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Part 1: The Next Added 100 Million Americans--What to Expect




          Across the planet, humanity faces its greatest crisis in the 21st century created by its own fecundity. Demographic reports show human beings growing from 6.7 billion to a mind-numbing 9.2 low estimate to a high of 9.8 billion in 40 years.  Whether by the hands of culture or religion, human beings propagate beyond any species on Earth.

          Americans remain unaware of an appalling statistic facing their children: half of all growth on the planet by 2050 explodes from eight nations--India, Pakistan, Ethiopia, the United States, China, Bangladesh, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

As a result of accelerating population growth across the planet, first world countries find themselves besieged by immigrants flooding out of third world countries at gathering speeds.  No matter how many immigrate, the world grows by 77 million annually, net gain.

          In the Western Hemisphere, Mexico expects to grow from 106 million to 153 million in 40 years. If the US opens its borders to unlimited immigration, its citizens face ominous consequences from water shortages, energy, food, to environmental, in fact, a Pandora’s Box of dilemmas.

          If these realities--both by the demographic company we keep and the implications for the United States--don't turn the reader an Earth Day green--he or she may want to investigate overpopulation as the greatest crisis of 21st century America and the single utmost threat to humanity.

          The United States of America stands at the most critical juncture of its 233 year history since the signing of the Constitution.  What dilemma faces our nation? 




The world grows more constricted by adding 10,000 newborns per hour, 240,000 per day and well over 77 million added human beings per year mostly in third world countries.  According to a recent Time Magazine report, eight million people starve to death annually around the globe.  Additionally, 10 million children under age 12 die of starvation or starvation related diseases annually.  All mankind faces this “human dilemma.”  However, world leaders continue ignoring it.  Therefore, refugees escape misery, starvation and hopelessness found in their own countries.  Where do they flee as their main destination?

Not China!  Not India!  Not Bangladesh!  Not Africa! 

They rush to functioning republics and democracies in Western Europe.  France now endures over five million immigrants.  Millions rush over borders in Germany, Holland, Norway, Denmark, Spain, England and Italy.  The third world’s poor, uneducated and unskilled--stream into America at 1.0 million illegal migrants per year while 1.1 million arrive via legal avenues. The predicament however: the line never ends.  It grows by 77 million annually.

In our short-sightedness, we fail to address the obvious need to increase our assistance to indigent citizens in their own nations.  Instead, we provide massive welfare and job magnets in our nation.

In his prophetic book, “CAMP OF THE SAINTS,” French author Jean Raspail featured a ragged fleet of ships sailing away from India where the people had destroyed their civilization by their own overpopulation.  However, instead of solving their own problems, they set sail toward France. 

“You don’t know my people—the squalor, superstitions, the fatalistic sloth that they’ve wallowed in for generations.  You don’t know what you’re in for if that fleet of brutes ever lands in your lap.  Everything will change in this country of yours.  They will swallow you up.”

          One look at California’s hospitals, schools, crime, diseases and social chaos sobers any American as to the speed of this population invasion.  We await accelerating consequences in more aspects than simple numbers. California's fiscal chaos with its hospitals and newly virulent diseases clearly points to the doorstep of unending population growth.

          Frantic migrants from around the world invade America’s borders at breakneck speed. Does that solve their problems in their countries?  No!  It temporarily solves individuals' problems, but they too will see the luster quickly diminish as America exceeds its carrying capacity. 

Ironically, no one addresses the source of the predicament.  Not one U.S. Senator, state governor, the president or any high ranking U.S. leaders address the overpopulation equation.   It remains the ‘sacred cow’ of American politics.

Nonetheless, immigration forces the United States into being the third fastest growing country in the world.  We expect 300 million added population in 70-80 years.  That doubles our air pollution, auto traffic, airplanes in the air, gridlock, size of cities, use of water, species extinction, use of non-renewable resources, sprawl and everything negatively related to hyper-population growth.


What are you doing about it?  Complaining? Not sure how to take action? Are you pressing your remote to the latest rerun of “Friends”?  Maybe it will go away on its own if you ignore it long enough. Wrong!


“The problems in the world today are so enormous they cannot be solved with the level of thinking that created them.” Einstein




Passengers on the Titanic did not know their fate.  We do!  We know we cannot and must not allow this country to continue in the same direction—heading toward the population iceberg.  We must make our voices heard all the way up to the captain and crew. This country is our ship.  It’s the future of our families and children. We demand this president and Congress change course. 

Yes, we face a ‘human dilemma’ on a worldwide stage.  It grows worse by the day.  It appears daunting.  Nonetheless, like the founders of this republic, we must move forward with purpose, passion and intentions.  We start with ourselves--form groups, work in our communities, expand to the state level, connect with those in other states, push toward national exposure and work our way into the highest political arenas.  Our main goal: change this nation’s course from its current self-destructive path—to one of a viable, sustainable and peaceful future.

Why?  Most readers of this book enjoy a family of kids. Are you a parent?  That’s your responsibility to the future—your children.

This book educates and guides you on how to become part of the solution instead of ineffectually complaining about the problem.  First, it will connect the dots by showing you what’s happening in every sector of the United States as well as the world. Second, it guides you toward becoming effectively involved. 

Conviction without action proves worthless.  Passion with action changes history.  Let’s get busy.


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