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Hey folks I think I got a couple things wrong and as an activist I apologize.

Neighbours, I'm so sorry. I thought I had things figured out  but I didn't. I thought Arizona was this perfect universe, becauase in NAZ it is.
This is the land of the perfectly good excuse to be late for work is "they wouldn't go first". You know that game right? Somebody wants to make a turn in front of you and you do the "you go first" and then the "no, you go first" and man, I know how to play that game. I''l shove it into neutral, put on the e-brake and the radio and just take all day. See in NAZ there's getting someplace but we ain't in a hurry to run over nobody's dog in the process.
And time in NAZ is pretty imprecise. If you have a meeting at noon, well in NAZ terms that means "after lunch" or thereabouts. To tell th".e the truth, all appointments in NAZ means "I'll get there when I get there" or even "if I don't get there today, I'll get there tomorrow" or even "if I don't get there tomorrow, send out the dogs".
Now why tell you this? Because of the Mexican issue. OK. Yeah, I get how enough is enough. I get how there's some backlash. To tell you the truth, I considered it a Phoenician problem. And I already made my camn dase, I mean my damn case about how misagenation on a cultureal level is just a fact of life. And I have mourned at lenght how we all know how to say "jalapeno" with a soft J and how all our houses are built out of psuedo-adobe and how a man can get away with wearing a salmon-colored polo shirt in public without getting killed. Because wearing a salmon or even teal colored polo shirt is not even considered ecumenical here. Not with guys running around with turquis and silver beads and bangles and bells both around their necks and on their fingers. Hells no.
Hey, they got a word back East for guys that wear jewelry. It's a very long and complex word and I want you to watch my mouth as I say it.
Goes like this: fags.
Once again: fags.
I know it went by fast but say it slow with me:
It's an Eastern term but the NAZ translation is "dinglehoots" or "earbuckets".
Don't stop me now boys, I'm commencing to some seroius lying here. But before I do, just tell me. Do we really hate Mexicans all that much? I myself hate Californians way more. And how do we tell the difference between Mexicans and our dozen, maybe 13, actually more like 26 native tribes here?
And before you say "screw the indians" I have to say, hating natives is so passe, so tired, so beat to death, you absolutely and positively have to come up with something more original than that.

Otherwise it will be like "ok tell us what you did in the last 100 years again because you have not come up with a single new idea since".
F*cking Arizona. I really thought you were better than this. But this is my fault, not yours. After all, who am I to impose my sanctimonious cheese-whiz on you oh holiest among people?
Nobody, that's who. Nobody. Nobody who happens to think you are the finest class of people that ever populated this here Eath and as long as I admire you,
that makes me a somebody.
I'm a some damn body that admires you and you better start acting like it.
If'n you know whats good for you that is.

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Comment by Tamara Carroll
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I know an apology when I hear one.  Yours was not.  Please at least acknowledge this is a VERY SERIOUS  situation and treat it as such.  Many lives and livelyhoods are at stake here.


Thank you 

Comment by Ruth Slater
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Sun, 05/17/2010 - 15:45 — Russ 

I find this whole issue to be very interesting because I am a South African. Having been born and raised in the apartheid era I know all to well how people can be stopped and questioned because they “are not where they are supposed to be and stand apart from the crowd”. As a Jew I know what it is like to be harassed and racially discriminated against. But I would like to think that this call for Immigration reform etc. in Arizona is different. Why? Because when South Africa became a multiracial democracy in 1994 the country took great strides to “open up to the rest of Africa”; to it’s brothers who helped in the struggle and to do away with laws that track people moving in to, and around the country (these were known as the notorious Pass Book laws). The result? Mass illegal immigration: in a nation of over 50 million, more than a fifth are illegal and came into this country from Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. And with them came crime on a scale that is only being witnessed today elsewhere in the world in countries like Mexico. South Africa has been caught in the grip of a violent holocaust. Since 1994 over 200,000 South Africans have died due to violent crime. Many of the criminals are locals but it is the foreigners who have been particularly brutal. I used to be friends with the local state prosecutor for violent crime and she told me that their research had shown that the “tactics” employed by bank, security van, and car hijacking syndicates echoed those employed by former freedom fighters (terrs) hailing from Zim and Mozambique. IOW they operate like military units, are well armed and very mobile, capable of fleeing the country in a moments notice with ease because there are few border controls and no cooperation between the forces of law in the neighbouring states. An article in a local paper last month revealed that the country has become the “continental crime hub” and that SA’s porous borders, poorly patrolled waters and insecure ports and superior road and telecommunications infrastructure had led it to become a major traffic point for drugs, guns and stolen cars for the rest of the continent. Good luck Arizona.
Comment by Ruth Slater
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 Oyate , I have never heard someone who likes to ramble on and on and on about nothing like you do . but people who recognize an idiot rambler that just likes to hear himself talk ( probably didnt get enough attention as a child or something) why dont the rest of you do like he suggests ... ignore him he isnt worth paying attention to. good luck children.

