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Poor patriots, a growing disaster and wolves prowling all around.

I'd hope, after so many years, that every single patriot/Constitutionalist/freedom lover has the precious metals, the ability to purify water, the defensive weapons and no debt. I know those of us who have been financially challenged have done their best.
Partriot wisdom, just a few months or short years ago held that we should shoot for 6 months of long-term food in storage. At least 500 rounds of ammo for each of your 2 or 3 primary weapons. At least 20 ounces of silver and at least 3 of gold.

I achieved or surpassed these marks years ago. Got myself set up with 2 months of food but the woman and 2 kids had 6 months. A few months ago. Now there's space appearing on the shelves.
With long-term storage we've largely been immune to food inflation. Up till now. If Helicopter Ben and Tax Cheat Timmy allowed the economy to correct and junk assets to be marked to market, our 6 months of food and our metal and trade items might have been enough.
As it is, we're slowly eating our survival future right now. In about 6 months to a year, about 33% of patriots will be eating their fingernails for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

However, these are mostly hard-working salt-of-the-Earth types who actually know how to do things. To build structures and wire them for electricity and plum them. To actually till the soil and grow food. To actually master the rifle and know how to defend with it. Because not all survivalists or survivally-minded people are patriots.
Some of them are just thugs with guns awaiting the right opportunity. I know. I've talked to some of them. They think the ONLY survival tool required are guns and ammo, because they FULLY INTEND to prey upon the weak and defenseless. And a quite word is circulating among these, words that have not been uttered in a long, long time: ALL THINGS BELONG TO THE BRAVE.
It's an acient Celtic saying. It means "you have what I want and I'm going to take it from you". Leading to the very medieval reality that the man who has much in coming times will need help to maintain it.
To all those who have the nice, rustic "used to be a farm", you know that tax-shelter thing where you run a few geese and ducks across the land every now and then and call it a farm: it takes a couple or few YEARS to bring fallow fields back into production. Tillage doesn't happen overnight. So start now by forming relationships and GET THAT LAND BACK INTO PRODUCTION NOW. THERE IS NO MORE TIME TO WAIT.

For more information about how you can tap into an increasing national network of people with talent, skill and work ethics that can help secure you and your assets, contact Ed Vallejo from this website and ask to get in touch with me.

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"Those who beat their swords into plowshares will plow for those who don't." 

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Hey not many people know this but the pic that almost always accompanies my post, this awesome pic of a Lakota Warrior preparing himself for ceramony, I didn't pick this pic out. It was given to me.

Truth is I am Lakota-trained and I have both NA blood in me in addition to Taino, the native peoples of Puerto Rico. And our family hostory is un-ambiguous on this point: My matrilineal grandfather was an illegal alien. My matrilial patriarchy describes something different. And the telling of this story takes some background. Everybody read the book about "Llenni Llenappe" but we were not Lenni. We were just Llennape/Algonquinn.

This identity crisis was not contained. There are, among my people, accounts in our stories in which we maintained our ethics. For instance, aberrant men in my family have this remarkable propensity to drown.

It's not spoken of in this day but in the old days, if what we considered to be a demon took hold of a man, what we used to do was bind them hand and foot and throw them into a river or lake and say "live if you want to, die if you can't".

We tried that method of therapy to many veterans of WWI, WWII and all wars since. Being a warrior is still valued in our culture. And those that return bent, we really do try all of the satchements and dream pillows and if that doesn't work, the incredibly expesive sand-paintings and if that doesn't work, we bind you hand and foot and throw you into a river. Hey, we've done our best. Only you can free yourself and if you don't, guess what? You are totally bumming people out. Your behavior is not helpfull. And did you notice that we are still recovering from a freaking genocide BTW?

Thanks for reminding us.

Hey people, part of being blood is understanding. Part of being a mixed-breed like me is trying to somehow keep our family together. Because in truth, to me, YOU ARE ALL MY FAMILY. You are Oyate.


The important thing for you to know is that we have never been really beaten, we still survive and thrive and now I am authorized to bring you into a family and a tribe.


OyateMiyelo. Micaje Oyate. We Oyate Om Lajum, Wo Lakota Om, Najum.

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