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Carrots and Sticks Drive US to Secede to Succeed

By David A. McElroy

May 21,2010



In the American Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson noted our God-given rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. Scholars of American history say he had intended to write “property” instead of “happiness”, but was dissuaded. No matter. Happiness requires a modicum of security, material security in a decent home with the means to maintain one’s health and well-being. That happiness is based in the means to shape one’s own destiny with a good measure of independence and dignity. Earlier, the Magna Carta was forced upon King John at sword point because Englishmen were determined to be sovereign in their own homes, as the king was in his castle.

The patriots who fought in the Spirit of ‘76 were fighting for the right to succeed upon their own initiative, free of the harnesses and chains put upon them by the Crown. They seceded from Britain because they wanted to succeed bravely in a land of the free. They were taxed enough already, hence the original Tea Party.

But the elite in their counting houses were not going to just let the Yankees withdraw from their profit extraction system. After their agent Alexander Hamilton failed to install the British plan, they followed up with the War of 1812. They made repeated attempts to set up a central bank with American men fronting the agents of the Crown in London and the Rothshilds’ banking empire in Europe. Andrew Jackson fought the bankers at every turn, wise to their designs and deceits. He would not be happy to find his face featured on the $20 Federal Reserve Note of indebtedness, an instrument of currency devaluation via usury elites use to destroy our success. The Bank of England, and yes, Queen Elizabeth II, now reign over America as majority stockholders in the Federal Reserve Bank system.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, the ubiquitous Rockefeller agent, advisor to heads of state and a major proponent of the East/West dialectic, in his infamous 1971 book entitled Between Two Ages: The Technetronic Era, declared the New World Order would be constructed by an elite “unrestrained by traditional values” and “the nation-state as a fundamental unit of man’s organized life has ceased to be the principal creative force: international banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation-state.” (Penguin Books, 1971)

In my last article, The Big Experiment: West Versus East, the East/West paradigm was seen as the basis of a great social experiment made possible by the sciences arising from the Enlightenment. The sciences made quantitative analysis available to gauge the results for different stimuli in society. The West, undeveloped North America, was tested with the stimulus of rewards, like the carrots leading the donkeys pulling the many wagons of industry and commerce. The East, already well under the thumbs of the crowned heads of Europe and Asia, was tested with the application of sticks to drive those asses with harsh discipline and terror. The experiment ran about 250 years, and the results are in. We the people will not receive the best of both worlds, unless we are among the elite and their carefully chosen technocrats. Kissinger and associates laud China as a NWO model.

In considering the issue of secession in 2010 in that previous article, I wanted to make it clear that it matters not who you are, as the elite entice and drive the masses with carrots and sticks. They truly believe in equal opportunity…as predators who will entice, reward, deceive, betray, defraud, rob, rape or kill any of us…regardless of your race, creed, gender, or national origin, your political affiliation, religious persuasion, legal or social status. They are only interested in using people for their own profits. If you are not useful to them, you and your family are in danger. And the elite often plant agents among us to misinform, betray, and defeat opponents. They create illusions with mass media.

The frogs are in the blender, a confusing whirl of red and green. The blend brings more thorny sticks to the West, more sweet carrots to the East, as they work to “level the field” for the New World Order. We are getting cut off at the knees! We must now consider secession with awareness of the enemy‘s means! That was the point of my previous essay…confusion is Satan’s stock in trade. Don’t be confused by the puppet masters orchestrating the political theatre with useful idiots and paid performers. Remember all politics is local, home rule is best, and personal freedom is the answer! We must succeed or secede from those beating us down!

Leaderless resistance is most frightening to the hierarchy-minded elites, because they cannot collar or decapitate a movement having no head. It is why NeoCon operatives are trying to commandeer the TEA Party movement, why they are so frightened by a large and knowledgeable middle class. Government rules by deceit. As Abraham Lincoln said, “You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” Growing numbers are no longer fooled, and we’re mad as hell and not going to take it anymore! So government must eliminate the middle class, which is where lower class truth seekers, lacking means, get information.

So our public schools are “dumbing down”, and “tax the rich” plans touted by Congress end up soaking middle class people rather than the billionaires calling the shots. Recall billionaire Warren Buffet saying his secretary paid more taxes than he? Notice how we are told we need to pay more for socialist programs, even as we’re screaming to our “representatives” in the District of Criminals that we don’t want the invasive “services“? See we are ignored in our outcrys about the invasion now flowing across our Mexican border? See the elite foment racism and infighting among us…try to get the middle and lower classes to despise and blame each other rather than the super rich sociopaths who control the destiny of nations with their purse strings? See America in the crosshairs?

In the deadly deceitful dialectic, Napoleon ravaged Europe so Rothschild could rebuild it in his image, his banking empire. Then the War Between the States in America, where Lincoln considered the Confederates more honorable than the bankers financing the war which spawned our military/industrial complex and the warfare/welfare state. American

financiers backed Lenin’s Bolsheviks to take down the Czar’s Russia. They backed Stalin and gave him the H-Bomb to “balance power”. The Harrimans, Sen. Prescott Bush, et al, backed Adolf Hitler’s Nazi scourge. General Motors and Ford built the vehicles for the German blitzkrieg. The western bankers supported Mao’s brutal conquest of China. Clinton gave the Red Chinese all our ICBM secrets to “balance power”. All these nations suffered a socialist cultural revolution, beaten down with sticks, and rebuilt in a new paradigm with small carrots tightly controlled. Millions were slaughtered. Millions were tortured, imprisoned, deprived, enslaved.

