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Tea Party: Worthless? Well...

Okay, now that I've bashed the Libertarian and Constitutional political parties as being worthless, how about the so-called "Tea Party"? Does it have any chance of achieving anything positive?

Well, the Tea Party as a whole doesn't actually believe anything. Basically, it's a conglomeration of lots of people disaffected with the "government" they see today. Well, so what? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to recognize that something is horribly wrong. The question is, what do the Tea Partiers intend to do about it? If they were in charge, what would they do?

The trouble is, very few of them have anything even vaguely resembling a coherent philosophy or belief system. When I hear people using terms like "reasonable regulatory controls," "responsible government spending," "lower taxes," "accountability in government," and so on, it tells me that their complaints are not based on actual principles, but are based only upon the current unpleasant side-effects of tyranny. In short, they don't even know what they want; they only know that this isn't it.

It's a safe bet that if you don't even know what you're trying to achieve, you won't achieve it. And I believe that most people who wear the label of "Tea Party" supporter fit that category. They see things to complain about, but they haven't the slightest clue of the underlying cause of the problems. In truth, the underlying cause is still lodged firmly inside their very own heads. They firmly believe in the very delusions that led to the current disaster, and that would lead to it again if they were "in charge."

About the most depressing thing to me when I read first-hand accounts of what happened in Nazi Germany has to do with the opposition to the Nazis. The major opposition to the Nazis were the people advocating communism. Talk about a hopeless endeavor. When the argument is about what flavor of totalitarian, violent authoritarian control should be in place, the outcome is certain to be unpleasant. The Germans arguing for communism didn't have the slightest idea why national socialism (Nazi-ism) became what it did. As a result, they argued for something that, in principle, was no better--in fact, it was no different. If the entire spectrum of political ideas in a country is communism versus socialism, things are doomed to get extremely nasty.

And so it is (though to a less drastic degree) with the "Tea Party" folk. If what they are hoping for is some modifications and reforms to a system of violent control and economic plunder, all of their efforts will accomplish absolutely nothing. To be even more blunt, that part of the "Tea Party" movement concerned with voting and lobbying does not have an ice cube's chance in hell of achieving anything worthwhile. And I suspect that's what most "Tea Party" folk are focusing on: "working within the system" (i.e., playing by the rules made up by the tyrants) to achieve freedom.

As I've explained before (over and over again), to play the game of voting, to praise the cult of democracy, is to begin by conceding that you are someone else's property. The control freaks must be thrilled to pieces every time they look out and see their victims trying to vote them out, or petition them to change their minds. As long as the slaves are groveling, and begging, "please, massuh," the slavemaster knows he's in charge.

The question is, how many Tea Party folk are ready to stop begging and whining, and instead break their chains and walk off the plantation? Very few, I suspect. To put it another way (which makes most loyal subjects uncomfortable), how many Tea Party folk are prepared to "break the law"--i.e., disobey the politicians--in their attempts to achieve freedom? Again, I suspect the number is pretty small.

The very name, "Tea Party," is somewhat ironic. It's a reference to a dramatic act of illegal resistance (the Boston Tea Party). (Incidentally, there were several things about it that were fairly stupid, too, since it harmed a private industry more than those in "government.") But I would bet that most of those who now call themselves "Tea Party" members are not only too scared to actually disobey their masters (which is somewhat understandable), but don't even dare to think about it inside their own heads. They have been so thoroughly indoctrinated into the notion that obedience to "authority" and "government" is a moral imperative, that they won't even allow themselves to consider "breaking the law" to achieve freedom.

Let me be blunt. As long as you won't break a "law" to be free, you won't ever be free, because you're not even free inside your own head yet. If you still feel a moral obligation to obey the commands of politicians (which they call "law"), then all you're doing is begging the master to not whip you so hard. Even if he agrees (fat chance), you'll still be a slave.

For the most part, the Tea Party movement is beyond utterly worthless: it is hugely counter-productive, because it will use up huge amounts of resources and energy of good people, without making them a bit more free. However, if those who are so upset actually dare to think about things, re-examine philosophical principles instead of just whining about details, it might end up doing something constructive, at least for some of those involved.

