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How to de-militarise and realign a savage pitbull

(this has been edited by Oyate to hopefully include something of value. Oyate does not usually edit his writing but feels that this topic is important enough to include actual facts in )

(All of my edits are in paranthesis except for the parts I'm just going to delete because I think I'll go easier on the AB and just take out the parts about Robin and where I fall to just cussing people out.)
There are 3 breeds of dogs which are commonly accepted to be "pitbulls" in the USA.
We have the American Staffordshire
We have the American Bull Terrior
We have the American bulldog.

Each one of these is a genetically purpose-bred dog which originally a field-hunter or a ratter.
We did not originally set out to breed war dogs in England, but we eventually knew them and used them in battle. But not as much as our Asian conterparts that bred actual war dogs like the Chow and the Akida.
In truth, Western Euporpens used dogs for hunting and sport and as ratters, rat killers, and this is where the "small dog" thing happened so we bred really small dogs with ferocious tempers that lived to kill small animals.
This sport continued until the Germanic races produced animals for personal defense, and so we have the Ratty. The famed German Shepherds are just that: wolf killers. Germans, or Bavarians brought really human-phylic dogs to the range.
Meanwhile the savage Britts kept breeding dogs that would kill rats faster, and then chickens and then other dogs and then bigger and stronger animals like Bear (they wiped out all their Bear people, foolish, pugnacious and blood thirsty Britts) so then they designed a dog to fight bulls.
For this they knew, after several centuries that they needed a tough dog. One that would not even feel pain. They needed a weapon that would fight to the death and not ask for relief or comfort or friends. They needed a fighting tool.
And they calculated the strength of a bull with its slashing horns and this was way back when the bull had a fighting chance, no ballsack-pinchers, no neck-ties like they inhibit the bulls as these prancing Spanish Faggots in their silly costumes prance around an already exhausted and bleeding animal. No, not like these powerdered-hair ladies and gentlemen of Spain who wear costumes and dance around like silly faggots, or like the Italians with their padded-shouldered suit jackets to make them and Mussolini look bigger than their tiny Napoleanic attitudes, no not at all.
(ok if I was really editing I'd soften things for the Italians and Spaniards but why bother? What do I have to be afraid of? I got an aligned and savage pitbull!)

We're talking about a dog that will fight and die according to when I say so. And we're talking about a very threatening animal here.
The average German Shepherd can apply about 450-500 pounds of cruching force in it's bite.
My pitbull can apply about 800. And all of his genetics and training tell him to go for your throat. And once attached, you litteraly have to kill him to call him off unless you are me.