America is now in their sights, but the traitors among us tread more stealthily because of our education and arms. Like any enemy does before the frontal assault, surveillance is done, lines of supply and communication are disrupted, misinformation and false-flag “mishaps” distract and confuse the targeted people, weakening them as the foe seeks to divide and conquer. Illegal immigration is a confusion encouraged for ulterior motives including fomenting hostilities and Real ID rfid. It is why the status of the undocumented, even that of our president, is more highly protected than the status of legal citizens. It is a stealth invasion. I lived in Phoenix, Arizona many years. The City of Phoenix even allowed the proponents of Aztlan to rally in the convention center and promote the violent eviction of Americans from “their” land. La Raza and the “wetbacks” are laughing now, but they are just going to be used and spent like the European settlers were in vanquishing the Indians.

This is why our industries are outsourced to China and other Asian nations. This is why we see our economy destroyed, our discretionary income destroyed, our health destroyed, our every move monitored, regulated, taxed or prohibited. It is why our military is sent across the ocean while our borders are undefended, why the feds have agreements for foreign armies to maintain order in civil unrest. It is why FEMA has built hundreds of detention camps. Wake up! We must secede to succeed, but we must do so cautiously. It will take more than patriots with rifles. The assassination of a leading politician only brings a new boss same as the old boss. Beware!

The United Nations’ policy is to eliminate private property. Canadian billionaire Maurice Strong, who led the Earth Summit, wrote in a UNCED report in August 1991 saying “It is clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle-class, involving high meat intake, consumption of large amounts of frozen and conven-ience foods, ownership of motor vehicles, small electric appliances, home and work place air conditioning, and suburban housing are not sustainable…” Do you suppose he will give up his limo, air conditioned mansion, yacht or jet plane? Do suppose he wants us to settle for a bowl of rice, a few pennies to spend, a dingy tenement for our working 14 hour-six day weeks in a sweatshop like they do in North Korea? I think so!

The hidden hands of billionaires serve their interests in fomenting shortages, civil strife, class warfare between races, blue and white collar types, welfare clients and taxpayers. A contented man well educated and armed is not easily tempted or coerced. He stays home with family and friends rather than bearing arms “over there”. So Stalin murdered farmers and starved millions. Those who govern do so by machiavellian means to rule by crisis, imposed needs and fears. Sticks and carrots, the Hegelian dialectic. We must know their pincer movements, snatch victory from the jaws of defeat!

The dialectical trap is camouflaged as “right versus left”, “democracy vs. the republic”, “Capitalism vs. Communism”, and “red state/blue state”, “elephants and jackasses”, "Democrat vs Republican", "Liberal vs Conservative", etc.

It is big corporate money from the captains of industry financing international socialism as the thesis, and national socialism as the antithesis, driving us toward “the third way” of communitarian socialism. The Democrat party is openly endorsed by world communists in the drive for international socialism, and Zionism. Ben Gurion proclaimed Israel was created (with Rothschild backing) to promote International Socialism. It drove a wedge in the Middle East seeking to conquer Muslim bankers whose system doesn’t include usury.

The Republican NeoCons are national socialists (like Nazis) and will sell us out like the Democrats, but they hold out for a better price. Remember Marine Commandant Gen. Smedley Butler exposing the fascist plot to depose FDR? Do you recall Prescott Bush’s involvement financing Hitler? Now it is NeoCons like McCain/Palin vs. Obamanation in a communist cultural revolution. The elite fund both parties and shape the debates, keep the media focused where they want. They choose the candidates you may vote for…and rig the voting machines just to assure the outcome desired. The cause of freedom is never permitted. Presidents and senators speak to vast audiences., but nobody is allowed to address them directly outside a carefully orchestrated photo-op, engage them in debate. You must respect their authority…or the men in uniform will introduce you to a taser! So will you choose fascism or communism? Which is your type of socialism? Or will you defy “authority” , speak truth to power, and join in the dangerous quest for liberty?


For the welfare/warfare state to diminish, the opportunity to personally succeed must grow. Opportunity for individuals is fostered by freedom and cultivates independence from scheming parasites with parchments. The Golden Rule is all the rule we need. We must live free or die. Will the South rise again? Can we escape the matrix of deceits? Even a gilded cage confines. This is the truth we must face. Will we survive as slaves, as livestock, under the heels of sophisticated barbarians? Or stand bravely as truly civilized people and guarantee all the right to life, liberty, and property in the pursuit of happiness? We must secede to succeed. Will you live free…or die? Truth, justice, and liberty, even love, now demand an answer.


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Comment by Ed Price
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Right on, Dave. 

I guess I am a sovereign citizen. But I'm getting pretty sick and tired of it. So I'm figuring out ways to become a Sovereign Citizen.