If, instead of thousands of people standing around outside the lairs of the overlords, whining for "change," there were thousands of people simply disobeying their masters, that might accomplish something. If, instead of whining to the megalomaniacs to end various wars, people quietly stopped funding, or otherwise sabotaged war-mongering efforts, that might accomplish something. If, instead of begging for "lower taxes," people simply stopped paying, that might accomplish something. And--to be terrifyingly blunt--if people stopped merely complaining about the fascist crap that the state mercenaries ("police") get away with, and started resisting them instead, things might change. (If the consequence for a fascist thug who beat the hell out of an innocent, unarmed civilian was death, instead of a paid vacation, it might happen less often.)

As long as the final decision of how the people are treated rests with the masters, and their hired thugs, the people can whine, vote, beg, and complain all they want. It will achieve nothing. But if enough people start coming to the realization that they own themselves, and that they don't need a "law" saying so, they don't need "legislation" giving them permission to keep what they earn, or to make their own choices, and if they start acting like people who understand and love liberty, they might actually get some. But I'm afraid that describes only the smallest fraction of those in the "Tea Party" movement.

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Comment by Ned The Head
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WANTED: Musical dancing family.

Bopperist seeks musical dancing family with which to fulfill vision of being guided by numerous tribal elders. Will supply tribal elders and planet upon which to dance. Serious replies only.

Comment by Ned The Head
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" BOPPERISM which is just a word for "rule by family or small groups of musical dancing familes who are guided by numerous tribal elders"."

JUST A WORD? No that's only like the GREATEST word in the whole universe! Finally a word that describes me perfectly! Don't ask which part, I'm all of them. I am the one who is ruled, I am the family and the small group of dancer and I am the numerous tribal elders. It's a word that fits all of my multiple personalities into one!

Ned The Head, Oyate and now BOPPER. I have more titles than the king of England. 

Comment by oOoOo Starchild oOoOo
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Larken Rose makes some good points, but his main theses seems to be that it is impossible to walk and chew bubblegum at the same time.

Is it possible to engage in peaceful dissent, vote Libertarian, attend Tea Party protests, sign petitions, work within the system, etc., while simultaneously disobeying and resisting where it is practical to do so, and maintaining in our minds the knowledge and awareness that we are free by right, and that unjust laws deserve to be broken?

I think it is.

Comment by oOoOo Starchild oOoOo
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Larken Rose makes some good points, but his main theses seems to be that it is impossible to walk and chew bubblegum at the same time.

Is it possible to engage in peaceful dissent, vote Libertarian, attend Tea Party protests, sign petitions, work within the system, etc., while simultaneously disobeying and resisting where it is practical to do so, and maintaining in our minds the knowledge and awareness that we are free by right, and that unjust laws deserve to be broken?

I think it is.
Comment by Jukit Babalu
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The solution to this dilemma is BOPPERISM which is just a word for "rule by family or small groups of musical dancing familes who are guided by numerous tribal elders". Why is this so hard to believe for most people? After all, since antiquity, all or most all Indigenous Peoples followed this very same tribal system. All i have done is give it a name and made a few changes, eg each individual family IS THE GOVERNMENT.

So why not just let the boat sink and create a new country with a different name? I propose that the country be named "Bopland" in honor of the Rockers who created R an R/R an B/Rockabilly, as they were either snuffed, slandered, humiliated or robbed. Wait, for those who think that music has no great intrinsic importance,

Here`s a quote from William Shakespeare`s "merchant of Venice"; the man that has no music in himself, nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds, is fit for treasons, strategems an spoils; the motions of his spirit are dull as night, an his affections dark as Erebus; let no such man be trusted"{Erebus was the son of the god Khaos {chaos} and darkness itself that filled the "crannies" of the earth, eg such as reclusive carnivore spiders do}. Confucius, 550--479,said "if one should desire to know whether a kingdom is well governed, or if its morals are good or bad, the quality of its music will furnish the answer. Music produces a kind of pleasure that human nature cannot do without".

