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Thoroughly disgusting shows on television I like. In spite of myself.

I consider the warped stuff they put on TV these days to be a pretty good reflection of societal health overall.
There was this one show called Sons Of Anarchy. It's about these complete criminals, drug dealers, pimps, prositutes and remorseless murderers. You get to watch them destroy themselves and one another with a certain casual relentlessness. The odd thing about that show is it was about bikers and not even some of the toughest bikers I know are that screwed up.
That's a show to watch if you are convinced your life couldn't possibly be more screwed up than it is. I mean there's screwed and downright effed. This is a show that ranks just one level above Mutual Of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. Hairy apes and meatballs with arms destroy one another. And believe me, I'm making it sound better than it actually is.
Then there's this one called Weeds. It's pretty funny in a highly self-destructive way. The main character in this one is my wife who is convinced that any problem in life, no matter how extreme, can be survived if you only have a cold diet Pepsi in your hand. I watch that show and understand the only problem in our lives is that us and the kids are not drug dealers. Lord knows we got the problems and the drama, we just don't have the money that goes along with it.
My third favorite show is called Breaking Bad. It's about what? Why, drug dealers of course! The main plot of this one is you take a high-school science teacher, tell him he has inoperative cancer, he falls out of his tree (hits every bamn dranch on the way down) and decides to start manufacturing and selling methamphetamine. All while maintaining a perfectly normal suburban lifestyle. And his brother in law is a DEA agent. That all gets surreal but the real fun, if you consider hell, torture, pain and anguish fun, is this character called Jesse.
Jesse is this wasteoid kid who probably would have lived a pretty harmless life if he wasn't literally extorted by the high school science teacher into selling methamphetamine, and the kid just goes through every pain this world has to offer. And time and again he throws himself out there to try and protect "Mr. White" the science teacher to his own detriment. In one episode Jesse's cute girlfriend dies and I gotta admit, I busted out crying on that one cause I seen something very like that. But people don't cry on television like they do in real life.
When people cry on television it's this slimmed-down, nice and clean version. Real grief is people falling down, howling with a sound that is truly calculated to wake the dead, they got snot running all over their faces, they bear out close watching because if there's a way for them to follow or find their loved one, they will go for it without hesitation.
Anyways, each of these shows juxtoposes normacy (or something like it, people attempting to behave normally in abnormal or extreme circumstances) and shows the essential flaws quite poingantly. Each of these shows essentially says "how do you expect things to be normal if you are effed in the head?"
I have cause for reflection on this all because while I am not a drug dealer, I still kind of lead a "rock 'n roll lifestyle". I have friends I suspect of being drug dealers. It's easy to identify them. They spend a lot of time in jail. I got friends that are always in the process of getting in and out of jail like this giant revolving wheel. I have come to believe that this is why God allowed us to create automobiles. The good Lord had to carry a cross. Those he died to gain forgiveness for have friends to play taxi driver for them.
And trust me even though I am cynical brothers and sisters, but the Lord didn't die 2000 years ago in Jerusalem, the Lord is incarcerated. I know a zillion jailbirds that met him in prison. "I met the Lord in prison" they say.
I don't even know why they put these shows on television because there's some stuff I don't want for you people. I'm gonna tell you something straight. Right now. Pull up your chair.
I've lived some of this reality. I've gone through drug addiction. I got out. I lost a lot of people, really good people along they way. People just like you or your son or daughter. And there's nothing glamorous about it. And DO WE REALLY HAVE TO SHOW YOU WHAT YOUR DAUGHTER LOOKS LIKE WHEN SHE CHOKES ON PUKE AND DIES?
Know what that does to you inside? Know what it's like to be that parent?
If you are that parent, I'm here for you day or night. I'm carrying this burden with you already. I got new kids now and they are the apples of my eye. But we're always gonna be carrying that burden. You are still a parent. That's what doesn't go away. You are still a father, you are still a mother. You are my sisters and brothers.
Well that's Oyate's run-down on my (least) favoritve TV shows, I hope you don't watch them and if your life is kinda screwed up like that, well mine is too and I love you anyways.

