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Come back to the comments section and post oh brothers and sisters, it's as safe here as it'

Hey Kittans,
Freedoms Phoenix should have the most lively, the most combattive, the most fun comments section in the world because this has become a "crossover" space: a place where all kinds of viewpionts can get consideration. Ours is an ideological movement first and foremost. We take perfection in our minds and try to find a way to express it in real life with real people with real opinions and positions of their own.
To my mind, this is a place where facts are secondary to our understanding. This is a place where we refine understanding using the facts and feelings and reports from EVERYBODY.
So if this wet blanket has anybody scared that if you post, some kid from the Odham people or the anarcho-capitalists or the Gonzo jouralists, yeah Kittans, m'soa Kitantuweh, this is in a sense where the BIG DAWGS run. Yeah this is pretty harsh territory. But if you aren't catching the 3VOL, well, you just pick up your britches and try again. And don't be surprised if you find one of us picking you up by the britches and telling you to try again.

Try again.
Try again and don't stop.
Try again and keep trying, don't stop, never stop, go harder, faster, deeper. Don't give up. Do anything before you give up. Call for help before you give up. Say "brothers and sisters of FP, I tried so long and now I feel like giving up" and a bunch of us will rush up to you and encourage you. Even poor Chuck Adkins got the Oyate blessing and if you were there for it, I trolled the living crap out of this fine and well intentioned young man. Anybody that was here for it might remember the "Chuck Adkins doll with life-like hair" routine.

Yes I did contact Chuck personally and let him know I love him and the coast is clear.
Hey guys, Oyate totally got character-assasinated, imitated, drug through the mud but you might have seen what I did. Just met it and accepted it. I'm still here. Still me. Don't be afraid. Do not be afraid.
Folks I got some got some good news and I got some bad news. Which do you want first?
The bad news is yes, we're getting trolled and half of the ADL and the SPLC and DHS and NHS and SS and FBI and CIA and every other 3-letter acronym is watching us now, our every move. Big freaking deal.
The good news is we can still say anything here to anybody and yes, the word is out that if you are too uncomfortable expressing your own opinion, you can just pretend to be one of us and express your opinion.
Me, I myself have already said about every nasty thing I can say so I'm content to have all the rest of it attributed to me. Hell, I know who I am, I still love you. And if you know me you already know I love you so I get to say all this nasty shit and you just laugh it off and say "oh there goes Oyate again".
Hey. Don't be afraid. Look at me. Look at my eyes and see the smile. Look at me. I'm not afraid. Look into my big brown native-extract mud-person eyes. I'm right here. You are right there. Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid though the devil himself though he should stand in front of you and tell you he knows everything. He does. He's a devil. The way we neutralize them is say "yeah you know me and so does everybody else and that's our strength".
And when you leave this place of pain and suffering you turn your head over your left shoulder and say "where is your joy now oh Child Of The Dawn? Oh Morning Star?"
See Kittans, even Ya Almighty loves the persecutors. See, when Ya talked to his betrayors, he said it with heavy words of love and affection. I paraphrase Exodus. Or was it in Revellations? It had to be in there somewhere.
OK, no practice, Oyate articles are one-off, no editing, let's see if we can remember the books, say it with me;
1st Shemuel
2nd Shemuel
Ya Heskel (Exiekiel)
Joel (jobe)
I left out Tobit kind of on purpose.
I left out a lot of things.
There are some things I remember. And there are some things I forget. As you advance you will learn as we do, to remember to forget. Now is not the time for me to remember everything. For now, my job is to accept you. And you are scary and I am scared. But this is not the order. This is not the way it's supposed to be. You are supposed to be unafraid and I'm supposed to bring you water and be comic relief.
Because if you don't, there ain't no real men left. I'm just a warrior. A dumb instrument. I'm supposed to be in submission to my elders.
And know what? All my elders are dead. If I want to go upstream at this point, jump ahead of the chain of my command, know whom I have to complain to?
Completely different meaning but that's my recourse. And I'd rather be dead than trouble that heritage. Arvol knows I can come to him for help for any number of things except me. I must come to him for you. And as I struggle to complete the 7 Ceremonies, I realize that I will probably never, ever attain the highest level, that of a Sundancer.
That's OK, I don't really need to because I'm already ready to lay my life down for the Oyate. And I know it's gonna hurt like a bitch. I know it and I'm trying to prepare myself for it in my heart. I just have to accept as a young warrior that I come when I am called and I go where I am sent. And my job doesn't change.

