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Get ready to celebrate a Rand Paul victory in Kentucky. (Updated: CHAT AND LIVE STREAM ARE UP)

Should be a popcorn day! We'll be on high lookout for any election "irregularities" as reported from on the ground. Stay tuned for updates.
Meanwhile I understand activists are confronted with a new and different challenge: organizing a victory party.
Of interest in the up-coming future: now that the media can demonstrate a "trend" forming with Mass, Utah and now Kentucky, will they? And will Glen Beck make mention of it or is he still "the only one talking about these things"?

Update: Deputies called to remove campaing workers from polling stations:

The usual lively discussion in realtime:
We should be able to see results as they are tabulated here:

Updated again (4:45PM AZ time)
Greyson accuses Rand Paul campaign of fraud and breaking election laws:
The Paul campaign tells him to STFU:


Live chat plus audio/video stream are up at

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Spread the word of other websites go ahead.

Anyway yeah those guys are fucked up too but at least theyre honest about it and its mostly done in humor. A opposed to "news reports" and they make the same accusations as some of you guys like how the jews did 9/11


I leave you with this for know read along with the kids if you like...

It was a nice warm day in Arlan. Hank Hill was on his new freshly cut lawn, masturbing. "i love the freshly cut grass pieces on my....Bwaaahh!" he said, realizing that Peggy was watching. "what the fuck are you doing" asked Peggy in shock. Then he realized she had a shot gun. Hank screamed and ran into the house and locked the door. There he saw Bobby and Joseph making out on the couch shirtless. "I always knew you were queer" he yelled at Bobby, and attempted to kill him, but just then Peggy burst through the door. "Fuck you Hank" she said, taking aim. "Fuck you, you crazy bitch" Hank said, and quickly made his escape out the back door.

Out in the yard he saw Dale having sex with Ladybird. "Oh hi Hank. I was just...uhhh...checking Ladybird for fleas". Hank ignored him and jumped in his truck and drove away. Unfourtunately, he had bought a lame cheap ass little tree which stunk really badly. The stench distracted him so the truck burst through the fence and killed Boomhauer who was making out with Luanne. She just shrugged and walked away. "I need to get out of this crazy ass town" Hank muttered to himself. Then he saw Bill running down the street totally naked. "HANK!" he shouted "Can you give me a lift to Wal mart?" then he had a heart attack and died. Hank drove off, running over both Boomhauer and Bill's bodies. As he drove through the streets of Arlan to escape the fucked up town as fast as possible, he saw Lucky and Gracie making out, and Kahn, Doggie Kahn, and Connie having a threeway. Sadly, this too distracted him. He accidentally drove into Tom Landry Middle School, killing Chane and Emily. All the other kids as well as Coach Kleehammer and the principal Carl Moss came out so they could avoid doing work.

"Hank Hill, what the shit is going on? And where's Bobby and Joseph? They are fucking late." Carl said. "Fuck you! Don't make fun of the fact my son's bent!" Hank shouted, enraged. "What the fuck are you talking about, Hank?" asked Carl, confused. "Fuck you" said Hank, and shot him with the emergency shotgun he kept in his truck. All the kids cheered. "The principal just died." said Stuart. "I'm telling!" said Randy. "I'm a bully and I like violence. That was fucking awesome" said Clark. "Shut the fuck up, you little shits" said Hank, and killed them all. "I like football. This reminds me of a football game" said Coach Kleehammer. Hank just killed him too. Then he got back in his truck and drove away.

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The end.

Comment by Nick Barnett
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Hey Concerned Patriot, weren't you saying how FP is full of anti-semites? I just looked through the website of your friends over at 711 and found some great quotes.

"Chans like ours scrape by completely unprofitable while these goddamned Jew york city kikes get MILLIONS to steal our work and slap some fucking advertisements on it. Knowyourmeme, backed by fucking JEW money, is making MILLIONS and not giving a goddamned thing back to the sites that generated its content."

"you have this money because you are filthy theiving kikes"

"get out rocketboom jews nobody likes you"

Doesn't it suck when people collectivize you by the presence of a few idiots?

Comment by Concerned Patriot
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