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Brothers and sisters, don't be like me

don't put on the badge, don't become an EMT

there's a lot of fights out there but we don't need to mind 'em

if you want yourself a fight, I can tell you where to find one.


If you don't favour skin on your ass or the hair on your head

show up at an accident scene and tell a momma her baby is dead.


Then you'll find yourself in a fight and not less than a few

ain't nothing in this world that momma won't do

and ain't nothing gonna compute on her computer

if you can't restrain her, yer gonna have to shoot her.

There's only one way to get a jump on this strife

tell your female you love her every day of your life. And if you see some kids, go ahead and give them a squeeze. Tell them you love them and life in a breeze.

for all of our troubles, they'll probably throw us in jail

but we don't have to tell 'em cause they're already in hell.


Comment by Ed Price
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Yeah. Usually rough and tough only while we are alive.

Comment by Found Zero
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Hey you know sometimes the crap I talk makes some sense. You might just tease out some logic from my braids.

GANG VIOLENCE. Let's talk about it.

People these days get all freaked out because THERE ARE THESE KILLERS ON THE LOOSE.

Wells, have you ever met a French Cannadian trapper?

At one point we lived in this town called Long Lake. There is no reason for anybody, anywhere to notice this town exists. But when I was coming up, I was warned not to go into Tupper because "those French men will stick a knife into you as soon as they say howdy doo". And we knew some of them. And they really were crazy. We knew their kids. They were crazy too. Talk about fighting for the fun of it, these guys would fight for the fun of it.


Ho man I can tell you stories. The villiage blacksmith was called Oz. He had this running problem with the guy that strated the only bar in town called "The Oz". Well, Oz the blacksmith took a sort of proprietary air to the establishment, it being in his mind named after him, and he figured that entitled him to all the free alcohol he could drink.

Now Oz the blacksmith was the strongest guy in town. He could pick up his anvil by the horn with one hand and shake it in your face. He once hugged me when I found his glasses and he permanently injured me. Swear to Gods. I heard bones popping in my body I didn't even know I had. I realized I was being killed so I started shouting "Jesus Christ Oz stop yer gonna kill me" and then Oz dropped me from his big huge paws and gave me a slap on the shoulder that sent me tail over teakettle over a wood pile.


You guys wanna talk violence? You are scared of people hurting you and yours? My people were pretty rough and tough. Rough and tough as any man, woman or child that has ever seen the light of day. And your ancestors had to deal with my ancestors which makes them pretty rough and tough. So you never forget. You have confidence in yourself. You can be just and rough and tough as old Oyate. Which is pretty rough and tough indeed.

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Seepy and me are posterbook examples of why you never give indians liquor. And why you never give mountain boys money.

My family history, going back for generations, is a tale of almost serial catastrophies when uncle so-and-so "got hisself some money". All of our problems start when we "get ourselves some money" because all we do is descend from our mountains, get our annual haircut and commence to drinking.

If there was no such thing as booze, we'd stay up in our mountains and not contribute to overpopulation the way we do. F*ck man, you people are worried about the eugenics movement? I'm worried it WON'T HAPPEN. For the benefit of the human species, trust me, you don't want me in your gene pool. And I'm not here as your enemy, I'm here are your friend. You Wasi really screwed up when you didn't exterminate every last one of us.

Well now you get another chance. Kill me now before I do something we're both gonna be sorry for. Like knocking up your daughter.

Comment by Found Zero
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Seepy, Seepy Peepy

got some money and he went to town

and he drank from the bottle and they threw him down

now he sleeps in the gutter and he's all alone.

Seepy, Seepy Peepee, somebody carry him home.

Comment by Concerned Patriot
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I don't watch those shows since the channels they are on cost extra, the basic dish package is just as good and it keeps out high end trash like that.

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