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America vs. the United States

Once upon a time there was a country called America. It was the land of hopes and dreams for many suffering oppression in their native lands. This is before it became a corporation called The United States of America.
The dream of America was set by some enlightened people who understood what liberty was and wanted it desperately. They created impressive laws pertaining to liberty: The Constitution, The Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. Many of them lost their lives and livelihoods for holding fast to what they believed in “that all men are created equal” and “liberty is a god-given right”.
The early settlers were courageous and unstoppable in their quest to carve out a new life in rugged, hostile country. After a few decades they started creating real cities, real manufacturing and fabulous inventions. Everyone was happy and living in freedom from fear. They were secure in their own homes and had a true right to privacy. They had the promise that with hard work anyone could be successful or at least comfortable in the new land.
Fast forward to the 1950’s in America. It was indeed happy days. People were beginning to earn enough money to buy their own homes, cars or set up their own business. Everyone knew their neighbor. Doctors made house calls. Insurance was non-existent, you actually paid as you went along for services. Cash was king, there were no credit cards. Public education taught civics and business classes. Children were happy and played outdoors until nightfall. Families ate dinner together. Mothers were home to care for their family. You stopped to help someone in distress.
Fast forward another 60 years and see “America” today. Mothers and fathers both have to work to support their families. Children are afraid to play outdoors. Doctors won’t see you unless you have insurance. Credit card debt is through the roof. Americans are being foreclosed upon, going bankrupt, losing their jobs and signing up for food stamps. Few of the middle class can afford to buy a home or car. Cash has become obsolete. The first generation in history now exists that will never have the opportunity to surpass their parents in business or wealth.
Liberty has become obsolete. Our children have RFID chips in their book bags. Biometrics are necessary to work out in a gym, or deposit money into a bank. Our government asks us to spy on our neighbors “see something, say something”. We have the Patriot Act which dismantled the works of the founders: The Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. People have willingly given up their privacy for “safety”. A state of fear and desperation runs through the country. The bankers and corporations have taken over the government. It seems as though all is lost.
Wait! There are some new born patriots on the scene! They are writing, singing and speaking about freedom and real liberty again! They are questioning those in power who have stolen their wealth and life blood. They are taking a stand against forced vaccines, RFID chips, GMO foods, forced insurance and the Corporate Governance that has stolen their freedom!
Where are they you may ask? We are here. We are broadcasting, webcasting, tweeting, blogging, speaking, singing and writing! We are forming groups of like minded patriots who want their country back. We are realizing the best weapon we have against the plunderers is to hit them where it hurts  - in their pockets! Lawsuits abound. People stop shopping Corporate big box stores. People stop banking at multi-national banks. People stop buying food from franchises and agri-business and return to organic, locally grown and owned restaurants and farms. People are demanding “made in America” back. People are demanding our factories get restarted. People are demanding pulling out of all “free trade” agreements. People are restarting America! Going back to the future growing all our own food, manufacturing all our own clothing, cars, computers, furniture and things that kept America working for 150 years! People have manned the borders with “if you want to work and add to America, come on in”. People’s courts have sprung up to try the usurpers of our liberty and the criminals who brought our economy to ruin. People have set up their own version of the Nuremberg Trials to bring to justice the liars that pre-empted our country and our troops into illegal wars of occupation. Lady Liberty is smiling!
Is this a dream? When will it happen? It’s already happening on some level. Will you be a part of it? Will you partake in the most exciting time in America’s history? A return to liberty? The choice is yours. As for me “give me liberty or give me death” sounds good.

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