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Just Another Day In Foster-Incarceration Land – CPS Coercion and Murder, Another Life Stolen

No matter where you stand on the issue of abortion, I think that we can all agree that when a person sees the ultrasound and names her little boy, what she carries within her is a baby. For her to be forced to choose between the loss of one child and the death of the other -- via a coerced, forced abortion -- is a human rights violation of the highest degree. Sadly, that is exactly what the American people’s collective submission to the illegitimate power of the State has wrought. According to recent news reports, it happened in Philadelphia.
“A Department of Human Services caseworker pressured a pregnant Mayfair teenager to undergo a late-term abortion by threatening to take away either her toddler or her unborn baby if she had the child, according to the teen's foster mother,” reported the Philadelphia Daily News on May 3, 2010. The late term abortion had to be done out of state, according to a World Net Daily report, because at 24 weeks, she was too far into the pregnancy to be legally aborted in Pennsylvania.
You know, in neo-natal intensive care units throughout the nation, you can find prematurely born babies of that age. A good number of those babies thrive and grow, leaving the hospital as healthy babies. I’ve seen it first hand, having spent a great deal of time in NICU’s with my own preemies. According to the news reports, that teen was excited about her new baby, wanted that child, and even chose a name.
Whether it is right or wrong for the teen to have another baby, that’s not for me to say. And it is not for the State to say. Nor is it for CPS to insist that she murder what was, to that teen, a baby under the threat of taking either the toddler she has or the baby away from her. Unfortunately, this vile act of cruelty and coercion is par for the course in the child protection services field. This rogue agency believes it is above the law, that they do not have to abide by the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, or any other law or statute that limits their behavior.
This agency needs to be dismantled. Abuse and neglect are crimes and should be handled by the police. CPS should not have the power of coercion and should only be allowed, funded, and mandated to provide genuine assistance and practical education in life skills to those in need. Of course, that would strip numerous power hungry, petty tyrants of their positions, salaries, and benefits. Offering true help and assistance may even, some day, make their jobs obsolete. And, that’s why the corrupt, vile practices of this agency will not end unless the people, the parents who value their family rights, take direct and persistent action against them on every front and in every way possible.  

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