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Arizona Should Sue Obama!

IT IS TIME!  Arizona (and other states) should file suit against Barack Obama for his overt, defiant,  refusal to defend Arizona and these united states against the invasion pouring across our southern border - with the Mexican President's endorsement! He is suing Arizona for simply enacting a law to enforce the very same federal laws he refuses to enforce, claiming Arizona is usurping his constitutional authority. This is outrageous!
Obama is obviously guilty of violating the Constitution on several counts. Senator Jon Kyl has even testified on video that Obama told him he would not secure the border until Congress enacted the carte blanche amnesty program Obama seeks for illegal immigrants. Of course, maybe he wants amnesty for himself!
The federal government lately has demonstrated a strong trend to rebuff, criminalize, or deem unconstitutional any effort to expose federal refusal to obey its own statutes or constitutional law in obligation to these united states. The US Supreme Court in various cases has ruled that only the states, as signatories to the US Constitution, may sue for breach of constitutional obligations.
Hence, many lawsuits have been dismissed for lack of standing, and Obama prosecutes whistleblowers aggressively.
The recent US Third Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled a lack of standing in yet another case filed claiming Obama is not a constitutional "natural born citizen" eligible for the POTUS. 
The patriotic people who have repeatedly brought suit against Barack Obama to legally challenge his eligibility to hold the Oval Office have been repeatedly rebuffed despite the complete lack of legal documents substantiating Obama's birth place or citizenship status. Considerable testimony and circumstantial evidence for his being foreign born is circulating. Obama has made his entire history a state secret, even his alleged editorship of the Harvard Law Review, which most people would be very proud to share their articles from.
Arizona and other states should sue Obama for refusing to defend them against foreign invasion, an invasion openly supported by Mexico, and for having no documentation proving he is eligible to serve as President of the United States of America! It is time to throw down the gauntlet! The time is ripe and the stench strong!   

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