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OK OK enough of the fear on Freedom's Phoenix

Am I too oppinionated? Are we?
Are we too diverse and argumentative?
Do you not like the fact that capricious little trolls are allowed and encouraged here?
Do you think your opinions do not matter?
Or is this just the website that you click onto when the wife comes into the room and asks "what are you doing on the interwebs all the time?"
I know that one. I tried that one. My inquisitive wife figured out who I am and she reads and criticizes everything I write and she ain't exaclty a fan. I don't have to be hated by society to write what I do for the world, I get the crap kicked out of it for me right here at home.
Folks listen up. Attendes ami. There's no secret to beign an author or commentator to Freedom's Phoenix as our young troll-turned-author has amply demonstrated. Come on here, be yourself and if that's too uncomfortable, be someone else! I mean it might be irresponsible but it's freedom. THIS IS WHAT FREEDOM LOOKS LIKE.
And a sense of humour couldn't do your sour pusses any harm. Come on, what do you think is gonna happen? A massive police state f*ck you up?
Hey, don't sweat it. It will go down better if you keep your sense of humour.
Concerned Patriot, can I get a little cover fire here? Kiddo?

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Comment by Oyate
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 Well since no one is posting here i guess i will talk about the conspiracy of te day or should i say millenium. The jews are running everything and they were behind 9/11 along with Isreal and the U.S. Government. Any oppsing viewpoints will not be tolerated here as has been demonstrated by ernie and powell who have severalt imes over refused to post an article critical of the film loose change. The piece submitted by concerned patriot about Loose Change does not agree that the jews did WTC and as such it is unfit for this website if we posted it here then we would lose a pretty big fan base among militia members and conspiracy theorists. Now if you will all excuse me Powell just got in some crazy donkey porn and Ernest just brought in some 14yo girls so its party time, dont believe the jews.

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