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Death of capitalism? Tragedy of the commons redux.

We all know we hate classism, but at this point, the economic class makes money just for being them.
A working man might hope to have a small house or apartment by his wits and hard work. But everything else is owned. All of the productive resrources, the mineral rights under your feet, they even propose to own the air that you breathe at least in the inverse: BP's mistakes are busy pumping highly toxic organic gasses into THEIR air.
Know how you know they own it? The United States Military is protecting their proprietary rights. By keeping journalists and researchers away, the USA, our military and a FOREIGN CORPORATION assert that's it's their air, not yours. They can do what they please with it, even Ron Paul says so: do not mess with private enterprise. And you still have freedom of choice. Don't like the air? Stop breathing it.
I don't know what it is about you people whom I admire so much. You are so smart. You are the smartest people I know. But man, you guys can be so unbelievably stupid.
You forget things. You forgot, all of you longing for the return to common law and a sensible way of doing things, you guys forgot that common law was built to deal WITH THE COMMONS.
See, all of you "common law" patriots got snagged. There's no more commons. Thence no basis for common law.
What is the commons, you ask with your dumb ape mouth agape? Oh, just this little thing we used to call THE LAND.
See, before everybody owned everything, there was "the commons", the land, what wasn't taken up, was OURS IN COMMON. Nobody owned it, we all owned it. And when things went really bad, we as people HAD RECOURSE TO THE LAND. God's own supermarket that provides for all of us. So back then, we had the most important thing in the whole world, even higher than your Declaration Of Independace and higher than what you call "natural law" because what is NATRUAL is ourselves, and people, above all, NEED A PLACE TO BE.
I have also noticed that is you give people a place to be, they start positively and constructively start solving their own problems. But if they don't have a place to BE, you can just forget about them. You can pump money and free food into them but they will be no better.
Now we have, essentially, a landless class of people who can work as hard as anybody can, but have no hope of gaining ownership. The jobs don't pay that much. And now there's no commons. We don't have our mutual wealth. We don't own any part of the land anymore. All we got is what we can rent now. People can chase us off the land. They can toss our children out on the street.
They do it every day because they own the land. There's no more for us. BP owns the whole Mexican Gulf. They polluted it and ruined countless lives and you have NO RECOURSE. Some of the fishermen get to work for BP now to help clean up this mess that destroyed your whole life.
So what the hell do we do now? Some of us have a life of working at Walmart and our kids have what kind of future?
Lemme tell you where I'm going with this one kittens: your kids, my kids, everbody's kids have a RIGHT to what God has created. You guys are worried about monetary debt, what about MAN HAS CREATED RULES THAT DEPRIVE US ACCESS TO THE LAND ITSELF. And worse, YOUR SYSTEM IS SCREWING UP THE WEALTH OF THE LAND.
And I know how uncomfortable this is for you to consider, believe me I do. Once we compromise private property ownership, we risk our very liberty. But I will tell you in truth and at the moral peril of being a constructivist, but the framers and founders had absolutely no idea that this would become a limited planet. It was to their minds endless: what God hath wrought, no man can trear assunder.
Well, here we are tearing assunder. The proof is that much of the world's children are naked and starving in the midst of what God put to provide for us all.
Now to you Godly people: do you believe that God put us here to have plenty or famine? Do you believe that God put some of us here to starve? Do you believe in economics to the point that some of our children starving to death is the natural order? Is this what your economic system identifies as "acceptable losses"? Some people just live and others die as a natural consequence of capital flow?
I want you to think about your answer. I want you to think very carefully. Because we're set to loose this game. What is happening in the USA right now has "populist uprising" written all over it. And that means that those who have nothing will rise up and take it.
The closest thing we have now for a check-valve is our national parks and federal land. Now the regulators have gone and regulated it right out of our hands. Know what they did to our national forrests here in AZ? Here's a laugh:
THEY BARRICADED THE ROADS. They said "if we can't manage it, you have no right to access it."

Hey, I don't have every answer here and I look forward to yours. But here's my final position: capitalism is broken because it neither provides a path to ownership and you lost the single most important thing: the commons. Now there's no check valve. There's no recourse and there's noplace for us to simply BE.

And I'm warning you. All of you. People will take what they need. And they will take it from you. And don't think your holy righteous and pompous ideology will protect you.
Capitalism broke. It no longer serves the people, it serves corporations. Philosophize all you want but me and a bunch of guys with guns are gonna take what we want. Period, end of storey.