But with that kind of lethal force comes responsibility. I will admit there are times when I have to bark orders at him when he sets his sights on somebody he determines to be a threat, but in truth, for the most part, I almost never give him verbal commands anymore. At most, I can WHISPER.
I can WHISPER a command if I have his attention and if that don't work, I do it by body language and for every verbal command I give him, there is first a body-language command.
And I will tell you that where and now I got this dog from, he had some harsh lessons in obedience at first, but now he is free. Free like he never imagined life. He has my trust. He has his job.
He was not intended for this life. The persons that raised him, they were going to market a specific colour of Brindle Shar Pei Staffordshires for a specific client.
(major portion deleted where I just dare the AB to come and get me and I demand the return of my brother Robin The Gentle.)
Rule #1: never, ever lean down to a threatened pitbull. Never ever shadow over them or lean over them or down to them. Don't do that. That is way threatening to them. Don't reach out your hand unless you really don't like your hand.
Rule #2: Don't make eye contact immediately. This is also a threat. Use "diminutive body language". One of the best things to do when you have the dog's attention (believe me a beaten pitbull has great attention to you the moment you step into their radius) is to pretend you hear or see somethin interesting and look AWAY from the dog. Pay UN-ATTENTION TO THE DOG.
3. don't use your "honey voice" and make sounds to them. They interpert this as anxiousness. These are abused animals and they take vocaliations to be hostile or incipitently hostile.
4. The attack-radious of a dog is about 5 feet. The attack radius of a dog on a rope is the length of the rope plus 5 feet. A dog in a yard is the yard plus about 10 feet. Any dog that makes a beeline for you beyond this radius is either severely pathological or attack-trained. In either scenario, DO NOT TURN YOUR BACK, BACK AWAY SLOWLY. AND KEEP BACKING AWAY SLOWLY UNTIL YOU ARE WELL OUT OF THERE.
A side-note here, a very few highly specialized trainers teach their dogs to actually CAPTURE AND TRANSPORT YOU. This is rare and almost only seen with German Shepherds but they will corner you, take you by the hand and lead you back to Master. In this rare case, the animal is trained not to hurt you unless, UNLESS YOU DO NOT COMPLY. In this rare case, let the dog take you prisoner and lead you to Master. The dog will be somewhat timid as she tries to take your hand but make no mistake, this is a highly trained dog that can and will attack you and put you in a boatload of hurt. But this is not the training scenario here.
Honest, one of the best thing I found to do is take a steak bone, any kind of meat, announce myself to the dog, throw him some meat AWAY from the door of the enclosure and prepare to enter. I can already tell by the animal's condition whether they will run for the meat or continue to show teeth at that point. An emaciated do will take the meat every time. The dog that is just acting out will ignore the meat and continue to present teeth.
This latter is just a spoiled dog that needs to be taught Alpha. OK, I am alpha. I don't care, try and attack me. This is how you deal with a full-size dog on attack. When he jumps at your face, advance and whollop him as hard as you can on the side of his head. And it really, really helps to have a club or a cudgel on you but an open-palm strike delivered at full force usually serves, and keep your mind clear because the dog will shake it off and leap again and WHAM! Hit that dog like you mean to kill him. And at this point it's important that you NOT VOCALIZE because you are not trying to communicate threat or challenge and if you let the dog know you are either hurt or mad, either one will provoke the dog. Just hold your ground and beat the living snot out of them every time they leap.
Now, a hyper defensive dog at this point is figuring out that you aren't going away. Then this dog will likely display "churlish behavior" by cowering and maybe snapping at your feet.
THIS IS GOOD. YOU WANT THIS. THIS IS THE BEGINNING. YOU HAVE JUST MODIFIED THE ANIMAL'S BEHAVIOR. And they are still scared, belive me, this is why the dogs do this, they are more scared of you than you are of them.
And now you assert yourself as Alpha. You stake your territory. I actually whip out my dick and mark my perimiter. I say "there's a new boss in town and I'm here to stay" and I put the pooches food and water RIGHT ON THE EDGE OF MY PERIMITER. So in order to eat or drink from now on, you have to approach me. Now this is the beginning of "luring". We're gonna bring that dog closer and closer and let them associate us with food and water and begin to build trust. Again, it's helpfull with a really traumatized animal to turn your back. If you make eye contact, this will be a challenge.
What you really want, one day, is for the animal to approach you on your turned-back and sniff at you. Some animals do this in minutes. Some in hours. Some in days and even hard cases, it can take weeks. But when the animal approaches of their own accord, see what you are doing by caring, whether you know it or not, you are playing upon this animal's natural CURIOSITY. All carnivores and omnivores are CURIOUS. So you know that you have already started this animals therapy by just activating their curiosity. CONSISTENCY is a key here and it is one that you will use all throughout your training. You are Alpha now. Your word is law. You will have to use this in the 5th stage and it's gonna hurt.
It's gonna hurt you and the animal later but not for now. Not yet. Thank God.
You are in 1st stage: asserting yourself as Alpha. And 2nd stage: getting the animal to associate you with food and water.

