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California Sheriff Taking Political Prisoners, Intimidating Voters Ahead of Ballot Measures

In less than three weeks, voters in Santa Barbara County, California will purportedly weigh in on two cannabis measures. Prop 19 is a statewide ballot measure, with proponents begging to allow local bureaucrats to legalize possession and cultivation of up to an ounce of cannabis within their fiefdoms. Measure T is a local measure begging for a ban on medical marijuana dispensaries.

Not convinced that the vote-tabulating machines will spit out his preferred answers to those questions, Santa Barbara Sheriff, Bill Brown, is stepping up the voter intimidation this week by taking political prisoners.

On Tuesday, October 12, after a “year-long investigation”, SBSO “dismantled” a marijuana grow op that was “exploiting Prop 215/Senate Bill 420 and selling mass amounts of marijuana throughout Southern California for profit.” SBSO seized $125,000, a Porche, and nine motorcycles. The primary suspect, Erik Bjorklund, was booked on a $2,000,000 (thats two million) Ramey warrant for money laundering, sales, possession, cultivation, child endangerment, and conversion (to a titrate).

Three dispensaries (two in Santa Barbara and one in San Diego?) were raided by the SBSO on Thursday, October 14 after a “nearly year-long” investigation. Three alleged operators of the dispensaries were arrested and booked on felony drug trafficking and money laundering charges. Bail was set at $2,000,000 for two of the suspects and $500,000 for the third.

Compare those busts to two in August (1 / 2) by SBSO, where the suspects were booked on similar charges, but bail was set at $30,000 to 50,000. Compare them, also, to a bust on October 7 where the suspects had loaded firearms (felony possession) instead of ice cream and lollipops, and bail was set at $100,000.

The timing is all very suspicious, but maybe the crack SBSO detectives had something else going on in September to keep them away from major busts. Maybe the wheel-o-justice just happened to spin up a couple of hanging judges who are very, VERY concerned about these profiteers missing their court dates. Maybe the SBSO doesn't own a calendar and no one there reads the papers.

Maybe the deputies were just waiting for an opportunity to don dispensary t-shirts and pose as “new management” in order to check the prescriptions of San Diego dispensary customers.

Or maybe, fourteen years after Prop 215 passed in California, we have 14 years worth of proof that bureaucrats don't give a fig about the will of the voting machines and will use their sovereignty to control the herd in whatever way they see fit.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Of course there could be another reason they don't care about voting machines.... I would say that it is exactly this injustice that it all needs to be legalized.  So the thugs can risk their lives dealing with real crime.

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