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Seriously boys, we gotta draw a line here. America's borders are over-run.

Being both multi-racial and the product of at least one illegal immigrant (an illegal Latino no less), the subject is not comfortable for me. I harbour no animosity for my Latino cousins, but this is something entirely different now.
We actually have militarized and military-equipped drug gangs trying to take over parts of our nation. This makes it not a matter of political correctitude or our historic openess to the persecuted or the immigrant, this is war against our people and our nation.
We in Arizona have seen the in-effects of several presedencies and our own senators (McCain and Kyle) pander endlessly while nothing gets done. The only ones who have shown real responsibility and creativity and the power of their office so far have been our sherrifs and to a much lesser extent, our new governor, Jan Brewer. Who along with our illustrious senators, continue to plead for federal assistance while our land and people are being taken over.
I HAVE WRITTEN BEFORE that our sherrifs do and can continue to train and raise posses. The training programs between our sheriffs and the community are historic and legally unassailable. They are also successful.
Our Arizona constitution defines all persons between 18-45 as being PART OF OUR STATE MILITIA and our governor can activate it and disband it AT WILL.

And we're Arizona. We have more than enough firepower among us. With proper training and organization, we might realistically avoid what the rest of the pansy nation is scared of, that a bunch of us wingnuts will go shoot each other with our crazy guns that hurt people. I did emphasize training, didn't I?
But heck, let's start now.

So my plea to every reader: if you know Babeu, please explain this to him and encourage him to get in touch with me on the subject, my contact info to be had through Lacey or Vallejo or Hancock.
I am a man of peace. But where my people are threatened, I am obliged to try to protect them. I am loathe to say these words, and I must hold love first and foremost in my heart, but in this, since there is nobody else, I must give the words.
Brothers, our land is under attack. WHO IS WITH ME?
I am a small man and not in great shape. My camper and my pitbull are with me, WHO ELSE IS WITH ME?

Because if nobody better qualified does, I'm gonna have to start getting up people's noses. And when I do, I'd like to know I'm not some dick swinging in the wind. But hell boys, I'm gonna go ahead and get involved. There's just not much of a choice in my mind. Oil gushers in the gulf are bad but our people getting treated like pinatas by paramilitary forces in our parks? I hate to be judgemental but there's priorities and there's the priorities you can do something about.
I think we have to fight to maintain our own security and pray like hell the idiots in DC legalize pot. That would be saving lives. But again, don't get caught up in extraneous arguments here Arizona. This is an emergency and it's getting bigger.

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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The "MSM" is American biggest Enemies...Period! 

These people will destroy the lives of their own children to make sure they get paid to spread lies to the people of America....yet they are still doing what they do each and every day.Just look at they look like they have the same concerns Americans! they look like they have zero problems while the rest of America suffers.Do you think they have been offered a "Safe Haven" for their part in destroying America,and their own children for that matter,all for a Pay Check?

Comment by Harriet Robbins
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Immigration/Emigration = Denying of an individual right to live in a geographic area that provides the greatest ability to achieve life, liberty and the pursuit happiness.  Anti immigration details a hipocracy as they are happy where they live and they do not want the competition of others. They like life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, they just don't like to extend it to their fellow man.   

Drug Prohibition = allows for the control of the means of production by government(s) and their ruling elties of various products societies desire. 

You problem my socialist friend is that you obviously like government to deny the rights of others. The problem with that is, government then can deny you your rights.  If we continue on with this continueous redistribution of wealth instead of minimal government, we will end up like the other fascist/communist nations of the world. Acutally we are already their just most people don't understand what freedom and liberty really entails.  They have given up liberty for security and have gotten neither.   The libertarians have been right. They told you all what was going to happen. They told you all that the vaarious government policies wouldn't work. They told you what you had to do to correct the problems but you didn't get it. After 40 years of voting for the lesser of two evils, you got what you voted for and now you want to go out and continue the same old foolish government policies.  Does insane mean anything to you.    

Comment by Nick Barnett
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Strike the root bro... you are barking up the wrong tree. I'm pretty sure you know that this is all a drug war "side effect", and by "side effect" I mean intentional. Drug wars bad, nationalism bad, borders bad.

Now is the time to get the Sheriff to see that the drug war is ruining our country... not drumming up a posse to go and kill people.

Comment by Dracula Tepish
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the indians are going to take over which indians by the way you did not elaborate very well 

since the land belongs to my ancestors and my wifes ancestors but he american indians will be given back the land by the great spirit or YHWH

same creator of the this planet and universe


but most follow the stupid UN people

for which i will not follow that group 

GERONIMO HAD THE right idea kill all of the MEXICANs for one reason

and that is they killed his mother and first wife and children for which my wife is the great great granddaughter of him

by his second wife


and that family still lives in arizona todate


and there are castillian in this family as well

we have a problem to many gd illegals in our states wish we had a governor like that but he is like obama or i mean is a cousin to that turd in charge 

bill richardson the con attist and criminal who aint  a mexican but a token at heart only

who what when were to start i am in new  mexico and the same crap every nite the pigs dont do anything but let the illegals do anything they want drag race on main street day and nite this is totally lame bizarraoids like in freakasonid land of oz




Comment by Anonymous
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I am not from Arizona, but the problem of Arizona is the problem of every American. Remember The Battle of the Alamo where we defended what was ours but the Mexicans thought was theirs? But I think in this “war” that Arizonians love to fight, the Indians will win.  After all, they are Oyate’s ancestors. When those donkeys in the piñatas wipe out each other to the last man, the Indians will take over.

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