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Labor Day 2012 - Last American Worker Leaves for China!

(Satire news) Today Labor Day 2012 the last American worker left the country to find work in China. The last Union has closed. The latest “free trade” agreement has computerized all service jobs in America. “Would you like flies with that” is the script coming out of the order machine at Jack In the Box.
Thanks to  great presidents like Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr and Obama American workers have been sold to the highest bidder. As China holds 90% of all American dollars they are the only ones willing and capable of hiring the American worker. Where the minimum wage in America sank to $1.10 an hour during Obama’s term, China has offered them $2.00 an hour, thus the mass exodus of workers.
Many workers realized the “American Way” was to squeeze every last drop of blood from them and put them into eternal servitude to the I.R.S. and Homeland Security. In one last gasp of breath they have decided to flee the country. America is now populated by only the rich who now cannot find anyone legal or illegal to do their bidding. Many elitist have committed suicide because they didn’t know how to drive their own car, mow their own lawns, collect their garbage, clean their house or parent their children.
The dust bowl of the past has become the ghost bowl of America. All social services, public education and health care have been stripped for anyone earning less than one million dollars a year. The population of America is now 3,000. The lucky 1% people who owned all the money, property, corporations and the government. America is becoming a wilderness again, trees growing where buildings used to be and animals starting to reappear on the streets of what were once bustling American cities like Detroit and New York.
Once upon a time Labor Day was a reason to celebrate the American worker and  country the labor and inventiveness the truly free American worker was able to create. Now America is a respite for the rich and criminal who must flee their country  or be prosecuted.
Capitalism is dead. Trickle down trickled down to it’s last drop of blood. The ruling class no longer has anyone to rule. “and good ole boys were drinkin whiskey and rye, sayin this will be the day that I die, this will be the day that I die ” – American Pie.

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