So we see that the invention of R an R is much more than the universal language, it`s as vital for Man`s survival as water. What happens to a world thats rockless? To find out, just type "war news" in your PC search engine, or read Henry Makow, Jewish Ph.D. who states “central bankers have empowered a bizarre cabal of gangsters-perverts-misfits to create wars an mayhem. For example, chaos relieved Winston Churchill`s chronic depression. At the beginning of WW-1, he confessed to his wife, “everything is tending to catastrophe an collapse. I am interested, geared up, an happy. Is it not horrible to be built like this?”

If a governor and people of ONE state could be convinced to secede from the union, which is their right, or if some other country, eg Ghana could be convinced to sell us a large chunk of land and guarantee full sovereignty, then isn`t that a good way to start? Think how lucky the people of this country would be when they discovered that Bopperism supports unrestricted scientific development in such fields as longevity and life extension for ALL PEOPLE.

A sceptic might say, "but you couldn`t defend yourselves properly if a big foreign army began warring against your nation". This laughable supposed flaw of Bopperism is easily refuted. Just take a hike in the Northern Territory of Oz until you locate a big red ant nest and say to them "you ants are too ignorant to even vote". Then laugh at them andstomp your foot on the ground near them and see what happens. Yes you are correct, this means that both the Articles of Confederation and th Constitution, as well as all other pieces of paper "permitting" you to vote are as flawed as a new cadillac eldorado with a broken crankshaft.

You can`t fix a door lock when the parts break and all the parts of every country in the world are broken beyond repair.

See my blog for the full skinny on this and much more = jukit.wordpress.com  "the word of mouth rock and roll rebellion".

Larken Rose`s website has recently been added to our list of recommended ones

Larken, good luck to you in your quest to jolt the people awake with your verbal electrodes


There is strength in numbers

We will beat them


Comment by RM Segrak
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you are  partially right.  However it is easy to bash someone's ideas and actions- what is your solution?  What positive action do you feel would be good?

Comment by Darren Wolfe
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Great article. Good timing I just wrote about voting:

Principled Nonvoting: The Beginning of Disengaging From the State http://theinternationallibertarian.blogspot.com/2010/09/principled-nonvoting-beginning-of.html


Comment by Ned The Head
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Wait, are you saying Glen Beck isn't the avatar of values and wisdom he's made out to be? Careful Larkin, you might get teabagged.

Anyways, this whole teaocon business was so predictable. It's an indirect but linear consequence of having run Ron Paul GOP in the first place. Thinking back, I was amazed at the time, I was sure to a point the idea was to start out republican and finish independent or libertarian. I couldn't see the strategic sense of doing anything different.

After a point I was just like "why in the world are we playing this game?". Becoming the reformist wing of the GOP might be cool but it's not exactly what I started out for. So when FoxNews decided to stage a takeover, not ONE of our high-profile scholars objected and vilified FoxNews, our overt enemy during elections and the enemy of peace and freedom everywhere. Quite the contrary. MOST OF THEM ENDED UP ON FOX NEWS. They all seemed quite pleased with the attention.

All I can do is throw up my hands with a profound feeling of "oh well, there goes the neighborhood". We've always been a scholar-driven movement. The scholarly silence on this front has been deafening indeed. HOWEVER our scholars have already built up an impressive body of work, and whatever % of these teabaggers get turned onto it, well that % we keep for good. We just have to concede at this point that we've lost the initiative to a great degree and the playing field is currently being dictated to us. That done, I'm in a position of having to accept the good and the bad, the alternative is to just start drinking in bars and sobbing for my lost darling America.

Now I think I know where Larkin is going, he made it plain with this one: it's time for INDIVIDUALS to actively resist or non-cooperate with "the system" (don't you just love the progressive undertones on that one?). Well, things are definitely going in that direction. With increasing poverty we'll have our hands full of mad as hell people who feel like they have nothing to loose. Frankly as I see it, our primary or historic role as educators will be more important than ever.

Comment by Larry Stuler
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  Larkin is absolutely right - his articles on the Libertarian Party, the Constitution Party, and the Tea Party all expose the lack of fundamental values within each party.  None of these parties can restore American sovereignty within the “system”.

  However, maybe the Tea Party, the Libertarian Party, and the Constitution Party could actually find something that would galvanize them in an action that would restore individual sovereignty in America.

