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Concerned Patriot and all oyate, this is a song for you. And all the Odham and all the oyate and the

With thanks are respect to my brothers at dataSpheric.com who swear they always deliver business solutions on time and under budget. Who always host Oyate when he sings and wants to let people know. They are very kind and tolerant people at dataSpheric.com. And they also have this hottie working for them, a young gal called Sarash whom I like flirting with.
Anyways, you have heard my words of war, but I don't intend to go to war with hate and malice in my heart. And I don't want you to either. Therefore, this is laughter song. It's kind of a native counter point to the "oh be joyful, oh be jubillant" song which I love very much too. I love that song too so if you are not very, very careful, I will inflict you again with my lousy singing voice and all people from all nations will fall down as one and say with one voice "Oyate, please stop signing".
And because I am hateful and spiteful and malicous and maloderant and mallevolent, I will punish you further you tiny humans, you little specks, by recording "oh be joyful" and further inflict damage upon you, oh woe to you tiny humans.

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Comment by Found Zero
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Yes I called you by name. This song I sang for you was unfinished. But it is also intended to say you are trusted. You have atrracred the attention of your elders. And I have to say we are mega impressed. And if nobody else has told you, I am so proud of you, I approve of you, I go before you and behind you, we are always here for you. I aprove of your comics but you are wrong if you think we only had one native comic book becuase before you we had Mutton Man

Hey kiddo, did you know that before the Wasi showed up, we used to fight each other? Yeah, do you know why they call us warriors? If you have not noticed, we are not the most gentle people on the planet. We are pretty tough. And we have to be. Because indian females are way tougher than white men

In truth young one, I would face tanks and guns and 1000 hairy bikers before I will face the wrath of even one of our indian females. Ha ha, the Wasi fear the IRS. We know different. We know a female can put us in hell and all it's deamonss.

Comment by Concerned Patriot
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That was great I loved it!

It almost brought a tear to my eye that you mentioned me.

as for that gender thing you mentioned in the "song" It's a secret(the less you know the better). I work in the shadows and in the public eye all at once I could be there in the same room as one of you(even someone well known at FP.....) or on the other side of the world right now weaving an interesting story, you just don't know.

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