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My Interview with Brian Sussman

 As the talk show host of The Common Sense Show with Dave Hodges, I have had the great honor to interview some of America’s best and brightest defenders of our sacred liberties including Dr. Jerome Corsi, Jim Marrs, Catherine Austin Fitts, G. Edward Griffin, Lindsey Williams, Dr. Tim Ball, Patrick Wood, Russ Baker and many other notables. I have very much enjoyed many of my interviews and feel that both my audience and I have benefitted from the exchanges that I have had with my guests on several topics of critical importance to our nation. Yet, when the interview is concluded, it is time to move on to the next show, the next topic and the next guest. I have always been very adept at putting current events, no matter how troubling, in the rear view mirror of my life. However, my interview with veteran meteorologist and media icon figure in the Bay Area and author of the new bestselling book Climategate, Brian Sussman, shook me to the core and led to several sleepless nights as a direct result of his expose on the global warming fraud and the accompanying scam referred to as Cap and Trade.

For the next several days following my interview with Sussman, I spent countless hours verifying his facts, which I already knew to be true, and came to the same conclusion as did Brian. Namely, Cap and Trade does nothing to fix the environmental issues on our planet. Rather, it serves to enrich the future Public Private Partners for the enforcement of this scam and doubles as a  “slow kill” weapon of mass destruction and depopulation.  

I am no stranger to Global Warming and Cap and Trade issues. For some time, I have had my sociology students engage in researching “environmental issues,” global warming, Cap and Trade and the morphing of our cities designs into various and new forms (e.g., concentric zones, multiple nuclei, etc.) which will be needed to accommodate the coming Cap and Trade legislation.  

I am keenly aware that the 1997 Kyoto protocols for establishing man-made CO2 as the cause of for global warming were established through a vote instead of being driven by data. Man only accounts for 3-4% of CO2 and no causal link has ever been established for CO2 being the cause of global warming. In fact, hacked emails from the most prominent scientists behind the Al Gore led global warming fraud revealed that these scientists were concerned about how they were going to cover up the fact that the mean temperature of the earth has actually declined over the past 15 years.  I was also aware that, as President Obama, has put it, “under my Cap and Trade plan, utility rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

What I did not know was that under the new energy policies (e.g., the new energy bill which is being introduced in the Senate by Kerry and Lieberman) contains the final touches for what the of the  “Big Brother spy system”  which has already been codified into law. In his book, Sussman states that “The term SmartGrid [made law in 2007] refers to a distribution system that allows for flow of information from a customer’s meter in two directions: both inside the house to thermostats and appliances and other devices, and back to the utility. … Once the…SmartMeter [is] connected to the SmartGrid, Big Brother will become the new authority figure in your home. Want to do a load of laundry at 3 p.m. on a hot afternoon in August?  I wish you good luck. “With a bureaucratic keystroke, anything attached to your [home] could be selectively turned off – or on – without your approval.” All energy devices will be connected to your new SmartMeter, whether you like it or not.” (And we thought Photo Radar was poster child of everything that is 1984 with our present government.

The fact that Brian, as mainstream as a broadcaster can get, publicly mentioned the plans of the New World Order, as he accurately identifies the source of this colossal madness as coming from the United Nations Agenda 21, left me in stunned disbelief. Sussman is from mainstream media, but is not of the mainstream media. With pronouncements such as these, Brian’s shelf life as San Francisco’s top talk show host may be indeed be limited. Can anyone say “Charles Goyette?"  However, there is no denying Sussman’s courage in bringing forth this information to the general public.

Sussman’s book is called Climategate and is already in its 3rd printing. And what about the depopulation aspect of Cap  
and Trade?  You will have to read the book. (This was the part that kept me awake.) 

 Below are several reviews of Climategate.  

Sussman shows how the climate-change ruse puts the con in the confiscatory policies infesting cap-and-trade.”

-- Anthony Sadar, Washington Times

“I am sure Climategate will make a significant difference in bringing this complete fraud to light.”

-- Lord Christopher Monckton, former science advisor to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

Climategate...is a very well-written book.”

-- Thom Hartmann, (liberal) talk show host

“Exposing the fraud, fantasy, and foolishness of oxygen-deprived environmentalists.”

-- Lee Troxler, Author, former speechwriter to Ronald Reagan

“In an entertaining and authoritative fashion, Sussman exposes the real motivations driving the environmental movement’s global warming agenda.”

-- Tom Del Bacarro, Vice Chair, California Republican Party

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