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Approaching the Loop 101 Eastbound on-ramp on Scottsdale Road at 10:55 p.m. after the polls have closed.

...I didn't think so...

That's ok - I was out until past 2 am, and got the job done MYSELF!

Like everything else important.  And people wonder why Libertarians can't get votes. 

David Nolan, Founder of the WHOLE LIBERTARIAN FRICKIN’ PARTY running against McAmnesty and JD Lobbyist got a LOUSY 2,342 votes.  Jim Deakin is about 80% Libertarian, and he got over 58,000 votes as a Republican!  Saddest part of this equation: Deakin's votes were 11% of the Republican votes cast, and that is only one SEVENTH of the Registered voters in Arizona, which is maybe HALF of the total population here, according to the U. S. Census Bureau!

The operative word that comes to mind is 'infinitesimal'.  'Dismal' runs a close second. 

Out of 800,000 votes cast, less that 3,000 were Libertarian.  IS THIS HOW FAR WE'VE GOTTEN SINCE 1971?

"But Ed, voting is always a poor turnout in midterm elections, especially in the Primary race."

Oh really?

LET’S REVIEW the numbers from the Presidential General Election of 2008 then, shall we?

( http://www.azsos.gov/election/2008/General/Canvass2008GE.pdf in case you want to follow along)

Total Eligible Registration - 2,987,451

Total Ballots Cast – 2,320,851

Democratic Presidential Votes Cast (Obama) - 1,034,707

Republican Presidential Votes Cast (McCain)– 1, 230,111

Libertarian Presidential Votes Cast (Barr) – 12,555

None (that’s what it says – look and see: lists Ralph Nader) – 11,301

Green Presidential Votes Cast (McKinney) – 3,406

Write-in (The Constitution didn’t get on the AZ Ballot: Chuck Baldwin) – 1,371

Write-in (The Boston Tea Party didn’t either – Charles Jay) – 16

Write-in (Independent -  Jonathan Allen) – 8

What does this tell us?  Well, it tells me that the claim of AZSOS that Voter Turnout was 25.44% sounds just about right – of the 12,555 Libertarians that cast Presidential Votes in 2008, just under a quarter of them turned out yesterday.

2006 Primary shows 16,529 Registered Libertarians (out of 2,533,308 Registered Voters), and Barry Hess received 3,063 votes.

2006 General had a 60.47% turnout.  1,533,302 votes cast out of 2,586,401 Registered, and Barry scored 30,268 votes to Nappy Jan’s 959,830 votes and Len Munsil’s 543,528 votes.
Even if Barry had gotten all 30,000 votes from 2006 last night, he still wouldn't have beaten the laughed-at and vilified Republican 'spoiler'!
It’s no wonder that 2004 Libertarian Presidential Candidate and Current President of The Continental Congress Michael Badnarik gave the Eulogy for the Libertarian Party Sunday morning at the 2010 Libertarian National Convention in St. Louis…

“Mene, Mene, Tekel Upharsin”

I’m tired.


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Comment by Ed Vallejo
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I have literally stewed for DAYS contemplating my response here, and over two weeks later, I cannot come up with a response that won't piss everyone off.

But I'll try.

Chip - working nights you should KNOW that I wasn't addressing you, so don't act like I'm beating you up specifically - if the shoe fits, wear it.  Otherwise, know that I'm trying to 'rally troops' that are sitting on their fat, soft behinds watching TV.

BTW - this was posted on Freedom's Phoenix THE DAY BEFORE said event:


Brock - I am 'taking libertarians to task' because THE TASKS AREN'T BEING DONE!  It isn't just the Nolan race, it's libertarianism as a whole.  There are a scant amount of Party Members that are doing, but without any kind of report to the rest of us (much less the public) it appears that nothing is being done (which it really isn't) - and THAT'S my point.

And the prize isn't a toaster, it's LIBERTY - something that is in short supply right now, and the stocks are dwindling...


And finally, my dear Brother Jet.

You know I love you to, but what the $&#! are you even writing here for!?!  You aren't a libertarian, a 'Party Person' (politically speaking), hell, you're a self-avowed anarchist!  Just to make things clear:

This has nothing to do with the R3VOLUTION, volunteers, or having FUN. 

This is official Party business, and I am attempting to 'take to task' (I really like that phrase) Registered Members of a Political Party that are SUPPOSED to be dedicated to the principles of LIBERTY. 

And for the record, there has been only TWICE in over three years that I was the only person at that monthly meeting, and even meetings of two or three people have been worth more than GOLD to those who attend.  I would GLADLY miss every family function from now until eternity if it means that I get to win the long and drawn-out WAR AGAINST TYRANNY that I fight so that those loved ones I fight for don't have to be SLAVES after I'm dead.

Which is the way it's starting to look.




Comment by Jet Lacey
Entered on:

Another thought:  You should only do as much as YOU yourself want to do. 

For instance, I saw you were missing your GRANDSON'S 2ND BIRTHDAY PARTY for a RP monthly Meetup that nobody goes to. 

Are you insane? 

When RP decides to run in 2012, people will start coming to the meetings in droves;  I know I will.

You know I love ya Ed but you gots to chill a little bit...Like Ernie says;

"If you're not having fun you're doing something wrong."



Comment by Jet Lacey
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Voting?  That only encourages them.....HA-HA-HA-HA!

Comment by Nick Barnett
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I was out running around too, did you see our video?


Comment by Keith Cyrnek
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Thanks for keeping the torch of Liberty burning "End the Fed" Ed. I was out as well (Bellaire Prison for Juveniles), a video will be posted. I need no memo, nor specific reason, but the usual. You are doing well my man.

Comment by Brock Lorber
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Ed, I'm sure you did a lot of work (you always do), but to be clear, you are taking Libertarians to task for not adding unnecessary costs to the cost/benefit equation?

David Nolan was unopposed.  Everyone past Nolan who took the time to do whatever they had to do to cast a vote for him was excess.  I know the vote counting is messed up, but how much more than 100% of the vote did you expect him to get?

Maybe I'm missing something. Is there a free toaster or BBQ grill at a certain vote total?

Comment by Ed Vallejo
Entered on:

 I will send you the documentation when I get back from the ballot hand count this evening (see today's post!).

Comment by Chip Saunders
Entered on:

I work nights, dude. Don't beat up on all of us.

And besides, where was the notice that you needed manpower for this operation or that it was going to take place?

I didn't get no memo on it.

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