  The New Deal ushered in Socialism and is the basis of all of America’s problems today.  Just as it is said that you can’t fix stupid, you can’t fix Socialism by voting.

  The Declaration of Independence is the organic law of the land and its main tenet is that "all men are created equal".  This is the basis of individual sovereignty.  The Constitution was adopted to form a government that would uphold this tenet.  The Constitution acknowledges this where in Article I, section 8 it grants the federal government jurisdiction over foreign commerce, interstate commerce, and trade with the Indians.  The federal government has no jurisdiction over intrastate commerce since the law is based upon the tenet that "all men are created equal".  These Supreme Court decisions uphold the sovereignty of the individual - United States v. Lee, 106 U.S. 196, Hale v. Henkle, 201 U.S. 43, Julliard v. Greenman, 110 U.S. 421, Chisholm v. Georgia, 1 L.Ed. (2 Dall.) 415.

  Since, as the Supreme Court has held many times, the individual is sovereign, the federal government has no authority to threaten force against said individual.  No one can convey a power to any government bureaucrat that one does not have, by voting or any other way - no government bureaucrat has the right to initiate force against a sovereign American.  This is because “all men are created equal”.

  Yet look at all of the federal alphabet agencies that were created during the New Deal and look at all of the current “Czars” today.  Socialism, regardless of its name, Communism, Fascism, Nazism, Social Democracy, etc., always relies on the threat of initiatory force.  This is simply institutionalized criminal activity.  A crime consists of a perpetrator and a victim.  When a federal regulatory agency threatens, or actually initiates force, it is still a crime with a perpetrator and a victim - actually a more heinous crime since it is done under the “authority” of the federal government which was supposedly established to protect Americans from exactly that kind of criminal action.  Our government was established only as a defensive entity - recourse for the victim.  All Socialism is criminal activity and it always leads to more poverty, homelessness, crime, racism, illiteracy, innumeracy, and eventually to war and terrorism.

  The big secret of the New Deal was the real reason for the creation of Social Security.  The “Form SS-5” that one uses to apply for a S.S.# is actually a federal employment form.  You know the name of the federal employee - the “taxpayer”.  “Taxpayer” is a legal term defined at 26 CFR 2.1-1(a)(5) as a member of the Merchant Marine - a federal employee.  Only a federal employee is liable for federal employment taxes.  At 26 CFR 2.1-1(b) it states that this is the definition of the term as used throughout the Code and regulations for all calculation of taxes.

  As federal employees Americans have unknowingly forfeited their sovereignty and allowed the federal government to grow into the unresponsive behemoth that it is today.

  As Larkin has pointed out, all political debate today revolves around who’s going to be in power to enact their chosen programs that are always touted as the solution to whatever the problem du jour happens to be.  Republicans and Democrats are sure that their candidates will be the right ones to “fix” whatever problem was caused by the previous administration, which when seen in the rearview mirror, were the ones that were going to “fix” the previous problems with their chosen programs.  As I stated at above, you can’t “fix” Socialism by voting.  Putting a new person in charge of a federal regulatory agency cannot “fix” anything since it’s the federal regulatory agency that is the cause of the problem to begin with since said agency is committing crimes by threatening, or actually initiating, force against Americans.   

  All regulatory agencies are guaranteed to increase general poverty.  The Prohibition, the War on Drugs, No Child Left Behind, the War on Poverty, ad nauseam, have all been absolute failures.  That is all any federal regulatory agency can ever be - a group of bureaucrats wielding the right to threaten force to enforce the agency’s regulations.  Socialism in any form is simply criminal activity.  We Americans all rail against Communism, yet we are now immersed in it. 

  Income tax is the second plank of the Communist Manifesto.  Inheritance tax is the third plank.  Centralization of the banking is the fifth plank.  Having the government control education is the tenth plank.

  Government is simply made up of other people.  Since “all men are created equal”, no bureaucrat has any special power over anyone else - except for other federal employees.

  Abolish Social Security, return everyone’s money, with interest, and restore individual sovereignty.

  See the entire Social Security Scam at LLSTULER.wordpress.com for all of the actual statutes and regulations.