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Israel pulls apart the stuffed puppet of NATO by the seams.

That Israel found a loose thread in the stuffed animal of NATO and started pulling it is not surprising. What is interesting is to watch the signatories watch them do it.

I'm thinking this has to be really interesting for the other "junior members". There's officially no "junior members" of course, that's the idea of a mutual protection treaty, all members defend the others from act of war, no ifs ands or buts.

But I guess everybody knows there's more than a few buts at NATO. So let's see here, we have Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Turkey is a but. That's out in the open now. Turkey is has it's big but hanging out for all to see.
If I was Albania, Croatia the Czecks, the Estonians, the Slovakians or the Slovenians I'd be feeling a leetle teedbeet uncomfortsky with this situation. I think I'd be sending fine Baltic wines by the case-load to the former Kremlin.

Because they don't need to read Orwell to know and "all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others" situation when they see it. Tovarish. They are all big buts. Talk about badunkadunk. Badunka-dunk them in the Mediterranean sea, the Persian Gulf, wherever there's enough water, badunka-dunk!

What I'm seeing is the thread being pulled from the NATO puppet and it's unravelling right before our eyes. Israel can be counted on for one thing: pursue an objective beyond all reason and utility. right now they are pulling the seams out of NATO because they THINK IT'S FREAKING HELLISH FUN. They know WE'RE NOT GONNA DO NOTHING ABOUT IT. They are telling the world and NATO "look what we can do with your puppet". Israel knows what to do with a big but.
And one might not read the USA's part in global economic crisis or that every indication reads that we will take what's good for us and screw the world as a contributing factor. Not if one is blind that is. And doesn't know Braille. And can't manually navigate a speech-reading web browser. And is thus deaf and mute and parapalegic.Hey, the cards are otherwise on the table for all to see.

The funny thing here, the real laugh is EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS AT THIS POINT but nobody wants to be the one to tell the emporer his stuffing is hanging out. BECAUSE WE'VE MADE CREDITORS OF MOST NATIONS WITH ANY REAL PULL, THE "MORE EQUAL ANIMALS".

I mean, there are one or two nations I wouldn't mind seeing get the prize, the old cream-pie in the face where we unilaterally say "screw us? no, screw you pal, we repudiate our debt to you" but no nation will risk screwing us openly until we repudiate the first one. Then it's a bum-rush, but not a military one, an economic one. Everybody knows the old wino that was once a boxer: he might still be able to deliver one final knockout blow but that's about it.

So for now, world leaders suffer with the fact that it's not glamorous anymore to be dealing with the Great United States. They find themselves nervous, jittery, out of sorts, constantly mopping their sweaty faces and learning that this has become indeed an uncertain world once again. Such pains and pangs of uncertainty as not even a single-malt in a 5-star hotel with a 7-star hooker can assuage. History repeats itself in fashion and in politics:
What happens in the beltway cannot be overcome with what happens below the beltline. Not anymore. But can it?
The ghost of Ronald Reagan straightens his bow-tie, pours another Scotch and swills it down with the future-skeleton of GHWB. "Another?" says Ronnie. "Ron, we've got all the time in the world" says the future-skeleton of GHWB.
"Come on  you useless eaters, get busy" says the future-skeleton of Henry Kissinger as two venerable presidents of the former Most Powerful Nation On Earth drop eagerly to their knees.

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