I'll do exactly the same thing in jail as I do now. But I will just meet new people and new challenges. I'm not afraid. Well, I am but I'm willing to face it.
MY TRADITION HAS ALREADY SURVIVED A GENOCIDE. We are fucked up, we are post-traumatic and no longer have the benefit our our whole syntactical universe.
In order to reconstruct our lives, we tried to put all we had, all we remembered into one pot. And this is how NAC, the Native American Church was born on the Ute res. Utes gave us this new vision. And this gives me eyes to see and ears to hear what the La Raza people are talking about.
La Raza is a very contemporaty interpretaion of tradition. It is infused with socialist ideology and this is somewhat compatible with our people. We actually historically dwelt in little microcosms of egalitarianism or authoritarianism but we didn't know it was usupratory until you Wasi showed up and told us we are individuals.
I tell you in truth, we did not know we were indivudials really in the way you understand. We thought of ourselves as nothing until we were MADE by the tribe. That's part of why we practiced infanticide with no trouble. When a new one comes, the life of the tribe is paramount and there are certain days and places and times, mostly determined by your ancestors, that  you fit the Order and will be Named. And until you are named, you are not even a human being. And that's why we felt justified, in the old days, for killing women and children because they weren't even human beings.
People talk about the need to de-humanize your enemy. How much easier it was to kill and maim when you didn't have to go through that reverse-engineering thing of de-humanizing that which was never a human to begin with.
But that was the old days and these are the new. And our ancestors and spirit guides are not irellevant or out dated. The are here to tell us and instruct us. And enlighten us such that we can give thanks to the Eastern Power when the sun rises and I pray for you s'oah Kittans. And when I say I am ready to pick up my rifle for you I mean it but I will first rely on my tomahawk because death is not meant to come silent and without honour like you do not value your enemy.
I wish to die with honour. I'm a warrior of an old code. But I also know that a warrior's duty begins right here right now. So I seek to cheer you up.
Something is wrong here because the warrior men of your culture are afraid. What are you afraid of? Death? Torture? Incarceration?
The way we deal with this is by hanging onto each other. That's how we make it through. Whole or in pieces. And if only pieces of you come through, look to us because we are experts in taking the pieces and putting them back together. We know what PTSD is, we practically invented it in the "modern era".
I stand here to forgive you and to catch you when you fall and build you back up again.
I'm your worst dream or nightmare come true: we will help you as long as you are true to yourself.
And if you insult me or my females to my face, you have just cut off your face. Repent or walk this Earth alone with nobody to get you your meds or push your wheelchair or bring you food when you are hungry or water when you are thirsty and that is worse, way worse than dying my friends, s'ua Kittans. way worse. And it's not in The Way Of Measured Step.
Hey-ya, I once had a friend named Fred and we would do shots together and every time we did a shot he said "kind of grabs you by the boo-boo don't it?"
In all these years I have never known what a "boo-boo" is but maybe we are figuring it out togther.
Don't give up, don't give in, never let go. We are with you always. Whatever "we" is anyways, we're the definition. I know. I'm authorized.

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Comment by Found Zero
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Yeah yeah yeah, Oyate?

Look into my eyes. You are becoming a PITA. Know what that means young son?

Know why Sharon and I love each other and why you will never, ever get a taste? Know why Catherine and Renee are my sisters and you will never ever get a taste? As long as you keep acting like this looser you so want to be? Why not be a winner like us? Come on bro, you  are better than this. I know you are. I have faith in you. I have confidence in you. You are so much better than this, I can just feel you are.


You are so much better than this. I know you are.

Comment by Found Zero
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Hey Sharon, cutie pie. You can tell my imitator from me so far because...just because.

 Hey honey, I have to go fight with the other Oyate now. I hope you understand. I love you. Very much.

Comment by Oyate
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 Haha! Conspiracy tank I love it. As for the the ID numbers we need those here because little prairie nig*ers like you keep posting the truth about other people as other people and we don't like it. Papers please? come on we don't do that we already have all your info from when you registered. So go back to your hole mr 9/11 was done by people who wanted to hurt the US mr loose change is full of nazi propaganda mr there are bad people on FP sure there are but there are bad people everywhere now if you will excuse me I have some japanese dog/girl porn that needs watching

Comment by Sharon Jarvis
Entered on:

Oyate, you might get to meet me if you get my name right.  I am also known as Sharon Skywatcher and I sell at the local pow wows in PA.  Been trying to walk the red road for some time.

