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Ron Paul Election Appearance in North Phoenix

I made the good Doctor's (Ron Paul) presence known in LD 6, North Phoenix, because I can.  I placed a few signs to get his name out in anticipation of the upcoming (2 years) election for POTUS.  BTW  Bellaire Elementary School is AKA Bellaire Minimum Security Prison for Juveniles.

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Comment by David Alpha
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Keith, awesome work! Watched your video from my hostel in Cancun and it made my day.

Comment by Wayne Root
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Right on! 

Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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Dear 4512, 

This video made my day!!!  You are living it live.  Thanks for the excellent show in activism.  Not to say my t-shirt on the bike trail every Sunday morning this summer didn't catch an eye or two!

See you out there.Best regards.



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