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By David A. McElroy


President Obama has submitted Arizona to the United Nations on charges of crimes against humanity for enacting SB 1070. This has been reported by the Canada Free Press, and , but not much in the mainstream media.
Arizona’s new immigration enforcement law requires state and local police officers to enforce federal immigration laws and federal statute specifically allow states to enact federal immigration law as state law. Obama refuses to allow enforcement of those laws, even though the federal government had permitted such as Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to do so.

Arpaio is now the subject of a federal investigation about his “sweeps” of illegal aliens, and SB 1070 is pending appeal.

Jim Anaya, UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights, said in a May 29th 2010 article on that he “has concerns about the possible applications of the law and the underlying sentiments that it seems to represent.” Racism has been charged.

Arizona Senator Jon Kyl spoke to an audience, on web-circulated video, reporting that the president told him in a private meeting that he would not secure the border until Congress enacted the carte-blanche amnesty program Obama proposed for illegal aliens, granting them citizenship with all entitlements. That is testimony of his treason, extortion, and dereliction of duty, willful negligence! Hauling Arizona to the UN Human Rights Commission is the act of a traitor rejecting America’s principles, rights, and identity, shaming America on the world stage! Obama should be removed from the Oval Office!

Mexican President Calderon openly supports illegal immigration and provides aid stations, advisory brochures, and maps to assist the trespassers going north. Obama has publicly sided with Mexico in this invasion across Arizona’s border. The US Bureau of Land Management has even posted big signs in Arizona warning the public not to go south of Interstate 8 due to dangerous illegal alien activity in the Sonoran Desert National Monument area. Mexican drug cartels are defending their drug runners, and smugglers of people, guns, cash, stolen cars, etc. They have marijuana fields, and post gunmen in the mountains as snipers. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer stood at one of these BLM warning signs for a video message about the border invasion where Obama is apparently ceding federal land to the invaders from Mexico.

Sheriff Paul Babeu says Pinal County “is not a border county with Mexico, yet we have para-military squad sized elements who are operating deep within Arizona. This is unacceptable and must be stopped.” Officers and other Arizona citizens have been shot, some killed. Mexican drug cartels have even boasted of bounties on the heads of Sheriffs Babeu and Arpaio in Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix, Arizona. Mexicans have impersonated police to stage brazen daylight raids to assault cartel targets in that city.

I lived in Phoenix, Arizona for about 20 years, and have lived here in Alamogordo, New Mexico, for 7 years. I know of , and have witnessed, many startling incidents with illegal activities that never get into mainstream news media. I’ve seen incidents of gun-waving chicanos screaming that we “gringos” should get out of their land. They promote Aztlan.

Aztlan is the proposed “Hispanic Homeland”, the “Republica del Norte” advocated by such as La Raza and Dr. Charles Truxillo, professor of Chicano studies at the University of New Mexico. Truxillo says Aztlan “is an inevitability” which should come about “by any means necessary.” The agitators for Aztlan were even allowed to use the city owned convention center in Phoenix some years ago, despite their stated goal of overthrowing the United States government and taking over the border states as well as parts of Colorado, Utah, and Nevada along with northern Mexican states to form their Republica del Norte as an independent Hispanic nation. Obama does not speak to this!

Wikipedia and others estimate as many as 20 million illegal aliens are in the US. In the Sept. 12, 2004 issue of TIME magazine, Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele4 reported that 3 million illegally entered the US annually. I have been to the border and witnessed crowds coming across an undefended wire fence near Nogales. US Border Patrol officers have their hands tied, and have voted “no confidence” in the administration. One told me feds brag of costly high-tech cameras, aerostats and such, but are apprehending few trespassers and sometimes not even watching their monitors for illegal activity. Border security is just a joke. National Guard troops may be posted, but only to watch and not to stop trespassers. Remember Campos and Ramos, the Border Patrol officers who were prosecuted and imprisoned for shooting a known drug smuggler on the border? Officers are intimidated by the administration while the drug cartels put bounties on the heads of Arizona sheriffs. Calderon blasts SB 1070, and Obama supports Mexico against Arizona in the UN!

Obama’s treasonous surrender of sovereignty to the United Nations is proof positive of his International Socialist ideology. His dispute with Arizona is a matter already tendered, however dubiously, to a federal court as an internal matter of national concern. Attorney General Holder filed suit, as ordered, with Federal Court Judge Bolton in Phoenix. (The judge struck down the portions of the state’s law enforcing federal immigration law, but let stand the state’s requirement for Real ID data collection, to everyone’s detriment.)

Holder apparently was either ignorant of, or ignoring, the US Constitution and shopping for a judge. Article III, Sec. 2, states plainly that in “all cases…in which a State shall be a Party, the supreme Court shall have original jurisdiction.” This means Obama’s lawsuit precluding enforcement of federal immigration law by Arizona should have gone directly to the US Supreme Court, not the lower court in Phoenix, and certainly not to the United Nations or the World Court!

While Arizona has understandably filed for an appeal of Judge Bolton’s ruling, Obama could not wait for the US federal courts to hear the appeal. He took a matter of national security and federal immigration law to the United Nations in a total forfeiture of national sovereignty and Arizona’s sovereignty as well. His action also denies Arizona’s right to trial in the Supreme Court and demonstrates his utter contempt for states’ rights under the US Constitution as well as his refusal to secure the border in the face of Americans suffering foreign invasion. Obama is refusing to do his constitutional duty to defend the states against foreign invaders, a primary function of the federal government.