I do not have much hope for the U.S. simply because so many people are ignorant and aren't interested in facts.  TV and radio don't give the news anymore and it takes effort to spend a few hours on the internet where you must read right, left and center sites in order to find out what's going on.  I don't believe anything I hear; I go research it. Nor do I even believe all that I read because everyone has an agenda.  It takes brains to understand what's happening and I am afraid the majority of citizens just aren't smart enough to catch on.  They'd rather watch "American Idol" and swallow Republican lies and Democrat do-nothingness.  So I'm hunkering down and waiting for the explosion.

Comment by Concerned Patriot
Entered on:

 OK I will stop with the fear and racism if only for the car keys I don't want them caught up in this.

¶▅c●▄███████||▅▅­▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅ ­ |█
▄██ Conspiracy Tank █ ██▅▄▃▂

We have ID numbers by our names here what is up with that nazi sh*t Papers please?

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

Concerned Patriot, you freaking goofeball. Man you make me laugh but do you realize you are gonna get us in major freaking trouble? You already know people think we're both crazy as sh*thouse rats right? Man, I have already given you my 5-star troll award but other people, normal people, they think we're pretty much batsh*t and they will ban us both with the new software. I mean dude, we're abusing the door mat.

So you think Ernie is a nazi. OK, Ohan, Aho, if I thought Ernie was a nazi i'd call him out too. But you are talking about a guy that spends almost all of his time IN PUBLIC and ON RECORD. Lots of us know him and know him well. If he was carrying on any nazi activity we'd probably know about it. And do you think any serious nazi would hang with me (mud person) and the likes of Ed Vallejo (Mexican descent) and Chris B the "black man with gun"?

Hells no bra.

And once again you have violated troll rule #1: know your target. You can't get a free ride just by calling us nazis. It's like water off a duck.


What you are doing is putting a dampening field on the comments to people are afraid to post new thoughts and ideas and you are also injecting fear and racism in the boards. You are doing this. You alone are doing this. You have become a voice of pollution in this tranquil space. And I do not think you are being as positive as you could be.

Your post from Odham was marvelous. I thought that  article was helpful and insightful and unique. Keep helping instead of hurting. Nobody gets our sense of humour bro but these are the people. They need all the help they can get.

These are real people. Real live people. With names and kids and spouses and car keys and the works. People like you and me are supposed to try to take care of them. And if nobody cares for you, well, I do. At least it's a start.


Comment by Concerned Patriot
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check this out:

Oyate comment is what you should read hat is messed up man really

Comment by Concerned Patriot
Entered on:

Who says I am a troll? You guys want trolling you will get trolling I can go to any *chan imageboard and learn what I need to know about trolling and be back here in 2 days ready to make your lives miserable. As for being an imitator of Oyate that is BS I am nowhere near your level of awesomeness. Now on to the nazis I am not taling about racists I am talking about the anit semites here the ones who have a problem with jews who blame everything on the jews since they are the ones who post here all the time and who run this place and refuse to place my link to the 9/11 article critical of Loose Change anywhere on this website.

¶▅c●▄███████||▅▅­▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅ ­ |█
▄██ Freedom & Truth Tank █ ██▅▄▃▂

Here it is again:

Comment by Anonymous
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I like little kids and i mean really like them here are some lyrics to one of my favorite songs:

I love little girls
(They make me feel so good)
I love little girls
(They make me feel so bad)

When they're around
(They make me feel like I'm the only guy in town)
I love little girls
(They make me feel so good)

It speaks volumes to me Ernest "the head nazi" Hancock

Comment by Found Zero
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Concerned Patriot, first of all, that tank graphic ROCKS!

Hey man, you have been a subject of concern. I have made a case for you. I think you have interesting and different things to talk about and I thought both your enlightemnent for Odham is really crucial. But it's currently believed that you are the troll, that you are the imitator of Oyate, and there's another iteration of FP software in the works and it might probably close the loophole where you get to post totally anon and even take on other people's names.

And that's one of the things that was so, is so .cool about FP now. We get near total freedom to do and say as we please.

You or some trolls have abused that priviledge my friend.

Now as to this "nazi" business you refer to, I trust the fact that you have been published and are free to speak and even mock us has put that to rest. And everybody knows that in racist parlance, I'm a "mud person". Do you think this website would tolerate me if it was nazi?

And look around you. Look at this diversity of opinion and argument! Nazis are hegemonic; they don't tolerate diversity of opinion. They are conformists. We aren't.

