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To our Women on Memorial Day.

Patriot females, women warriors, those of LOLA and other awesome expressions,
As I take time today to pray for our soldiers I also recognize you women of the patiot movement and honour you, for you are warriors too.
In the olden days, you gals had to work twice as hard to raise our kids. You answered the call to fill in for us in stockyards and as welders and even pilots. The women of this nation stood up. As strong and as proud as anybody every saw.
I know it is a bit late in the day to catch a parade, but by convention, only military gets to salute and the rest of us hold our hands over our hearts.
I wish to offer a different solution. When your men go to battle (and now our women too, kickass!) and for me as I am a warrior of a differnt order, I cannot, I find no reason not to salute. Snap to attention.
For we are warriors too.
On this day I honour the veterans and the brave warrior women who kept the fires burning at home and now are ready to burn the brush fires of liberty all across this land. You raised our children in our absence. You raised them well. Now it is our job as men to be the kind of warriors that are worth your dignity.
You set a high bar fema.les. Let's see if we can clear this and get into your sweaty warrioress underpants. For a true warrior is prepared to die to protect you but not before we just get a taste, just a look at what perfection looks and tastes like.

There are still warriors in this land and nothing you can buy from the toy store can replace us, not yet, not just yet. Not until your wings are fully sprouted and your legs fully formed.
Soon Kittanesses, very soon. Just not yet.

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Hey one day late but better than never. Women of the service and women in every service, you are part of our memorial but you are also the source of cake and lemmonade. Long may you remain first in my heart and my mouth and my tummy. And long may I flirt with you and call you "my petunias". And long may you smack me in the head should I become internationalized and get those "Roman hands and Russian fingers".

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