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    Who:  Denny and Dan Gutenkauf

          Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

    What: Classic Rock and Roll Music

    When: Fri. June 11 and Sat. June 12, 2010

          8:30 pm to 12:30 am

    Where: The Office Sports Bar

           330 South Gilbert Road

           Mesa, AZ

           (just north of Broadway Rd.)

           (480) 649-1650

     How:  Free admission

           Any donations gratefully accepted.

     Why:  Help support Dan Gutenkauf's RICO lawsuit

           Against Redflex, the City of Tempe, and

           the State of Arizona by making a financial

           contribute towards court filing fee and

           service of process expenses.

           While the cameras come down off the State

           Highways on July 15th, they will still be

           active in the cities.

           Help put a GIANT NAIL in the lid of the

           Redflex Camera coffin.


           Don't wait for the November voter


           Vote NOW with your pocketbook!

           Help bring ALL the cameras down... NOW!!!

           Dan won his traffic appeal in Tempe.


           Now help Dan win his RICO case too!

           Be part of a historic lawsuit!

           Freedom isn't free. Show your support.

           Help SMASH and TRASH the Redflex camera

           FLASH for CASH!!!























































































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