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For the few who keep tabs on THE R3VOLUTION CONTINUES Edition you probably noticed I haven't posted much lately.  That's because over the last few days, I have placed over two hundred political signs across the Valley - for three different Candidates.
I posted a half-dozen Articles and whatnot after what was supposed to be a relaxing morning going through e-mails (the amount of which would astound you) just to try and catch up.  I'll hopefully be posting more often now that Primary day is here - but then again Maricopa County Chairman Jim Ianuzzo has been pressuring me to try and get volunteers to go out tomorrow and 'assist' those campaigns that will be eliminated with the taking down of signs, and the utilization of the now unencumbered posts with Libertarian Message signs. 
Same idea Ernie had a month ago when we had a couple of stencil-cutting and sign-painting MeetUps.  I know stencils were made, and I saw a sign or two painted.  Ernie was looking to have a hundred or two ready by the Wednesday after Primary.  Did others follow up?  were more made?  I don't know, because I have been ass-busting busy, and I can't be everywhere at once.  I hope somebody picks up that ball and runs with it, but 'we'll see' won't we?
If anyone (you don't even have to be a Libertarian ha ha) wishes to help with what is to come starting LATE LATE TONIGHT (I'm NOT messing around, and I want to get a JUMP on any possible quick-thinking competition), give me a call or shoot me an e-mail, and I'll hook you up in GETTING SOMETHING @$&%!!! DONE AROUND HERE!!!
I just called Jim's shop and he isn't in yet but Kenny down there tells me he has at least thirty signs ready to go.  That means it isn't going to take all that long to make the necessary exchanges.  I'll pick them up early (around 3 pm) and have them available for pick-up, along with zip-ties.  If you've never done this kinda thing, you will be surprised as hell at how rewarding this kind of work can be.  It really makes a difference!
Come find out for yourself.
p.s.I'll check at the FP Workshop later to see if I need to pick anything up down there before hitting the streets.
"Rights are like muscles; you must exercise them to keep them fit, or they will atrophy and dies." - Ed
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