But I have to serve you a friendly warning. I am advocating for you. If our hyothesis of you are the troll is incorrect, please forgive us for the coincidence of your appearance and theirs at the same time, we're just humans. But this caprice has a limit. So it's my prayer, as I have sung to you and the people with all my heart, that you will see that you are welcome here and be part of us no matter how different your viewpoint.

This is a place of peace. But we all carry our tomahawks. Join hands with me and be a brutal butcher for peace and love.


And you got it right. 3VOl is a logo we printed on a t-shirt. The secret trick is this: put on a R3VOlUTION t-shirt and look at yourself in the mirror.

You will see LOVE looking right back at you.

It's a little secret that only we know.

Comment by Found Zero
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Sharon Davis. Warrior female. Admire and love you muches of bunches. I would very much like to meet you IRL one day. You are a brave warrior. Warrioress? Yum.

Comment by Nick Barnett
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I wish it was easier to comment. I have to log in to the site several times a day, when I comment, I have to do CAPTCHA BS every time, when someone responds, I can't get an email letting me know. I hope the new version of the site has comment subscription and cookies that are worth a damn, a forum for discussing other things like activism and plans... as well as an RSS feed for articles. *hint hint hint* I know it isn't my site, but I think these things would be of MAJOR BENEFIT to all readers. As far as trolls go, who cares... every site has trolls. Perhaps another feature that would be great on the site would be able to ignore posts from certain people... it doesn't bother me, but some might appreciate it.

Comment by Sharon Jarvis
Entered on:

I've been commenting here and on many other sites but I'm getting tired.  I've also phoned and emailed politicians and corporations and government agencies.  I'm sure plenty of other people have done the same.  But I don't see much change.  We still have the same clueless or crazy politicians--and a lot of really stupid citizens carrying on about Obama's birth certificate and Socialism and a Jewish conspiracy while the country goes down the tubes.

Unless there are protests and riots and banks burning--and a media that actually gives us facts--I doubt anything will happen to improve the situation.  We cannot survive as a nation when half the country does not earn enough to pay Federal taxes and a quarter of them are on food stamps.  Most of the states are broke.  We need real leadership but I' afraid all we'll get is a third world war.

Comment by Maddawg Mcclowski
Entered on:

 Hey OYATE, I haven't gone anywhere ! I visit at least 3 times a day (No Shit !) and this site being trolled Is no surprise. I'll bet there are many others that I visit In the same boat and to assume there not, Is Irresponsible.

I have lost everything In the past year, everything I have worked for the last 25 years. I have nothing worth getting sued for, very little worth stealing, I own only the essentials. They can't take anything else, theres nothing to take and they will never take my mind. And I'm sure thats what bugs them the most !! Don't you or the crew at FP go anywhere there just trolls, and I'm afraid that It will get worse before It gets better. I'm not scared, I quit being scared a long time ago. (Comes with the age I guess)

As for commenting I have never held my tongue when the occasion presents Itself and will continue as long as these options are available.  Peace Brother

Comment by Concerned Patriot
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It is just starting to hit me that the way you spell LOVE is 3VOL as r3VOLution but LOVE spelled backwards like you are doing is EVIL.

as in the jews maybe..... since you guys love targeting them so much

Comment by Anonymous
Entered on:

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$$$o"$$o "$"" "$""$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$oo$$$"$$$
$$$$o"$$$o " $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$o$$"o$$$$
$$$$$$o"$$$o oo$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"o$$$$$


Comment by Concerned Patriot
Entered on:

Oyate you kind of trailed off to somewhere else half way through here and since I'm tired i will address the first half of this article.

No one is scared to post anything here in the comments section in fact I witnessed several people posting anti semitic rants recently blaming jews and Israel for 9/11. While we are on the subject I have submitted an article on loose change several times rewriting the summary each time and yet it will not be posted because it is critical of the people behind that film. All of this leads me to believe there is a conspiracy afoot on this website. Now whether this is nazis running this place like the people who helped make the loose change video(really there were nazi newspaper headlines and everything and if that article was here then you could read the argument) or just people who refuse another viewpoint is up for debate. But know this I will continue to post news articles here and spam the editors with bogus reports that link to goatse(heads up they will come soon) I'm coming and I am bringing the FREEDOM AND TRUTH TANK with me!

¶▅c●▄███████||▅▅­▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅ ­ |█
▄██ Freedom & Truth Tank █ ██▅▄▃▂



P.S. the link to the website that could not be published:

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