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Well I'm totally crying. Israel, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

I woke up this morning crying bitter tears.  The words in my heart were "gave peace a chance". Past tense. Over. Yesterday. Damn. Damn, damn, damn,  damn,  damn, dammit! What's the death toll at? 15? 20? Pick a number. Pick a number where 1 is way too many and 0 is just about right. But you arent allowed to pick 1 or 0.
Man I was talking to some of these people. I told them. And they did it anyway. You wonderfully brave, unselfish and totally stupid libs. The fact that you will go down in history and never be forgotten is little consolation at this moment.
From what I'm hearing from my Jewish friends, this has just practically destroyed the Jewish community, and such fights and accusations are flying back and forth like nothing ever seen or heard in the past. Israel, what have you done?
I don't know what the American MSM is doing with this and I don't care but the international community is in a state of shock. Given as this was a body of international peace activists, this will come to be seen as an act of international warfare. It is an act of war against peace activism itself.
This is just really, really bad. And what happens now? Open-season on peace activists? OK, what happens after that? Do you think this will make international peace activists MORE or LESS committed?
Violence, once initiated, is rather hard to take back. It's a regular Pandora's Box.
I feel a complex of emotions but mostly I am just profoundly sad. Sad with a dose of fear. As a side-note, fear is pretty new to me. I only started feeling it a couple years ago and it totally bones as an emotion. It feels horrible. I dunno what fear does to you people but for me it's like this highly annoying voice that screws up the flow of your instincts. It puts a wall between your senses and the environment. At least sorrow allows you to be connected to the planet and it's people. Fear makes you apart, solitary.
And that's somehow what I sense you've done to yourself Israel. You've made yourself apart, solitary. Somehow you have manifested fear in the productive sense. You have manufactured fear. You are in the fear industry. Part of the overall fear-continuum. And this bones for everybody and I fear that it's gonna bone for you worse.
To the activists who gave their lives: you brave little morons. You knew this could happen, you knew it probably would. This goes down as an act of unselfishness at the very least and you lib/prog/leftists are notoriously unselfish. You adorable fools. I pray you find the peace you gave your life for.

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Comment by Anonymous
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 Sometimes one ought to stick to what one knows about.

If you know the globalists and their plans like this other person who posted on FP, then you should know how to not fall directly into the globalist mind trap.

Look at the anti-Israel "libertarians" on FP who are falling directly into the Hegelian problem-reaction-solution delphi-ization trap.

Everyone's entitled to their opinions, sure, but it dont mean their opinion is worth beans.


Comment by Sharon Jarvis
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I just read that Israel packed up all the humanitarian supplied from the ships and put them in trucks so they could be delivered to Gaza--but Hamas refuses to accept them.  That should tell you something more is afoot here. 

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