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Fatwas are real but have their limits.

I've heard infant humans cry. Heard it all the time. I continue to.
Did you know that an infant deer cries exactly like a billygoat that has their head tied in a knot?
Did you know that sometimes if you catch a rabbit, a gentle little bunny, in a snare it will cry exactly like a human infant, all through the night and horribly fuck up your sleep and your dreams?
Hey I saw this thing before there was Youtube about a mother duck that waddled up to a London policeman and started tugging on his pants-cuff and telling him "come here quick, I need your help" and he found a sewer grating where all her chicks were desperately trying to paddle water against the tide and they had no hope but THE COP SAVED THEM!
I can tell you things. One of my favorite stories is how "Oyate saved the fawn". That is a storey for another time.

I would say, warrior brothers and sisters, to be lethal in 3VOL as we are, but circumspect. Ready to do but also, the second you have to think about it, we are outside the flow.
The flow is just how we do when TSHTF. The rest of it, at least for me, I gotta think carefully about what I do before I do it. Otherwise, when I do before I think, bad things happen. But I also have responsibilities and they just don't go away if I don't feel right this or that day. And as "we" are resugent in this 7th Generation Day, we should come as warriors.
WTF with this if we aren't supposed to come as warriors?
OK, Ohan, Hey, Hey-yo, yo-hey? Look. We have a really tough job now. We have to be Peace and 3VOL warriors even as we are harsh and relentless. And even unforgiving.
Because the people, your oyate might be coming home but they are so far from where they should be. And I tell you, they might never make it without us.
Who is us?
I'll give you one hint;
If you have to ask, you aren't, you can't afford it, it costs exactly $1 more than you have to spend.

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Comment by Ed Price
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If all I had was $1 more than the cost of the new Rolls Royce I had just purchased, would I toss the keys to a 10-year-old and say, "Have at it, kid."?

If I somehow found enough money so that I had $1 more than it cost to repair the Rolls, pay off the insurance expenses, and pay the tickets and law suits, what would I have learned?

Some folks, somehow, find enough $$$ to purchase a new Rolls Royce. I haven't figured out how to do it. Yet, even the folks who can afford the new Rolls, can't afford some of the things that modern technology HASN'T figured out how to manufacture. Like a new, real hand if one is lost... or an eye like the original... or a brain as smart as a human brain... or a heart full of love...

But all of us who live and die receive these things virtually for free in the form of our body and spirit! Sure, we need to feed them and exercise them to keep them working right for a time. But there is no technology at any price that can make them or replace them if they are lost.

What is it that causes and allows us to receive such fantastic wealth as this? The keys are tossed into our laps, and we hear the voice speaking in our ears, "Have at it, kid."

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