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Abortion Foe May Get Justice After All; Assailant to be Charged

Update on Monday’s assault
Thursday July 15, 2010 
by: Dan Holman
I learned this afternoon that the man who assaulted me Monday, July 12th is being charged with Assault to Cause Bodily Harm, a serious misdemeanor.

Bite marks, bruising, and possible infection.
Dan has an appointment to see a doctor on Friday.
Since the assault, I learned that his name is Michael Kline. I do not have a copy of the police report as of yet, but I learned from Officer Kindig that Kline told police an entirely different story.
At the request of the County Attorney, Officer Kindig interviewed two 11 year olds who were playing outside across the street at the time of the altercation. The children confirmed my statement to the police.  The County Attorney is pursuing charges.
Dan Holman’s First Hand Account of the Attack on Him
July 12th 6:30 p.m.
Donna and I had just returned to our home in Keokuk, Iowa from a 3 day Wisconsin trip. I took my bike to the store to get a few groceries. As I passed a neighbor's house a block away, I heard him yell obscenities; they seemed to be directed at me but I did look back or respond; I forgot about it until after the assault.
When I was returning from the store the man (whom I do not know) was standing at the end of his driveway and asked if he could talk to me about "what we do." I said sure and he invited me to come into his house. I got off my bike and walked halfway up his driveway and he asked me 3 times "Do you have any guns?" I immediately stopped and told him "This is as far as I am going. What do you want to know?"  He said "What positive thing are you doing?" I told him "We go down to the abortion clinics..." and he grew agitated and said "No! What are you doing that is positive?" I said "We go to college campuses" and he said, "I could kill you!" I told him I was leaving and turned to get on my bike when he grabbed me by the throat and tried to strangle me. I broke his stranglehold and he rushed at me knocking me backwards to the ground. I pinned his arms under mine and he started head butting me. He hit me the face with his head and bit me in the arm. He hung on to my bicep with his teeth for 30 seconds. I was shouting to the neighbors to call the police. The neighbors disappeared out of sight. A woman across the street later told me "I do not want to get involved."

Dan Holman after being assaulted by a neighbor
He had stomped on the wheels of my bike and broke the carrying basket. I managed to walk the bike to the next block and borrowed another neighbor's phone to call the police. The police arrived 10 minutes later, I told them the story and later drove to the police station. The police told the assaulter to come down to the station, he apparently is giving them a different story. The cop indicated that if I dropped my charge the assaulter would drop his. I said "nothing doing, I want him charged with assault."  The cop seemed real reluctant saying "We might have to charge you both with Disorderly Conduct." I said "I want this guy charged with assault, he assaulted me."
"It isn't up to me," the officer replied, "I will take your statements and see where it goes from there."
I have seen the assaulter walk his dogs past my house, and I have seen him in the neighborhood, but we never spoke to each other before this day. Our vehicles and our house have been vandalized multiple times. We had windows broken, tires slashed, messages burned into our lawn, we were egged, and have had other types of vandalism; this is the first time we have been openly and physically attacked in the neighborhood. The man is in his 60's, he gave no indication he was going to attack me. He did not seem to be on drugs or drinking. He seemed to be demon possessed. 
Dan Holman,
Missionaries to the Pre-born, Iowa
P.O. Box 135 
Keokuk, Iowa 52632
E-mail Address -

Dan and Donna Holman use their "Truth Van" to show the reality of abortion.
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note to greg dixon you are a fool 

for why is when Yhwh asked that a sin beremoved from his in Isreal

and a son of aaron who is phinnest priest and he took a spear and went to the tent were the two sinners were at and he put a spear through both of them and the sin was gone from the land

and sin today is abortion and its abortion doctors and the whores of this illegal govt


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