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You who idolize Ronald Reagan, the multiple-count muderor?

I got it from authority, we've seen the terrorist manuals but perhaps the most touching thing was rendered in congressional testimony which stated:
"What you do is roll up on a community and single out one person and you rip the skin off his face and butt-rape him, and then you string him up on a tree while he is still breathing and you gut him like a chicken."

And the congressional testimony goes on to say:
 "often times you do this to his wife and children just for pure variation".
These are our tax dollars at work. This is your hand. YOU DID THIS.
We did this. We are torturers and murderers. Can you get used to this?
Well you have. You are a nation of torturers and murderers. You countenance this now. Your hands are stained with blood and your mind is filthy. And don't tell me to beg off that you are under specific threat.
You are all a buch of lilly-livered pansies. And there are very few of you I would actually fight for. Most of you deserve every ounce of suffering you can get. And when you call for help, I will turn over and get a good night's sleep. So much have you shown an interest in us, so much will we show to you.
Get butt-raped and see if I care. You had it coming. Your butt-rape is bought and paid for. We really hope you enjoy your butt-rape and if you are not satisfied, trade it in for a whole new butt-rape. Hey did you assholes hear about how we got on-the-grouns intel about the nature of the Iraqi forces? We kidnapped a general's son and tortured him (a kid of just 8 years old) and showed his father, the general what it looks like to see your own son naked and shivvering and covered with dung. That got him to fold.
You are a nation full of pansy assholes. Neither willing to fight and in fear, literal fear of your neighbours.
You look so good, don't you with your gadsten flags. Poor you that your are. So poor that you think you can no longer defend your people.
I will die before I let that happen.

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