3rd stage can be rewarding, but watch your face. 3rd stage is you get the animal to understand that your touch feels good. And you start at the head, and now you are vocalizing, but you slowly get the animal used to being touched in places she has never been touched before. Over their heads and ears (stay away from the throat area for now), over their backs and eventually down their legs (protect your face) and eventually even picking up their legs one at a time. Be sensitive to any injury the animal might have. Go slow at this stage. But if you do it right, you are ready for the first test.
Pet the animal and vocalize and then stand up and walk away. Maybe patting your thigh. Does the animal follow? If not, return to your perimiter and let start luring again. Treats come into the picture here. But I don't use treats beyond stage 1 and before stage 4. I differ from most animal trainers here. An abused animal should develop first respect and then love with nothing else than the power of love itself. But at stage 4, you have proven to the animal that you are nice, you have proven that you are in charge. Now you make the final step into stage 4 where the animal learns that to follow your commands is rewarding.
And now you are into "animal training" the way most people imagine it. Sit, stay, come. p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; } Sit, stay, come. Sit, stay, come. You need treats for that because it's as boring for the animal as it is for you. But to return to the pitbulls, you are looking for obedience and you will at this point get a boatload of gratification from an animal who finally, actually understands that you love them.
And then they go spastic for a month or two, spastic with joy and gratification and that's where you lay on the basic obedience training THICK. And now you are vocaliznig and body languaging to where you can put a hot-dog slice on their nose and tell them to stay and they won't eat it till you say so. This can take weeks but you have to think of it like it took all those weeks before just to get the dog to the starting point. This dog started way back in retard school.
But your Pit must be basically obedience trained before you can even consider attack-training. The attack-training program for a Pitbull is entirely different from Shitzhund or any other training.
I don't care if you know Shitzhund or any other attack dog, Rattys, Shepherds, traditional attack training is geared to this full-on frontal assault and intimidation tactic. The pitbull is wonderfully different. He's going to try to round-about and come in literally between your legs and go for your throat. What an upside!
And pitbulls, particulary American Staffordshires are absolutely loving and loyal to whom they consider family and absolutely protective against ANY BODY ELSE ON THIS PLANET INCLUDING GOD.
And I'll tell you something almost no other animal trainers will tell you: we get some of the BESTEST DOGS from the rescue. The best pitbulls come from rescue. Because when you put them through the training, you have a dog that is so grateful that they will put every ounce of their protective power into you.
I never wanted war dogs but now that I've got a few I wouldn't trade them for the world. My house is secure. My woman is secure. My children are secure. All for the price of dog food.
For more specific training, find someone who actually has a valid email address or phone number for Oyate. Like Ed or Ernie. I really don't do this for money but I guess I could.


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I have most rudely been woken up from my nap. First by flies and then by phone calls. Watch and see if my powers do not shoot our in a planular manner and extirpate all orders of beings.

Because the extirpation button hasn't been working all that well lately. You are all supposed to be dead. Wait one second and I'll hit it again.



Are you still alive? Damn button.

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OK here's an example of me getting closer, closer to the story teller I want to be because the writing just takes me over. I get an idea and it takes me by the hand and we fly in the sky and look down and then we pull up a could and sit down and talk about it. What I see now in my writing is essentially a capitulation to failure: I can't stay on topic if you nailed my foot to it. I guess to me, everything is on topic. There is no such thing as not on topic to me. Whatever topic, whatever I think, whatever you think, wasn't that the topic? Whomever I am talking to, you are the topic. We are the topic. The only difference in what I write here on FP is that I am having a communication with my spirit protectors, not you. So I guess that's pretty confusing to the reader. But I guess I should edit this article and make sure I actually tell you how to de-militarize and re-align a savage pitbull or like most Oyate stories, it will be a complete waste of your time.

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Sheriff Joe, I would encourage you to use all of your talent and pull to get these over-zealous and prick-nosed prosecutors and their dirty tricks off our friend John Stuart's ass beause we look up to you to uphold the law and the sanctity of the law and with this comes our fell promise;

If we do not see you upholding the law and using your considerable inflleunce, we will see you as withholding your support. We know who the weasels are. Let's show them the light of day so you can be not only the toughest Sheriff the most fair and empowered by the people.

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But if and when you come to me, I will have no words for you beyond my tomahawk. I want to know what you did with my brother Robin. I want to know of his whereabouts. I want to know what happened and I will accept nothing but the truth.

I mutherfucking want to know where you put him.

Pussy faggot AB, I want to know, I have a right to know. You guys once said you would kick my ass, even kill me. F*ck you, I claim the right of brotherhood and I know what it means.

What have you vile pussies done with Robin? And unless you pussies reply with honour, you can bet. I'm coming to jail. And then I will face you all with no constraints. I'm not afraid to fight you. But now as I ask about the dog, what of our son Jordan?

Oh you guys forgot we pay attention to the kids. What you have done to Robin, you will do to Jordan. And what you have done to Tammy. And what you have done to, and what you have done to. And what you have done to.

When I am put in jail, am I gonna have to fight all of you spider-webs or am I gonna have to take my little bug shit and kick your big fat asses again? And do I get a second chance to take Joe-joe down again for when he flashed at me?

I've heard on the jail-yard that a flash or a glance is enough. I kicked your asses last time as a group. In the jail yard it ought to be easier to take you out one by one.


And for the others, this is how you rescue a pitbull. From assholes. Like Aryan Brotherhood whom are pussies and never fight alone. Then you take their dog and you fight them and then you make the dog an esset and a protective device that fits into your defense continuum.


This is how we do it baby.

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