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WACO: Soon to be a major motion picture

 No telling yet how this will turn out;...perhaps it will tell the truth, or maybe it will continue the government cover-up of what really happened. But while the involvement of libertarian rabid gun-rights actor Kurt Russell and James McNulty (the producer of the acclaimed documentary Waco: Rules of Engagement) would seem to bode well for the telling of the facts, there are reasons to beware as well. The screenplay is written by James Hibberd, who Phoenix residents will recall was formerly one of the staff at the reviled socialist punditry rag The New Times. I did a quick review of the articles Hibberd wrote while with New Times, and while none of them were obvious attack pieces and advocacy rants like Paul Ruben or Stephen Lemons, one simply is not employed by that rag unless they have auditioned before the owners as being true believers of the church of government supremecy. So maybe Hibberd got religion (or lost it, as the case may be) after leaving New Times in 2001. Who knows.
The movie is in pre-production right now, But shooting begins outside Houston in August. The scheduled release is for 2011, which ain't that far away, so things should start happenning on this project soon.
Although producer Emilio Ferrari will have to secure more funding than they had planned on. It seems the Texas Film Commission, after reviewing the script, has denied approval of the film for a rebate, saying that it twists facts and could taint Texas' image and is unworthy of taxpayer support. Hmmmm,...could that mean the script actually doesn't pull any punches? I am intrigued.

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