Comment by Ruth Slater
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 well the person that wanted to apologize , "yes we are better than that in Az. " For one thing we finally took a stand ( which is better than all you cry babies ) We finally stood up to a very grave error of open borders and globalization, We took the step that the rest of the men out there are faling to do on every level , taking care of their families, protecting them, keeping jobs , putting food on the table , making sure the people that took our jobs dont send it all to a foreign country and take those billions of dollars out of our market to some foreign market. Making sure the drug related crimes stay on the other side of the border. YUP WE IN ARIZONA are better than the rest of you yellow bellied cowards and lazy Americans. Our Mexican Americans are standing up against all the crime and protecting what we have here, But thats OK we see all the illegals will be in your state soon , why ??? because they said so !!! ha ha  GOOD LUCK !

Comment by Concerned Patriot
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Well thank you we try.

Comment by Georgia Row
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Well the two of you are just plain nuts. Entertaining but nuts.

Comment by Concerned Patriot
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The comments are coming back.

Comment by Maddawg Mcclowski
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OYATE WTF ?? It is unjust to compare a law passed by democratically-elected officials to those made in a totalitarian state that gave its victims no recourse to the law.

Here, to call fellow Americans Nazis is beyond the pale. Not every tremor is the Haiti earthquake.........

Comment by Concerned Patriot
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Funny you should bring up Aaron Russo since I have no idea who that is and cannot be othered to google such things.

As for the nazis, it is jew season around here in the comments section really just wait i had a confrontation with some people in one of the zionism articles and they said they didnt want to talk to me anymore when i called them all jews.

Did you read the 9/11 link i provided the one they did not want on this site?

Comment by Found Zero
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Concerned Patriot, I don't hate you at all. I'm your #1 fan! You aren't a troll, you are a freaking ARTIST. I don't take any single interaction we've had personally and this business of imitating me, well, I thought it was funny as hell.

I just think we are so wildly experimental that I think we must freak people out. With you and me it's like ANYTHING is fair game. 

But I liked your post from Odham, that was unique and insightful. The one thing I don't get about you is this nazi thing. You seriously think this is a nazi site? That just does not compute. This place is about as nazi as Aaron Russo's Jewish grandmother.

Comment by Concerned Patriot
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Dont ask me to go to any liberal websites though my computer freezes when i try to get on to huffington post

Comment by Concerned Patriot
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Oyate i take it from your comment you don't hate me as much as i thought so lets put that business with the DESU(google it and be amazed its rule #1 of the internet) tank behind us.

Anyway if this place does become corrupt and decides to nazify everything with new software that comes with a banhammer I'm the one who's going down, you're a writer for these people and a regular contributor and possible bed buddy with the editors. I on the other hand have done a lot of shameful a$$ things over the past lets see....28 hours.

Anyway this site needs exposure now I'm not talking about the kind of exposure you might have done after ranting here about how AZ sucks and is full of fags(your words not mine). I mean exposure where people will hear about it we should get everyone who reads this to go spam liberal websites and tell them about this place then WE ALL can have a common enemy and you can all stop picking on me. Speaking of which I am not a troll, trolls do not say and i mean never say that they are trolls they post stuff to get a rise out of people. If they say they are trolls people will not listen to them and that sucks.

One last note I DID NOT SCARE ANYONE OFF DO NOT SCAPEGOAT ME THE PEOPLE WHO DO NOT WANT TO COMMENT HAVE THEIR OWN REASONS internet tough guy trolls like me cannot scare away people even if i am a jerk they can just ignore me.

Now the last note i will give up trolling as CP and go back to oyate after my refresher course with your guide to trolling FP.

Comment by Found Zero
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Hmmm...I think it's not one of my better drunken rants. I think I started out apologizing for having so totally missed the mark, havign so totally mis-understood Arizona. It's been a real conflict in my head. Nothing like outright DENIAL to set up a bit of cognitive dissonance. But like most Oyate stories, I start out talking about one thing and end up talking about something completely different. However the objective is seldom to make a point. The idea is you fish around in there and pull out something unique to you. The whole slinging of the word "fags" above was supposed to be a timing thing. It was supposed to slip in like a small electric shock. "Fag" is one of those words that has been so worn out as to become absolutely meaningless. That and the Hitler mustache. We should have a National Nazi Day where everybody wears Hitler mustaches because have you noticed that everybody is somebody's nazi these days?

OMFG I just thought of a great idea for a new avatar: Geronimo with a hitler mustache! That would be making a statement hey? Not sure what statement...

As you can see, I'm far from a great writer but I keep trying. Just through sheer force of repetition, some day I will write something worth reading.

As far as a flame war goes, I'm really not your man. I don't really like flame wars. There's enough hostility out there on other boards. Besides, you and me are in enough trouble already. We will be SO LUCKY not to get banned when the new software comes out. I think you are a regular HOOT and you and me seem to be the only ones who are down for some fun and games. But seriously, you and me think this is such a whooping good time but everybody else thinks we're idiots.

I've been trying everything I can think of just to get people commenting and communicating. I totally don't understand this. Other boards are COVERED with comments and this is one of the most ecumenical boards in the world. I'm still waiting for "the libs" to discover what you discovered: anybody can post here. Any perspective. Honestly I would have given up if I just didn't like writing so much.

I just don't understand this. Why is this not the hottest comments section on the web? Is it because you and me are jerks? I just can't accept that I'm in any way so influential as to scare anybody off but you and me together? That might do it. Dude, you freaked ME out and that takes some doing.


You get the Oyate 5-Star award for that.

Comment by Concerned Patriot
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I dont get it what is this?

Is this the declaration of flame war i have been waiting for?

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