lives of the people there but a better plan is needed on that part sir.


P.S. I am part Akimel O'odham(Pima) and Tohono O'odham so i can abbreviate to T.O. anyone else has to type out the entire word each time just because.

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