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Flip Flops, Waffles, and Prostitutes

I like waffles for breakfast. I don’t much care for people and politicians who waffle.

I enjoy wearing sandals but I don’t like flip flops particularly when flip flopping politicians control my money and to a large extent, control the future of my nine year old son.

Being a former Navy brat, I am fond of ex-military people who have served their nation bravely. However, I have extreme disdain for ex-Navy types, turned politician, who would sell out their fellow countrymen in order to advance their fortunes on the backs of the people they purport to serve. Where I come from, we call this what it is, prostitution!

These are the real and metaphorical reasons that I don’t care for John McCain. McCain is all of these things and much, much more.

With the impending advent of countless of our state’s citizens falling victim to the vicious Mexican drug cartels operating with increasing frequency within our own border, we have video images of John McCain as he bravely walks the border as part of his latest TV campaign advertisement. In the ad, McCain is adorned in his flak jacket and Navy baseball cap while pretending to be protecting Arizonans from the hordes of illegal aliens crossing our Southern border. The only thing that is missing is the AK 47. After watching McCain’s anti-immigrant rhetoric, I began to breathe a sigh of relief that I have John McCain to protect my family from the invaders from our Southern border.    

 Wait a minute, wasn’t this the same McCain who wholeheartedly supported NAFTA which led to the bankruptcy of millions of Mexican farmers which culminated in the migration to the United Nations of at least 5 million Mexicans to America? Wasn’t this the same John McCain who co-sponsored the Central American Free Trade Agreement which will, by conservative estimates, bring over 100 million new residents to America in the next 20 years? Before you label these observations to be the rants of a xenophobic, ask yourself where will we get the money to water these people, build the highways, build the hospitals, hurriedly complete the construction of untold numbers of schools and come up with the tax money to support the millions of new residents on welfare? Regardless of one’s position on the immigration debate, these questions need to be answered and John McCain’s leadership on these points is conspicuously missing.

Undeterred by my allegations of being duplicitous, McCain is probably walking the completed portion of the border wall as I write these words. We have only a few good men like McCain patrolling the immigration wall. WE need him on that wall; WE want him on that wall…… Forgive me, I digress.

John McCain now claims he supports the completion of a border fence only 3 months after agreeing with Homeland Security Chief, Janet Napolitano, in the Arizona Republic, who expressed the belief that the fence was too expensive and that the American borders had never been safer. But that was before Arizona Ben Krentz was murdered by the illegal alien he was attempting to medically assist in an election year. The Krentz murder fueled the Senator’s opponent’s claim that McCain is for open borders because it benefits the insatiable corporate thirst for cheap labor and corporate campaign money has long been John McCain’s lifeblood. McCain, obviously hoping the Arizona public is too ignorant to notice his flip flops, has now done an about face on immigration issues, at least until November.

There are even more waffles in the McCain family pantry as he continues to champion himself as a defender against pork barrel spending. Yet, McCain voted for the bailouts in what became the biggest theft of public money in all of American History.

John McCain calls himself a tireless defender of personal property rights, yet he supports, without condition, the bringing of the noisiest plane in the world, the F-35, to Luke Air Force Base and Tucson International Airport. This is despite the fact that if this plane is allowed to fly in the West Valley, it will displace an estimated 150,000 people, from their homes, without compensation, for the loss of their property rights and untold effects on their collective health.

John McCain does not support Obama’s socialized medicine plan, but he’s ok with getting better health care than your family does. Just a minute, how can the employee get better benefits than the boss?

As a sponsor of CAFTA, McCain’s OK with the CAFTA provision known as CODEX which will single handedly destroy the natural health care industry as we know it as the entire industry is placed under the control of the FDA which means you will need a prescription to buy a bottle of Vitamin C. Ask a German how well they like CODEX.

McCain says he’s a champion of the middle class and he will not rest until all Americans are employed. Yet, he routinely sponsors legislation which allows American manufacturers to relocate off shore in the name of tax avoidance schemes and obtaining cheap labor with impunity by refusing to let the port authorities to levy import taxes to dissuade such practices.

McCain is so much for the middle class, that his CAFTA legislation has brought an international highway system to America which is creating toll roads run by fascist Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) such as the one owned by foreign despot, Spanish King Juan Carlos and his company Cintra. At McCain’s urging, did you know that last year the Arizona State Legislature passed laws which allow for these PPP’s to operate toll roads in Arizona and according to public documents, the Loop 303 will be the first of these toll roads when completed? The estimated annual cost to drive on these international corridors, when completed, for the average Arizonan, is about $4,000-$5,000 per year.

McCain is such a proponent of America that he supported the 2005 Canadian, Mexican and American merger into the Security Prosperity Partnership (i. e., the North American Union). To those of you who unknowingly live in the path of planned CANAMEX HIGHWAY CORRIDOR as a result of McCain’s CAFTA policies, you will soon learn the meaning of McCain’s maverick style of justice as you are forced out of your home for pennies on the dollar to make way for the new expressway courtesy of the global elite and John McCain’s international trade policies. You people living near 51st Avenue, in Leveen, AZ., are soon going to get a taste of this John McCain style of justice as the South Mountain Freeway will soon stand where your homes once did. You are on a planned CANAMEX Corridor. If you would like to see what you are in for, google Texas and the Trans Texas Corridor to witness the result of the handy work produced by this fine Senator from Arizona. Do your due diligence and you may soon come to realize that this travesty will be coming to a neighborhood near you courtesy of the seeds planted by John McCain. OK, I won’t keep you in suspense. Go to last Sunday’s Arizona Republic article on Inland Ports (A1) and you will find an inset map of future road construction for these corridors.  Of course, there could be multiple planned highways going through Leveen, but I kind of doubt it.

Adding to my list of things I do not care for, I don’t particularly care for bad colds that just will not go away.



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