His insistence, per Sen. Kyl, that Congress grant blanket amnesty (and citizenship) to all illegal aliens before he would secure the border, can also be seen as a conflict of interest as well as extortion due to his own status as an “undocumented worker”. Numerous sources, such as his late grandmother and other family members, cite Kenya as his place of birth. Obama has spent about $2 million keeping all of his personal records secret and repelling lawsuits aimed at exposing his birth certificate or other documents. We know almost nothing about Obama’s history. When Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had certified Obama as the Democrat candidate for the presidency, she omitted the usual statement of eligibility. Check it out! High crimes and misdemeanors are evident!

Some, like Wayne Madsen, researched a plethora of leads suggesting Obama and his parents were CIA operatives, which would go a long way to explaining his secret history and numerous aliases, and his travel to Pakistan when the US State Department forbade Americans to travel there. It would also explain his associations with shadowy figures of criminal syndicates, socialist organizations, known terrorists like Ayers, the Weathermen, Black Panthers and Muslim jihadists. Just look at his cabinet officers, his “czars”! It’s a bigger bunch of subversives more dangerously outrageous than we’ve ever seen together!

WAKE UP AMERICA! Obama is the Manchurian we have feared coming! He is now in the White House with a black heart plotting our destruction! He is carving up America like a Thanksgiving turkey at a Marxist feast! Obama is openly declaring his hostility to these less united states and playing the race card to “Balkanize” America like Yugoslavia. Remember “Old Glory” and “the republic for which it stands”? It is dead and long gone. Uncle Sam is an imposter. We must secede to succeed! Live free or die!



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Comment by Jerry Alexander
Entered on:

More Talk...that should get em.

Maybe we should publish the names of those that are being paid by Barry to hide all of his past. Who are these people? Is your Father one of them?Your Mother?A friend?

Does anyone believe that every university is willingly hiding barry`s records?

How have these schools been threatened,and by who?

Why are so many American judges making so many Un American decisions....How do their families feel about the UN American way their parent(s) are acting?If one wants to Pull The Rug out from under someone(s) one must first grab the Rug that someone is standing cutting down a cut at the bottom....the tree falls over.

Comment by Lawrence Baker
Entered on:


Hey Sheriff Joe, make the Federal Government and the Narco/bankster State of Mexico produce the Treasonous secret trade agreements signed by Bush and Fox and Obama and Calderon.


NAFTA was illegally planned and implemented and was not ratified by Congress and it can not “legally” supersede our Constitution.


The U.S Justice department is part of the Traitor criminal organization of World Banksters and Big Oil who have overthrown, by corruption, our American Independence, Constitution and Freedom.


Not one Bankster was brought to Justice for the world’s greatest mortgage fraud (15 trillion), yet the Justice Dept. go after Arizona for enforcing a Federal law that the Feds refuse to enforce.


The illegal and Fascist Federal government wants to implement the secret trade agreement and open the borders to the North American Union. The political appointed Fascist Justice Department is there to deliver for them and crush any state that gets in their way.


The Fascist Federal Government and the Justice Dept is the back door criminals who refuse to honor our American Constitution which they have overthrown; they are the Treason criminals to our Democracy who someday will be brought to real Justice.


Ask yourself why the Narco/bankster state of Mexico has kept the Mexican people down to starvation wages and live in third world poverty when their country is so rich. Cheap slave labor is why.


The Feds is prosecuting and harassing Arizona because Arizona wants to enforce the law that employers verify legal immigration before hiring an employee. The Feds refuse to enforce the laws that are on the books or even collect income tax or employer tax from the employers or the illegal workers. Federal Illegal Immigrants are a freebee for multinational corporations at states expense.


Racial Profiling is a Joke. If a white man stole my car, I wouldn’t be looking for a Mexican or a Negro! Get real!


I stand with the Sheriffs and the State of Arizona to fight for our Constitutional Democracy, Independence and Freedom.


It is still legal in Arizona to buy a gun and to join a state militia.


It is a citizen’s responsibility to defend our Constitution that embodies our Freedom, Independence and Democracy.




Comment by captain asshole
Entered on:

If the federal government will not do it's constitutional duty to protect our country from foreign invasion then it is the duty of the state and the people to override the feds and defend our borders themselves. If the state government fails then it becomes the direct responsibilty of the local sherriff to maintain law. If no one is doing anything that means that they are in the pockets of the feds and have been bought at the cost of our freedoms as americans. the white house has already been bought and invaded by outside sources, so it is up to the citizens of each individual state to ensure the defense of their borders. I approve of the sherriffs trying to do their jobs supporting the constitution but they need to kick the feds out and take care of things themselves. They should enlist each citizen of their counties and of the state and take their borders back. The sherriffs have total power to make decisions over the government, they are the the enforcers in the counties the reside over. They need not take any orders from anyone if no one is doing a thing to stop the mass invasion. Stand up for your natural born rights it is our country and we out number them many times over. If they won't do it then we have to. It is the only way to ensure that our children have their constitutional rights just as we did when we were growing up. It is the only way we will survive!

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