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All star point guard and two-time MVP, Steve Nash, seemingly distraught over Suns owner Robert Sarver's penny-pinching ways has demanded a trade to a contender or he is threatening to retire. At least that is what Nash and every other Sun should do.

Every level of our government is corrupt. The economy is in shambles. Our borders are porous and America is on the verge of collapse. This last spring, the Phoenix Suns provided a brief respite to our traumatized Valley residents. However, with all the tact and intellect normally served for our political masters, Sarver has taken away one of the few enjoyable refuges that we had left, a winning Suns basketball team.  

The tight-wallet of Robert Saver has, once again dismantled another potential Suns championship team.

Gone is 5 time All-star Amar’e Stoudemire to the New York Knicks. Saver offered Amar’e less than the maximum allowed salary of $100 million for 5 years. Instead, Robert the Saver countered with $96 million with 3 guaranteed years with incentives for the final two years. Not wanting to play bankster games with his future, Amar’e broke off negotiations with owner, by what is considered by NBA standards, a paltry sum of money and signed with former coach Mike D'antoni and the New York Knicks. 
 What is missing in the media accounts is that Robert the saver, alienated Amar’e and his agent the same as he has so many before him. The money difference between the two parties was minuscule. However, Amar’e does not want to deal with Saver and his alienating personality.

Certainly Saver must have had a plan B when he abruptly broke off negotiations with Amar’e. Enter plan B, Hakim Warrick. Who? Exactly, Warrick is a journeyman who has rarely started in his six year career and has averaged 9 points and 4 rebounds per game throughout his mediocre career. In contrast, Amare’s career numbers are 21 points and 9 rebounds. However, this is not the biggest disparity in the numbers between the two play. Amar’e commands 100 million dollars, and the journeyman Warrick is being paid 18 million dollars by one of the NBA’s most miserly owners. That is 82 million dollars that Saver is able to funnel back into his Tucson banking empire.

Proving to be a quick learner in the General Manager position, Steve Kerr helped bring the Suns to within two games of the 2010 NBA Finals. However, Robert the Saver held the door open for Steve Kerr’s departure as he resigned as the team’s General Manager because he did not want to stick around for the Waterloo that lies ahead for the team and did not think his recent job performance warranted a pay cut. Key Suns player Lou Amundson will not return, nor will Barbosa, and Jason Richardson will no doubt be on the trading block. Amazingly, Saver asked Grant Hill to take a pay cut after playing 82 games for the first time in his life. Saver even balked at extending Coach Alvin Gentry’s contract and dragged his feet on resigning Marjerle and the other Suns assistants.  

Robert Saver’s miserly ways have been a constant since he took the ownership reigns from Jerry Colangelo. To save even more money, Sarver sold the Number #27 pick in the draft to Portland who ended up being Portland’s Sergio Rodriguez. By selling the Number #24 pick (i.e., Rudy Fernandez) also to Portland, Sarver saved three million dollars. Before Sarver writes a rebuttal and tells the Phoenix fans that signing Fernandez would have put Phoenix over the luxury cap, keep in mind that Fernandez did not come to the NBA for two more years. Sarver could have signed Fernandez and did not have to pay any salary to him for two years. Sarver, in effect, told the Phoenix Suns fans to "Go to hell, I need the $3 million more than the team." With this move, Sarver crossed the line from just being a miserly owner to that being one of the most intellectually deprived owners in professional sports. In the 2008 draft, after his performance in the Olympics, Fernandez would have been one of the top three picks. The damage to the Suns future is incalculable.  

Let’s not forget about Tim Thomas and how Sarver refused to pay an NBA paltry sum of money to keep a 6-10 big man who saved the Suns from elimination from the Lakers in the playoffs in 2007. A 6-10 big man who could shoot the three and who fit very nicely into the SSOL system and the Suns got nothing in value for him. The Suns also got nothing of value for the departure of Amar’e.  If Saver was going to break up the team, why didn’t he trade Amar’e back in February when the Suns could have received significant value for him instead of settling for a journeyman forward in order to save 86 million dollars per year. The poster child, pre Amar’e, for Saver’s miserly bankster ways was undoubtedly perennial All-Star Joe Johnson. Saver twice lied to Johnson, then a Sun, about extending and enhancing his contract. The Saver lies grew so intense that Johnson bolted for the worst team, at the time, in the NBA, the Atlanta Hawks just to escape dreary atmosphere of mistrust that Sarver has brought to the Suns.

In Saver’s six years as the owner of the Suns, he has gone through three coaches Mike D’Antoni, Terry Porter and now Alvin Gentry. In the same six years, he will soon be hiring his fourth general manager (Bryan Colangelo, Mike D’Antoni, Steve Kerr) and now a general manager to be named later. These men have lots of company. Saver has shown the door to David Griffin, Rex Chapman, Ray Artigue, Debra Stevens, Jim Brewer, Rob Harris, Paige Peterson, John Walker and Drew Cloud Tom Ambrose, Cathy Moses and Bob Nanberg. These names were added to a long list of front-office types who ranked at least as vice-presidents in various departments who have left the Suns “family” in recent years. Former ownership partner, Dale Jensen, broke ties with Saver and did not even keep his courtside seats. Oh, and let’s not forget about the team’s General Legal Counsel Tom O'Malley, Mercury President Seth Sulka, Mercury owners Kathy Munro and Anne Mariucci are all gone courtesy of Saver and his miserly bankster ways.

Steve Nash should demand a trade as he joins the long list of betrayed Suns as Saver promised him a championship contender for the rest of his career. Without Amar’e, the Suns will not make the playoffs on 2010-2011. 
From today's Amare Stoudemire's Twitter  “I want to say thanks to all my SUNS Fans. Thanks to my PHX SUNS teammates, an the Coaches. I love you guys, sorry It didn't work out. Gone!” Translation, just like Joe Johnson, before him, he wont play Savers mind games.  

The Suns fans Twitter to Robert Saver should be “Why would anyone own an NBA team if they care more for making money than winning championships?

To the fans: Stop buying Suns merchandise. Stop buying single game tickets until Saver returns to what he does best, being a bankster, and sells the team to someone who knows basketball and cares about winning. Hey Robert, did you even offer free agent Dirk a contract? Lebron? Wade? Bosch? Any of these free agents could have taken some of the sting out of losing Amar’e. Robert Sarver, you are a joke!!!

Meanwhile, basketball purists will wonder what could have been if Jerry still owned the team. Are you listening Jerry?  And while you are at it Jerry, you may have noticed that the D-Backs haven’t fared too well since Kendrick and friends stabbed you in the back and forced your ouster as their managing partner. 
 Jerry, Arizona is calling your name. Please put this miserable excuse for an owner out of his misery and put a group together to repurchase the Suns. Please Jerry, before Steve Nash really does demand a trade.
And one last thing: Congratulations to Robert the Saver as he was the only owner who went through the NBA draft and the free agent signing period without a general manger. How much did you save on this unprecedented stunt Mr. Saver?

Meanwhile, next year, we in the Valley will be much more focused on the oil spill, the government corruption and the miserable economy because there will nothing of value to distract us. Maybe this is a good thing and the people of Arizona will finally wake up to the uncompensated departure of another superstar, namely, the United States Constitution. Who knows, maybe Saver’s miserly ways will actually benefit the people of Arizona because he will have indirectly created interest in the things that really matter in life.


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